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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2015-10-18 11:36 pm

013✖; (MIRROR)

[There's a distant rumbling in the jungle, like an imminent thunderstorm on the horizon. But it's not a storm, that much can be seen when the mirrors activate sometime around noon, if not a little before.

[Surprise! It's Rey's face. She's in a tree, trying to hold the mirror as steadily as she can while the ground continues to violently shake. As mere seconds pass, one can tell that it isn't an earthquake, either.]

"Head's up. If you're in the jungle, you may want to take higher ground just to be safe."

[She shifts the mirror towards the ground below, from where she's standing in a tree. There is a whole herd of hooved animals roughly five to five and a half feet tall, while smaller ones are struggling to keep up behind them.

[As they blur by, some may notice the spears jabbed into the bodies of many of the creatures. Rey certainly has.]

"Don't know if they're headed directly towards the camp, but they'll probably come pretty close.

"...Be careful. There's a fucking ton of them."

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