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[Poorly locked to May and Tony || Voice]

[OOC: This is backdates to after she manages to get out of this lovely situation.]

[Pepper knows that as soon as she says what she's about to that Tony is going to get upset. She's set the device to voice so he can hear that she's calm and safe and unharmed. If she doesn't have to she's not planning on explaining that she was attacked by a giant man-wolf in the gardens. That's not really the important thing here and he probably knows that there are those types of things on the ship. It would have been nice if Mr. Jones' welcome letter mentioned those though. Besides, she'll probably see Tony soon enough. She probably could have waited to tell him in person, but she'd honestly rather not have bad/strange/upsetting news every time she sees him.]

There was a situation but I'm alright.

I think, I think it should have manifested. I think Extremis should have gone off, but it didn't. I, I thought you both should know.

[Seriously, she's sort of considering this good news. Maybe she won't blow up after all. It means she's completely vulnerable to any attack, but she's spent the last several years of her life like that. In all honesty, she'll take being overly cautious again over potentially blowing up the entire ship.]
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Ms. Potts.

[May's wearing her tactical uniform, and there's a reason for that, but it's not relevant. She's facing the communications device straight on, so the minor details like the SHIELD emblems on either shoulder probably won't translate.]

I don't need to know what happened—

[Pepper is making a point of saying she's fine, that the "situation" is behind her. She copies the reassurance loud and clear, whether it's true or not. If everything's not all right, she assumes Stark will hear about it first. As much as May would prefer specifics, it shouldn't be necessary. She can approach this from the side that gives Potts a little more privacy.]

—just how you felt at the time.

[Emotionally or physically, she'll take the answer she can get. She's still concerned that her limited understanding of the Centipede device might skew her even more limited understanding of pure Extremis, but she knows what it looks like when a body isn't metabolizing the compound. Above average temperature would be a red flag, but that gets harder to tick off the checklist with the ship's erratic climate controls in play. If Pepper's right about should-but-didn't, this could be a big relief.]
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[She's unimpressed with that form of address, but she isn't going to insist on 'Agent' here, which leaves:]

Just May.

[That's not answering the question, is it? She pauses to consider it first, which means it can't be as closed or dismissive as it would look on paper. It's probably for the best that she stayed with video.]

I'm fine.
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[The timing could be better, but any time's a good time not to destabilize and combust. She can't say no, and she wouldn't want to. Under the circumstances, maybe she's overdue for a drink. She inclines her head.]

Best plan I've heard all day.
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[May only knows about one bar, but due to the size of the ship, it occurs to her that there's probably more. After she takes a seat, she sends Pepper another video; no conversation, communicator turned to provide the view around her. It's a courtesy, to ease the task of locating her. If they're going to do this, they might as well do it efficiently.]
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[They'll have to agree to disagree on the importance of pleasantries. May's concession to courtesy involves standing up to greet Pepper, then sitting back down in time with her. (She's being a gentleman, gender notwithstanding. Don't question it.)

She nods to Pepper's inquiry. If she were talking to someone with the security department—or anyone with a military or law enforcement background—she'd let the scratches go without comment.

Are you hurt? Maybe you should let someone from medical take a look.
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Okay. [Good enough for her.]

[She'll understand if Pepper wants to have that drink first, but this isn't a strictly social thing.]

When you're ready, tell me what you want to tell me.
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[Surprise is probably too much to expect from her. She's calmly cataloging the dangers of the ship.]

You tried to defend yourself?

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[ There's a very long pause before Tony actually says anything, and the only thing that's betrays the fact that Tony even is on the other side of the feed. ]

What happened?
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One of the wolves got out? [ He pauses.] Strike that, one of the wolves was dumb enough to shift in there.
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[ He's totally implying. ]

I forgot to tell you about the werewolves, didn't I? Knew I forgot something in everything.

Shift, as in going from a human to something that walks on four legs and is actually furry. Might howl at the moon?
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i know it is, don't worry

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No. Arya's wolf is a direwolf. Same with Robb and Bran and Jon. Those wolves, just— bigger cousins of regular wolves. Technically.

[ A pause. ]

Did you run into her wolf? Without her?
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i'm thankful you did tbh so i didn't forget

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[ He makes a sort of noise that sounds half like a yes and half like a no. ]

Depends on why you'd be worried?
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[ Not really no. It's honestly not his intention this time. ]

She doesn't— if she's not with Nymeria, that means she's not here. That's something to worry about. [ But making a list is exhausting and boring. You wouldn't sentence him to that. ] Are you asking me to list everything out?

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