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[001 | video]

[When the video turns on, the person making the recording is obviously sitting just outside the main doors to Engineering - the feed is swaying a little as he gets situated, and you can see a flash of the hallway, his blue pants and sneakers, and then his right hand, opening and closing repeatedly, the flesh on the back burnt a nice pink color.

There's a hiss, and then the feed fixes on his face - he doesn't look particularly distressed, just a little irritated, serious. After a moment, he lets out a held breath, and fixes that serious expression on the camera.]

Right. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that someone else has already tried going in there.

[He pauses, not a hesitation so much as a moment to think, and he glances down at his hand again - if it's not frozen, it's burnt.]

And probably failed, judging by the way the temperature fluctuations are still happening.

[A pause.]

So I'm asking now. Has the ship told us anything about why this is happening yet?
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According to the information Arya gave me last month all systems were working normally.
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Audio -> video

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That seems to be the case. I believe a group of people went searching for an answer outside of engineering, but they never reported their findings.

[After a moment Pepper turns on the video. The background seems to be moving.]

Arya was in charge of engineering last month while everyone else were in the pods. I'm Pepper,

[She offers a professional smile as she offers her name and the rest of the explanation.]

I've been taking care of organizing the data since I arrived last month.

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Very little, so I've gathered. Though, I can't speak of before my arrival with any authority.

[ and learning this ship seemed to take so much time. ]
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I know little of ships like this. No one has sailed in stars before.

With the last group? However much time that is.
[ He'd been hiding and had no real grasp of how to mark time here like other people seemed to be able to. ]

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[Wash looks pretty tired]

Spent the past month looking for the problem. Every gorram system looks completely normal.
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Environment and life support both look normal.

'Course, now we've got a whole new problem on that front.

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No problem

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already been said engineering too hot to access
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[ pepper already mentioned her so-- ]

Im Arya

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lmao don't worry about it

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[ because arya is already in on this-- ]

There's ointment for that in medical bay.
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There's a chance it'll cool off on it's own. Most of the civilian quarters have been doing that.

[ and going freezing cold, but that's probably the best they can hope for. ]

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The ship is being remarkably unhelpful. I would say "as per usual", but this has truly taken it up a gear in terms of the internal tech turning on us.
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If you're here long enough, it will begin to feel personal. Or that may just be me, I suppose.

Something happens often. Predicting what that something will be, however, has proven to be near impossible.

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...you'll get used to not getting answers.

And you should probably get some ointment on that hand.

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Well, a lot of us would like to avoid it. But considering some of us have been here almost two years...well we didn't get much of a choice in it.

[He glances the wound again, shaking his head.]

Seriously. No one is going to get upset if you avoid Engineering.


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Do ships normally talk?


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[ Tony very briefly considers just going over this, ignoring it because that is a face he's not too fond of seeing in any context but the fact that he's pretty sure that Steve would never actually talk like that. And that's what gets him to actually say something. ]

No, once I felt the sensation of being in an oven, I turned around. [ The implication there is did you really decide that was a smart thing to do. ]

Ship doesn't have an AI, not in the way you're thinking it's supposed to. [ Or doesn't at all, but that's up for technical debate. Ish. ]