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text | 06. new abilities (un: mystique)

This is Mystique. These days you probably know me from the inconsistently gluey consistency of my campfire cooking. [Or from the fact she's still missing a foot, but she spares the network her self-pity. Suffice to say, though, she's a far cry from the reptilian ninja she once advertised herself as.]

I know we have pressing concerns. The animal attacks, disappearances, the stockade, corpses in day-glo crypts and other weird discoveries. Passing out after the Jumps. This isn't trying to take away attention from that, but I'm gonna assume it's connected somehow.

Our new powers. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

And by new, I mean since the crash. If you're an elf, this isn't elf magic. If you're a wizard, this isn't what you're used to doing with your wand. If you're a mutant, this isn't your mutation. Me, I've been able to make stuff out of thin air. It never lasts, but for a little, while it's real. Anything from bread to bullets.
[Or an accidental tractor tire! Sorry, Bucky.] I've been getting better at it with every passing month.

Before we arrived here, while we were still aboard the tranquility, a lot of us started to display similar new abilities[OOC link]. These turned out to be connected to the murderous and eventually pro-van rijn entity that was 'haunting' the ship, but learning control seemed to relate to the way that we ultimately overpowered it too.

Do you have new powers? New theories?
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But if you eat the bread, it doesn't make you full, yes? So you should better make things that you cannot eat.

Have you tried out if the powers are stronger closer to the ship?
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That thought hadn't occurred to him yet.]
How far can you shoot them before they vanish? And do you need a gun for it? [He never managed to acquire one and they seemed useful, but if he wouldn't even need one to shoot monsters...]

No, but if they come from the ship, they should be, yes?
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[He will have to try that out. ...Later. After he look at an actual gun so he has a remote idea of what he'll be trying to create.] Can I see you gun?

[What is a tether... he nods, though. She sounds like she knows what she's saying.]
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I need to know what something that I want to create looks like, also the parts that aren't easily visible, yes?

[So he'll try to get her to take it apart from him or show him his way around the firearm's innards in some other way.]
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[Well, if she asks like that.]

I am not sure, but over 400. [Or so he has been told. Time is a bit elusive to a child when it comes on that scale, even when said child is a nation.]
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I am a child, but guns are only like future kinds of bows, yes? And my lord father taught me how to shoot a bow, too, so I am old enough.

[You can't beat "my father would be okay with it" in adult logic. Or at least he hopes that it will work that way.]
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Game and anything that tried to hurt me.

[Or him, for that matter, though Muscovy is A. sure that Maglor would have objected to Muscovy trying to protect him because it would endanger him (which is just silly; Maglor's presence provided enough protection and other good things like plentiful food to make his absence even more dangerous) and B. knows that Maglor would have hardly needed it. But then Galadriel didn't either, and he still saved her back on the ship just by being there and refusing to leave, prompting her to run instead of fighting, so... And he wouldn't have stayed like that if he'd had no means to fight, even if his fighting then was less conventional than bow or daggers.]

If I cannot make a gun to protect myself I might get killed before I get older, yes?
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What is a rifle?

[If it is a type of gun, colour him very interested, though. He still stands by what he once told Newt - that daggers are better than firearms in small spaces and when you need to keep it as quiet as possible - but that doesn't mean that firearms don't have their perks, and quite a lot of them.

And Firo is already helping him with the daggers, which just reinforced that having a teacher (again) is quite helpful.]
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I'm not very tall. How long are they?

[He'd rather not wield something that will catapult him through the next wall when he uses it, or the next tree or whatever applies here.]
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[The adults that he lives with help him train with daggers or condone this training. So at least from that side there're probably no complains forthcoming.]

I am strong for my size, but not very heavy. [He thinks on it for a moment.] But I know how to not get hurt when falling. [One of the first things Maglor made him learn when they started training, way back.]
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[He nods.] My lord father is very sensible when he isn't mad. [Mad as in crazy.] And he didn't want me to get hurt. [It sometimes made things harder that they had different ideas of what would get Muscovy hurt.

His smile grows at her words, turning from cautious to excited.]

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[He thinks on it briefly - time is a factor here, since he doesn't want to travel the jungle without daylight and his little family lives a bit of a distance away from the camp - but then he nods. Yes, that should be no problem.]

Where can I find you?
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I will be there.
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That sounds great!

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I will try to bring one of my adults.

[Now he only needs to decide if he wants to bring Rey or Firo...]