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So while I take a break after my super fun day getting attacked by some seriously gross looking birdwhatever animals every three minutes while totally failing to find anything worth hunting, here's a thought:

What are the chances that finding nanite canisters in the woods and then the animals getting all mutated is a coincidence? I'd bet probably pretty low. I mean I don't remember any of us going crazy aggressive, but the physical symptoms seem pretty similar, don't you think?

As far as I know we don't have the ability to test for them to be sure and I don't think there really is anything we can do about it if it is, either. (Science people please feel free to correct me, I'd be happy to be wrong!)

But it begs the question of how the nanites got out there to begin with. We should be careful until we figure out the source, because it seems like it's probably got to be something bigger than the couple closed cans we found at that crash site. Maybe? Maybe not, I don't know. But any ideas or if anybody else has spotted them anywhere, speak up and maybe we can figure this out.

They look like this:
[ A brief video clip follows, where she holds up a metal canister in illustration. ]
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Hello Kate Im glad you're intact.

Dont think itd be impossible to get a micrograph of nanites from the fucked up animals, same as I did with our standard crew nanites in Medbay the other year. Just have to get a proper blood sample (and not get infected right)
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and get the shit into Medbay to take pictures of. the big microscopes are built in with the consoles that have got the imaging software. ship should be able to handle it even in the state its in. On that note very nice to have these comms back isnt it.

[Going weeks at a time without talking to people has befuddled him with regard to the niceties of conversation tracking.]
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3/3 sorry everything got jacked up i shouldnt have even deleted this one >_>

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How are you besides intact?
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Its true you wouldn't be able to run all the critters through the extraction device. but maybe it'd be possible to figure out where they're being seeded or something like that. Somebody dumping them in the water, or if they infected a particular tree or a salt lick or some shit. And then who. and things. anyway maybe you can at least extract the bad nanites from the meat youre going to eat then

Have the chickens been infected? the ones from the ship.

[Articulate doctor man so doctor.]

I came by camp last month but Im out here still most of the time. check in now and then. Takeshi fucking disappeared so I timed a profound dump in my trousers in sync with that.

[so articulates.]
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oh i suppose thats possible.

[William sits around staring at his little device after typing that, without sending it for some minutes.]

As applies to both the science and Takeshi.

[Kate you don't sound very sorry.]

I dont feel very positive but ive looked around some

[Look what you've done, he's going to spiral off into depressive isolation now.]
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I examine a corpse but not useful. I thought to take it to science tent. Possibly optimistic.
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It is before my time here. What happened?
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is that the only one you have

[ tell him the truth ]
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idk some of us were crazy aggro w/out the help of shitty nanites. wtf tho? you ok??
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[ he read everything and committed it to memory, but he's more interested in her handle for the time being. ]

Can I ask how you came about that handle?