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Text, UN: husker Gonna build me a wall

We keep having animal attacks. Even with regular perimeter patrols, that's cause for concern. With people still living in tents, we're too exposed. I know people have been making efforts to construct other dwellings, but those piecemeal efforts can only take us so far.

One thing we have an overabundance of is trees. If we get everyone working together, we can build a simple stockade and increase the security of the camp. It's not complicated engineering, but we need bodies to get it up in a timely manner, especially with the jungle increasingly coming up with new threats.
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UN: Eleanor

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Why trees?
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Right, but they're hardly very strong.

There's an entire broken ship we could be pulling hull pieces off of.
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It seems like it would be worth the effort, since the wall won't accidentally burn down.
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I suppose.

Trees are pretty but they don't seem like they'll stop much.
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[She's just being a stubborn teenager who thinks she's right.]


I could knock it down though.
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But we'd need equipment to do that, and I don't have a backhoe.
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un: elsa

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If you need a temporary wall, I can help. I don't think I can make it around the entire camp without affecting the climate, and I can't make anything permanent, but if there are areas that could use temporary defenses, I can do it.
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It would be made of ice. I wouldn't be able to maintain such a large wall every second of every day without making the area around it cold, and it would feel cold anyway, even if the wall was melting. But if you don't mind it melting, I can make a few thick blockades every day or so until you build something out of wood.

[It's a good thing she's not talking: ice is obviously superior to wood, and her tone would show it, but wood or stone wouldn't need as much maintenance from her.]
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un: sunflower

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We could build everyone treehouses instead.
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Building walls will take just as long, if they are strong enough to keep a strong enemy at bay, yes?
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But you need to cover a lot more of an area. And with tree houses you don't have to dig.
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There should be many people who can make things fly, yes?
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UN: Zoe

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I can help. Built lots of camp fortifications in the war.
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Didn't do so much jungle fighting though. Trees here are awful big. What kind of tools have we got?
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Disturbing, but convenient. You looking to stack logs and then fortify from inside?
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What kinds of animals are we looking at? Any climbers?
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Maybe stacked logs with spikes at the top, then. Pit seems like a lot of work if we don't have a big group.
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I think we can manage. You want to meet?
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cool, where do you need me?

i'm good with the heavy lifting, and if you need an airborne someone, i'm your man