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013✖; (MIRROR)

[There's a distant rumbling in the jungle, like an imminent thunderstorm on the horizon. But it's not a storm, that much can be seen when the mirrors activate sometime around noon, if not a little before.

[Surprise! It's Rey's face. She's in a tree, trying to hold the mirror as steadily as she can while the ground continues to violently shake. As mere seconds pass, one can tell that it isn't an earthquake, either.]

"Head's up. If you're in the jungle, you may want to take higher ground just to be safe."

[She shifts the mirror towards the ground below, from where she's standing in a tree. There is a whole herd of hooved animals roughly five to five and a half feet tall, while smaller ones are struggling to keep up behind them.

[As they blur by, some may notice the spears jabbed into the bodies of many of the creatures. Rey certainly has.]

"Don't know if they're headed directly towards the camp, but they'll probably come pretty close.

"...Be careful. There's a fucking ton of them."
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They can't take down trees?

[Because if they can there would only be so much reason to climb one, and it might be safer to figure out which way to run (though from what he's heard they can only run so far...) but then... He peers worriedly at Rey. Will she be okay?]
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And they don't run into trees by accident and take them down?

[He may or may not deal with the why and what later. For now he's starting to gather up his things and carry them over to the next tree so he can try and get them up there. Or at least position them in holes under the roots in the hopes that they will be safe there.

Which means that he's holding his mirror between his teeth now and his words will turn a bit muffled.]
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[She can see the sky and the treetops above him moving as he runs forth and back.]

I wash shleeping. [It's a good thing that he knows her voice and that he woke up a bit to listen to it, and thus got the message.]
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It'sh better to be woken up than to die in my shleep becaushe shomething shteps on me, yesh?

[There are a moment or two of fumbling around, then the mirror drops and is hastily picked up and placed back in his pocket.

He'll be back a few minutes later, in a tree with some of his belongings, the others stacked away safely inside the tree or under it's roots.]

I'm up. [He feels like he should tell her that. It's important information related to his safety and he figures that Rey cares.]
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We could try to hide, but if they're from here, they will know those woods better than us. And we can't run because we'll start to bleed.

[That severely limits the options of how to deal with a possible attack. Basically down to "stand and fight".

Considering that they have no idea how strong the other party is, they could be in trouble. And he really doesn't want bad things to happen to Rey (as a friend, as one of his people), not to Firo (as a friend), not to Takeshi or Newt or any of the people whom he likes here and knows to still be here.]
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We can't go very far, though, so they would know exactly where we are if we tried to establish contact.

[And that could get potentially dangerous.]
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You don't run out of blades and you can reuse arrows most of the time, but you can't reuse bullets.

[He doesn't understand much about guns, but that much he's got down.] And nobody can reload the guns that shoot light and fire now. [At least as far as he knows.]
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I could make some!

[...Though.] ...But I think they wouldn't last long enough to hit someone.
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Maybe I will be able to grow a whole garden on my own one day!

[Which would also mean that he could probably make enough bullets, and even bring them up to speed maybe, to kill a couple of people at once. But he'd prefer to think of sunflower fields.]
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But real flowers can die, and flowers that I made won't die. They'll just vanish, but I can still bring them back with enough concentration.

[...And if he's honest, he is a bit worried that he won't be able to successfully take care of plants in this climate that is still very strange to him.]
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...not for very long. [He has to admit that.] But if I try harder and work on it, I'll be able to make a whole field of flowers bloom eventually, yes?
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Sometimes people forget everything that they used to know and get silly in other ways when they hit their head. Maybe the ship crashing down had the same effect on it or the being that was in it and gave us those powers before.
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...if we find it, do you think that we could make it stop the silly things and give us more powers?

[That would be really useful in many ways. For example if it would stop them bleed and lose consciousness when they get too far away from the ship, that would mean that they'd be in less danger from potentially unfriendly neighbours...]
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That looks like trouble.

[ mostly the spears, though a stampede is probably also bad news. ]
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[ they have guns, they should be fine, right? ]

We yell into this thing loud enough, you think Tyke'll show up to coordinate?
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Bill Adama's been doing sweeps. We got enough able bodies we can give him a hand.
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You see anything chasing 'em?
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Might be worth looking into once we deal with shit happening right now. If we're not alone, we're going to have to square with that sooner or later.
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Assuming they don't come in spears first, you mean.
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That'll come in handy. I'd rather keep the shit we dragged out of gunnery for when we're dealing with something wielding a little more firepower.