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Virginia 'Pepper' Potts ([personal profile] the_other_eight) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2014-02-02 02:51 pm

[Poorly locked to May and Tony || Voice]

[OOC: This is backdates to after she manages to get out of this lovely situation.]

[Pepper knows that as soon as she says what she's about to that Tony is going to get upset. She's set the device to voice so he can hear that she's calm and safe and unharmed. If she doesn't have to she's not planning on explaining that she was attacked by a giant man-wolf in the gardens. That's not really the important thing here and he probably knows that there are those types of things on the ship. It would have been nice if Mr. Jones' welcome letter mentioned those though. Besides, she'll probably see Tony soon enough. She probably could have waited to tell him in person, but she'd honestly rather not have bad/strange/upsetting news every time she sees him.]

There was a situation but I'm alright.

I think, I think it should have manifested. I think Extremis should have gone off, but it didn't. I, I thought you both should know.

[Seriously, she's sort of considering this good news. Maybe she won't blow up after all. It means she's completely vulnerable to any attack, but she's spent the last several years of her life like that. In all honesty, she'll take being overly cautious again over potentially blowing up the entire ship.]

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