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text | 06. new abilities (un: mystique)

This is Mystique. These days you probably know me from the inconsistently gluey consistency of my campfire cooking. [Or from the fact she's still missing a foot, but she spares the network her self-pity. Suffice to say, though, she's a far cry from the reptilian ninja she once advertised herself as.]

I know we have pressing concerns. The animal attacks, disappearances, the stockade, corpses in day-glo crypts and other weird discoveries. Passing out after the Jumps. This isn't trying to take away attention from that, but I'm gonna assume it's connected somehow.

Our new powers. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

And by new, I mean since the crash. If you're an elf, this isn't elf magic. If you're a wizard, this isn't what you're used to doing with your wand. If you're a mutant, this isn't your mutation. Me, I've been able to make stuff out of thin air. It never lasts, but for a little, while it's real. Anything from bread to bullets.
[Or an accidental tractor tire! Sorry, Bucky.] I've been getting better at it with every passing month.

Before we arrived here, while we were still aboard the tranquility, a lot of us started to display similar new abilities[OOC link]. These turned out to be connected to the murderous and eventually pro-van rijn entity that was 'haunting' the ship, but learning control seemed to relate to the way that we ultimately overpowered it too.

Do you have new powers? New theories?

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