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VIDEO ▒ 002 ▒ OPEN BROADCAST ░▒▓█▛▟▛▙▚▞▗ ▘

[ Two familiar faces flicker to life in video. This’ll be short and what passes for sweet; they don’t have time enough to do anything else. ]

We’ll be stopping at Tansei Station in about an hour.

[ A sigh. Now, the other part. ] Unfortunately, the ship’s too big to dock at that station safely—we’ll need to dock with a shuttle. There’s only one working at the moment, and we’re taking it.

We apologize. That’s just the way things are. [ They can't fit all of you on it, and they're not playing favorites. ]

In addition to fuel, we’ll be stocking our food stores with meat and dairy products, plus a few other things. We’re also taking requests for personal items. We’ll get what we can, but we can’t promise anything; just tell us what you want and we'll see if we can get it. [ Within reason. ]

Try not to break anything while we’re gone.

OOC NOTE ▒ Direct your comments to either Ward or Resnik by placing their name in the subject line, along with the type of return transmission (video, audio, or text). Comments without a specific name in the subject line will be treated as a question directed to the both of them.
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[Text; Either]

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[Forwarded is a list of parts, with the note that even nonworking will do, he'll think of somethingand an addendum for 'what is likely relic music by now...' and a list of classic bands that Megamind likes - AC/DC, and the like.

Good luck finding them, because-- well, Megamind doesn't really hold out hope, but.. there's no harm in asking, right?]
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I have one request.


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[audio; either]

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[This is the most important request you will ever get.]

Hair gel.

[He pauses, then reluctantly adds,] An' some kinda sewwin' machine, I guess. Someone wwas akin' around for one, anywway.


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[... dem priorities, eridan.]

We can try, but we may have more luck with the sewing machine.


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[ video ]

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I'd like a deck of cards, please. And--um, definitely some clothes for me. All I got was this uniform and it's a bit itchy.

[ She smiles politely. ]

And if you could do me a favour, either of you? Keep a lookout for anyone that has this symbol around them, please.

[ Nothing wrong with testing a theory. She holds up the lilac book she's always carrying around and on it's cover is this ( There probably own't be anyone like it but it's worth a shot and it'll test something, anyway. ]

[ video ]

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We'll see what we can do.
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video; either

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...So, when you say meat you don't mean more of that shitty canned stuff, right? [which Jack has probably devoured most of by this point

please let it be fresh meat please please please]


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video; directed to both; hope it was okay for me to reply here /)(\

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---Haahaaa--- what? You can't take us all to the station?
What sort of kidnapping plan is this, huh? I expect the utmost, high class, five star sort of accommodation when being captured from another dimension and forced into spandex pajamas.

Can't you take, like, SOME people? Some really handsome, heroic, sexy American people?
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voice; i'm really sorry i can't resist I'M REALLY SORRY TO EVERYONE

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Shut your blowwhole, you're not more fuckin' special'n any one'a us.

An' this isn't spandex, is a fuckin' blend.

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[ video ]

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[ Yup. She's there to just STARE AT YOU AGAIN America, face frozen in fear. ]

[ video ]

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voice; encrypted (either)

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Some undergarments would be nice, if that's possible.

voice; encrypted

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If it's possible, I'd really like a suit, circa 21st century. Three-piece, pinstripe, with a red shirt and a black tie, or white shirt and red tie, if you can.

[He rattles off his measurements, wondering how wise it is to entrust such important fashion decisions to someone else, but he doesn't have much choice.]

I'll understand if you can't find one, or can't quite find specifically what I asked for. As long as it's somewhere in the ballpark, that's fine. And if you can only find smaller or larger, please get me the large one, and I can take it in. Speaking of, I'd also like either a sewing kit or sewing machine, and plenty of thread.
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[She's so annoyed she has to mention this, but a girl has needs]

I'm about to enter an eating period and recommend procuring more food that you would normally get. This only lasts a few arns of one day, but I do require what I've been told is an abnormal amount of subsistence.

I'm sure there is a way to compensate the ship if need be for this request.
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Hello. I would please like a couple sets of clothes of any type, provided they're not black. If you would.
And science books. About everything you can get, if it's not too much to ask. I'm getting bored in here.

[And if you would PLEASE tell us what the **** it's all about.]
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I know you likely have a great number of requests, but if you could bring back any history books I'd deeply appreciate it.


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[ He nods his head tersely. ]

Captain, chief. If you come across any military issue flight suits on your way I'd be damn grateful if you could bring me back a couple. We've got shuttles that might have lost all kinds of life support stabilisers and I wouldn't want to test any out without a flight suit. There are a few in the hangar deck but - [ He trails off, raising a hand to scrub at the back of his neck awkwardly. ] - I don't know. Doesn't seem right. I reckon new ones would be best. If that's all right by you, captain.

voice; either!

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What exactly defines reason?

voice, either

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If you happen to find any quality chocolate, or alternatively, violin rosin... that would be lovely.

Not expecting anything, of course, but if you could keep an eye out.
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You've piqued my interest. Violin on board?



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Riding Crop. Gun. Scarf. Trench Coat. Any form of chemistry equipment. Riding Crop.

Much obliged.

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TEXT [2/2]

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My army doctor needs his dairy. Don't forget.



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Re: text;

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Re: text;

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[Voice, either]

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I'm not terribly fond of being without some... support. If you could possibly find a nice, sturdy corset, I'd appreciate it.

I also wouldn't turn down cigarettes, fabric that isn't this disgusting blend, thread of various colors, and a sewing needle.

[ Voice ]

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If it's not too much trouble, some actual lunch-meat wouldn't go amiss. What we've got is, well, it works, but it's not good for taste. Some eggs, too, if not for themselves then I'm sure we've got bakers on board. Also running low on breakfast tea.

[ Don't you judge him - Sherlock asked for a bloody riding crop. ]

...And milk.

[ Please. Please, he's been spoiled by London for too long and he may just need to go back to drinking the tea black, but if he can get some real milk, that would be excellent. ]