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Mace ([personal profile] unsentimental) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2014-01-15 09:43 pm

[001 | video]

[When the video turns on, the person making the recording is obviously sitting just outside the main doors to Engineering - the feed is swaying a little as he gets situated, and you can see a flash of the hallway, his blue pants and sneakers, and then his right hand, opening and closing repeatedly, the flesh on the back burnt a nice pink color.

There's a hiss, and then the feed fixes on his face - he doesn't look particularly distressed, just a little irritated, serious. After a moment, he lets out a held breath, and fixes that serious expression on the camera.]

Right. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that someone else has already tried going in there.

[He pauses, not a hesitation so much as a moment to think, and he glances down at his hand again - if it's not frozen, it's burnt.]

And probably failed, judging by the way the temperature fluctuations are still happening.

[A pause.]

So I'm asking now. Has the ship told us anything about why this is happening yet?

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