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Text, UN: pteradon

We managed to dig some of the water purification equipment out of the ship. We should be able to get the river water all non-burny once we get it all working properly. Had to take it to pieces to actually haul it back out.

So that's where the rest of you come in. We need help getting this set up. Especially getting power running to the purifiers.
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i can start taking apart and moving some solar panels
i can't believe you guys actually did it!
this is so awesome
i can't wait for like
a non acidic bath
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hopefully we'll be able to salvage enough materials to make more panels soon
we'll have to clear a site far enough from the ship so the rig isn't caught up in the jump
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but do we know exactly what's down there yet?
i don't wanna shack up where some terror from the deep kind of thing can get me
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do we have anyone who can breathe underwater?
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[hey man, she's always considered magic
just not for breathing underwater]

um i don't think so
i mean i can hold my breath for a couple minutes
but not long enough to explore
i can probably rig something up though
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good work.
can lend a hand setting things up.
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not much, was in sec before the crash. have some experience with putting things together though.
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On it.
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It's moving along.
Slower than I'm used to but them's the breaks on a jungle planet constantly trying to murder us.
There's rudimentary power in three treehouses
Unfortunately due to the inefficient means available at present the kilowatt-hour potential goes down exponentially the farther from the origin we get.
I could get more detaily but I'll spare you

Where do you need me?
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Killy is bad.
I know a spot
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Yeah it should be. There's a clearing not far
I'll meet you down there in 10
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[ here tony is with bells on (not really) and a dog in tow. he'll scope out everything first then go back for supplies as needed, he figures. ] You don't look like any pteradon I've ever seen.