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The Join the Flight Crew Fan Dance

[Wash is looking a bit frazzled, but he's still managing a friendly smile]

Hi Tranquility. Reckon I've had time to get to know a lot of you over the past year or so, but with folk always coming and going it doesn't hurt to introduce myself. I'm Wash and I'm a pilot by trade.

And in a lot of ways it's the going I want to talk to you about. I'm on the Flight Crew and as of the last jump, there's just three of us left. And one of us is a kid. [No offense intended, kid, but you haven't learned to fly]

We're always looking for more members on the crew, but we're particularly looking right about now. Have experience but already in another department? We could still use a hand now and then. Already doubling up too much but know how to fly? We'd at least like to know who we have available if we have to get out of here in a mighty hurry. No experience but eager to help? I'll show you the ropes myself if I have to.

And it's probably worth mentioning that a lot of what we do isn't flying. The shuttles get damaged every jump, so we need people who can help us get them back into working order. [Seriously this job is never ending.]

So if you want to help, just give me a wave and let me know what skills you've already got. We can figure the rest out from there.
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why do the shuttles get damaged every jump
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how stupid
has anyone tried warding them against it
protective enchantments or shielding that sort of tihng


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Hey, uh, this is Luke. It's been a while. I'm already in two departments so I don't know how thinly I can stretch myself but I can at least offer myself up for emergencies and when things get really tight.

Back home I was a fighter pilot so I imagine I can handle a shuttle just fine. I've also been a mechanic for most of my life so both of those jobs should be no problem.
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Count me in. And please, if you're desperate for extra hands just give me a call and I'll come help if I've got the time. I'll probably come by sometime this week to learn the ropes.

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You really know how to sell it.
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Honesty's fine, but I'm just saying as far as advertising you should probably say there's a party with an open bar at least once a week.

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I'm still a bit out of commission.

( and she misses carolyn, but at least having alex to look after and become exasperated with as everything she currently owns ends up covered in cat hair and inquisitive paws is giving her something to do while she recuperates besides stare angrily at a wall. )
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If we get anyone, I can wrangle. I just might not be climbing shuttles and fixing wiring for a bit.

( she gives good herding cats, if they need to situate new arrivals for the basic overview and training. )

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he's free to recognize her, part-time-coworker handwaved CR etc

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[ raven's been pulling a shift a week on average with flight crew amongst her chaos of engineering work, but if they're this short-staffed she might redesignate a little more of her time. ]

I can throw a few more shifts your way, if that'll make a difference.

[ she's 100% capable of flying, but most of her weight's been thrown into shuttle repair. she built her own from scrap back on the ark, so this is kind of her element. ]
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Ouch. Who's out? [ because she was actually not half bad of friends with a couple of them. ]

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[ Belated even IC, but: ]

Are you taking over the department after Carolyn?
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My name is Professor Severus Snape, I'm the head of the Xenogen department. Two jumps ago I had my people run through Carolyn's space training course. I realize that is an almost entirely negligible amount of experience, but it's perhaps worth noting. If you decide to offer flight training to non-department members for emergency use, I can see about getting us back in.

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You make it sound so exotic. Suppose I can take some time outta my busy schedule to help your understaffed department.

[ He knows her skillset and about her desire to join Security. But this is her husband we're talking about here.]
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You sharin' those perks with just anyone? Or am I a special exception?

[He's always been a perk.]

Well, I'm not Kaylee or you, but I'll do my best.
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My name is Hawke, and I'm... interested in learning how to fly.

[ There, she said it. And look, now she's offering to join a department and pull her own weight so Fenris can stop squinting at her the way that he does. ]

I would join the department, of course. I don't come from a techno background, I'm afraid. But I'm willing to learn.

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pretend this is from before the plot?

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I've spent some time on spaceships other than this one and flown one a couple times, so I'd like to come take a look and learn about these if that's okay. I'm just looking for a part-time gig since I can't actually help with the mechanical/repair side of things.

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