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001 ✽ voice;

[ The voice is obviously female but beyond that it sounds a little strange, flat, as though someone has run it through a computer program to strip out all other identifying characteristics. The computer program, if that's what it is, can't disguise her sing-song, amused tone, though. ]

That's too bad. And here I was looking forward to the chance to stretch my legs. Too much time spent staring at the same walls and faces is bound to make anyone a little cabin-fever-ish.

Not that I don't enjoy all of your company, but I've never been one for staying in the same place too long.

[ And then, abruptly, the audio feed runs into an encryption wall. ]

[ encrypted (level: variable); ]

[ If you're coming at this from a known device used by Ward or Resnik, the encryption is about as strong as Kasumi knows how to make them. But for everyone else, a light breeze and a teensy bit of computer know-how is enough to knock it over. She's not interested in keeping people out, just in finding out who'd break a private encryption just to see what's behind it. ]

It's probably time to introduce myself officially. My name is Kasumi Goto and as it happens, I used to specialize in getting things for people that they can't get for themselves. Let's call it "procurement," okay?

Now, whatever our hosts have to say about it, I'm planning to hitch a ride out to that station to see what there is to see. If anyone needs something "procured" while I'm there -- something you don't particularly want to tell our hosts about -- now's the time to speak up.

[ encrypted to tali and garrus (level: 100%); ]

Free of charge for old friends, of course.
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Video; encrypted (level: 100%)

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[Tali looks like she's hesitating.]

I'm thinking about taking a look at the security systems while they're away. I don't want to give anyone any wrong ideas, I just -- do we really know anything about this place?
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[She shakes her head.]

No, not so far. At least, nothing that would be -- inconspicious.

[She pauses.]

In all likelihood, I'll at least try to find some new, less-traveled routes around the ship.
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Video; encrypted (level: 100%)

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That's true. And from the looks of it, I ought to -- tag along with one of the other Engineers. He's sure to get in trouble otherwise.
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voice; encrypted

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[Not a bad encryption, but once she hears the message, she knows it wasn't meant to keep anyone out. She frowns.]

...What sorts of things, exactly? And what's your price?
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voice; encrypted

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My name is Re-l. I don't have anything to offer, really, besides keeping your privacy and giving you thanks for undertaking something like this.

[She pauses as well.]

I'd be interested in clothes, but that can wait. If you can find any sort of information on what year it is, if this sort of situation has happened to any other ships, and any background information on the Tranquility or our keepers...I'd appreciate it. That's all I ask.
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voice; encrypted

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[She nods.]

I appreciate it. Really.

[Another pause.]

...I'm planning on looking around the ship. If I find anything, I'll let you know. And I'll keep you in mind for your services in the future.

voice; encrypted

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[If text could purr...]

Hello, Miss Goto

I have a list for you. All of these things will be useful for the ship at large-- repairs, items of need... and of course, a small personal inquiry. I just can't count on our hosts to make them a priority.

You understand, don't you?

[Something missing from the information he gave to Resnik and Ward on the duplicated list of 'wants' -- star maps and information on alien cultures across the area; ie, are there any? Is there evidence there WERE any, and so forth.]
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Of course.

Will you need anything, say, constructed from parts you pick up? That might make your endeavors easier?

[He can scratch her lovely, evil back if she'll get him tools and parts.]
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You name it, I've done it. Weaponry to robotics. I tend to work in electronics, but I know my way around an engine or two. Primitive human construction from the early 21st, though what I do with electronics goes well beyond that.

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The only request I desire to make would be an exchange of acquired knowledge. Anything you come to understand or observe aboard Tansei Station would be beneficial. In return I would not be averse to supplying you with a report of findings in your absence.

voice; encrypted

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[Katniss normally avoids the network like the plague, but this post piqued her curiosity.]

What do you want in exchange for your..."procurement"?

[Is that hesitancy you hear in her voice? Probably. She finds it difficult to trust a faceless voice.]

voice; encrypted

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[It shouldn't be that hard to guess. Even though Katniss feels years older than she really is, she can't hide how young her raspy voice sounds. It's kind of annoying.]

I can give information about the ship. I've been exploring, and I plan to do more.

Does that work for you?

voice; encrypted

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I'm looking for weapons. Nothing big. Just arrows and a few knives.

You get me those, and I'll get you any information you want.

[She'll try her best to, at least.]