15 November 2015 @ 03:28 pm
[Hello, fellow planetfall survivors. Today a rather reclusive individual is accessing the network for... well, probably the first time since the digital network was re-established by the resourceful group involved. Having his ear up against a whole bunch of human chatter was not something Algidus had been interested in; he'd, in fact, let his phone run dry and had to charge it at a hard line just for this occasion.

But it was an important one. Though Algidus didn't want to admit it, he was beginning to become worried--it had been a long time since he'd seen or heard from the one person who had actively agreed to help him in this place. And while mild discouragement normally wouldn't have been enough to keep him from using the bandwith-devouring video function of the phone, today he's opting for voice because he's having a hard time completely masking the concern in his expression. He doesn't want anyone to see even a trace of weakness.]

This is a... humble request for information. I--has anyone seen or heard from AJ recently? [And then, just in case a name doesn't ring any bells, he adds on:] ... Human. [Well, that probably goes without saying.] Woman. Tall, lanky, uh... long, dark hair. Sharp features. Often came into camp with me to make trades. [Then, just to attempt to mask the fact that he actually cares even a little for a human:] She and I were working together on something. Something important. If she's not here any more then I will need to... pursue other avenues.

[He pauses, tries to think of anything else to say, and finds himself not only coming up short but feeling an unfamiliar emotion welling up inside of himself. Rebelling against it takes up his focus, so for now, he's cutting his broadcast and waiting to hear from others.]
24 October 2015 @ 03:25 pm
[Hello, Ataraxites. Today you are being treated to an unwitting broadcast by two intrepid explorers, who have taken it upon themselves to see if they could figure out where that massive stampede originated. The feed cuts on in the middle of a conversation, activated by the use of the keyword as one of the people brandishes a shard of mirror. The two speakers are for now off-screen as the mirror instead broadcasts an image of deep, unending jungle, but their voices are mannerisms are likely recognizable to the people that know them.]

--Network they set up is for situations just like this one.

[The retort comes quickly, from a harsh voice that sounds frustrated:] No, I don't need to rely on that! Besides, I fail to see how that could help; we're in the middle of the damn jungle with no landmarks, just leaves and trees as far as the eye can see!

[The voice of the initial broadcaster responds in a rather dry tone.] I think that might be exactly why we should be asking.

And I think we should have just stayed on the path that those beasts cut through the jungle. How did this even happen?!

If I recall correctly - and I do - I followed you. You tell me.

I have a better idea: how about you tell me something even vaguely useful? If you put half as much effort into paying attention to your surroundings as you do flapping those ugly pink lips we wouldn't be in this situation!! [It never seems to take that long for Algidus to get into a hissy fit with the heat of this planet bearing down on him, and with nothing going like it should. This was supposed to be such a simple excursion. Why the fuck did he decide to travel with a human, of all beings?]

I did tell you something useful. I told you to use the damn network.

And I told YOU I don't need the network! I--wait. Did you hear that?

I hear you.

Har har. I mean it. It sounded like a voice. Where is your device--your shard?!

[There's a pause as realization dawns, and then Roy snorts and holds it up.] You wanna say hello?

[The whole mirror network is treated to the shocked visage of a towering ice alien, who stares wide-eyed into the feed for a moment before glaring and then trying to grab for Roy's shard, attempting to shut it off.]