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username: algidus ⚫ 002 [Voice]

[Hello, fellow planetfall survivors. Today a rather reclusive individual is accessing the network for... well, probably the first time since the digital network was re-established by the resourceful group involved. Having his ear up against a whole bunch of human chatter was not something Algidus had been interested in; he'd, in fact, let his phone run dry and had to charge it at a hard line just for this occasion.

But it was an important one. Though Algidus didn't want to admit it, he was beginning to become worried--it had been a long time since he'd seen or heard from the one person who had actively agreed to help him in this place. And while mild discouragement normally wouldn't have been enough to keep him from using the bandwith-devouring video function of the phone, today he's opting for voice because he's having a hard time completely masking the concern in his expression. He doesn't want anyone to see even a trace of weakness.]

This is a... humble request for information. I--has anyone seen or heard from AJ recently? [And then, just in case a name doesn't ring any bells, he adds on:] ... Human. [Well, that probably goes without saying.] Woman. Tall, lanky, uh... long, dark hair. Sharp features. Often came into camp with me to make trades. [Then, just to attempt to mask the fact that he actually cares even a little for a human:] She and I were working together on something. Something important. If she's not here any more then I will need to... pursue other avenues.

[He pauses, tries to think of anything else to say, and finds himself not only coming up short but feeling an unfamiliar emotion welling up inside of himself. Rebelling against it takes up his focus, so for now, he's cutting his broadcast and waiting to hear from others.]
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[Sharp features? Don't you mean weasel-faced? HAHAHAHA-

[yeah no this sucks]

Haven't seen her. Was she staying at the camp with everyone else?


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Huh. Saw her last when she stopped by some time ago, hadn't seen her since then.


Will keep an eye out, just in case something may have happened. ["--and she may need help," is almost what comes out, but she figures he doesn't need to worry about his friend any more than he already does, considering the circumstances are already a little grim.]
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Shortly after the stampede, and before the storm hit. [And the masks. Fuck those things.] If there was anything going on, she didn't seem to indicate as such.

[She pauses a bit herself at that unexpected token of gratitude. Even someone like Rey has the social tact to not chide on someone who's dealing with loss, but it still comes as somewhat unexpected. Besides, she's too goddamn old to be holding grudges of any kind.]

Just wish this information could've been more helpful. Apologies.
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[Good job, Algidus, you're learning. And let's be real, it's probably what AJ would've wanted, too.]

They don't taste bad once they're cooked. [Implying that she's taken some down as well, to no one's surprise.]

Been planning to do some recon in the jungle sometime. See if there are any hints as to where people have been vanishing to.
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No, you certainly can't be. And we may be trapped in a "cage" for the time being with this tether, but it's still a lot of ground to cover. There has to be something out there that someone hasn't scouted yet.
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[She knows that there's a chance that confirmation may not come the way Algidus hopes. While Rey doesn't want to entirely get his hopes up, she doesn't want to smash them when she knows the other guy is quick to react.

[So she just sighs.]
Will let you know if there are any new developments. Unfortunately, things are too different now from the way they used to be to know for certain where some people have disappeared to. When we were on the ship, we at least knew for a fact where people went if they went missing after a jump.
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You're talking about Harris? Haven't spoken to her in ages. D'you think something's happened to her?

[There's some hedged concern in his voice.
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That's rough, mate. She seems like a solid person. Definitely helped me out of a scrape when I first got here.

[On the other end of the line, James is distractedly dragging a hand back through his hair, making it stand on end.]

Need a hand there? Tell me where to look and I'll have a go at finding Harris as well.
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[And his tone indicates that it isn't even a question. For all of a pompous prick James can be, he's a good bloke at heart.]

I can cover a surprising bit of ground when I put my mind to it.
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If it's Harris, she owes me a great deal of alcohol. Don't tell me she's scarpered.
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[But there's being flippant and there's being willfully ignorant of the fact that something could have gone awry here.]

So when's 'recently'?
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'More than a week'? Oh, is that all. How forgetful are you? Checked your pockets lately?

[Kidding, and very rapid-fire. And anyways, he careens right into sincerity before any real offense can be incurred.]

Better yet, d'you know where she was sleeping?
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[Easy-going correction. Human yourself, weirdo.]

Someone else is going to ask you to finish that sentence. I won't, but someone will. 'She was my', et cetera. You might want to think up an answer. [Still a little glib, but this time it's got the air of imparting advice--because he is, actually, imparting some advice. It's difficult to be very glib, because this does seem to be a bit important, so--] Can you tell me where the encampments are, 'cos even if you've checked, there might be more details.

[Clues. Scents. Tracker dogs could do wonders here, couldn't they. Wonder dogs even more so.]
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[shatter the preconceptions just wait]

Yep. Load of time. And what's more, I've got a map. Enchanted map, actually. Sounds as if I might be exactly what you're needing.
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Nah. Nothing like that. S' like-- [He thinks of Harry's explanation quickly, having sort of memorised it so as not to come off as stupid--] --a movie, on a loop. The shots are spelled together so it goes on, continuously.

If it's objects you're looking for, objects are easy. Summon 'em up. People, those take more doing. Obviously.
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You think somethin' out there got her? There any trace about what coulda' happened?
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You can thank the brilliance of Rev and Zelda :)

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[He sighs.]

People disappear all the time here.

[He pauses. They didn't hit it off well, and Firo's not the type to keep reaching out to someone who puts a bad taste in his mouth. But this concerns someone else. And he supposes that there is a part of him that's still willing to try with the guy who seems to have some connection to his old friend.]

You want a hand in lookin' for her? ...She was kinda weird, but she wasn't a bad sort.
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I'm gonna tell you right now not to get too hopeful. ...but there's no point in givin' up completely just yet.

[It's simple logic to him, even if Firo's special brand of the stuff isn't always the most potent. They'll probably be disappointed, but they're guaranteed to be disappointed if they don't even try.]

Where are you? And where've you already looked?
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Hey, save the pity party for later, all right?

Then I guess we can start with everywhere between the 'usual spots?' You want me to come meet you at the edge of camp? Where the water is or somethin'.

[Given how huge the ship is, it doesn't work well as a landmark.]
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[voice; username: longinface]

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You mean Harris? I haven't seen her in some time, come to think of it.

What is it the two of you were working on now? Perhaps the project has held her up.
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Perhaps. As much as I would like to assume that no one brought here by the ship would be actively working against the idea of escape from this place, even I am not that optimistic.
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[Good job diffusing the situation, Carlisle.]

If, lad. It's just as likely to be something else. Perhaps even more likely.

[A pause.]

I... don't mean to worry you further, but you don't suppose she'd have put on one of those masks, do you?
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[Despite Algidus' alien appearance, Carlisle recognizes the concern that bleeds into his voice.]

I'm not the type looking to get myself hurt, either.

[Realizing that probably isn't easing Algidus' concerns, he backs up.]

She's far more, er... streetwise than I am, however. Was she much of one for experimentation?
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I can come with you, if you'd like. Perhaps I can be of some assistance, should you find her.