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[puzzle time] [ANONYMOUS - username: ludi]

Answer any of the following privately to receive a more difficult puzzle in reply.

1. What is the name of the land of fire with the burning mountain in it?

2. There is a four-digit number, with digits abcd (d in the ones position, c in the tens, and so on), that fulfills the following conditions. What is the number?
    a = b/3
    b = b
    c = a+b
    d = 3b

3. You are running in a race. Just before the finish line, you pass the person in second place. What place did you finish in?


1. Search with your mind, not your feet. This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't go looking for a burning mountain.
2. Send answers privately. Don't spoil it for anyone else.
3. Unless someone donates prizes, the only prize is more puzzles.

[OOC notes: I didn't come up with all of these, but I did come up with one and rewrote some others. Source credits.

Unless otherwise noted, all replies are anon text from the "Ludi" account, private where appropriate.]
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what do we get for getting it right besides more difficult riddles
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private, user: david;

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1. Azerbaijan

2. 1349

3. Second
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Not entirely.
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Azerbaijan is an Arabic adaptation of a Persian name and those numerals are of Hindu-Arabic origin. I thought it was another game. :)

Are we allowed to ask questions?
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Is there anything else you can tell me about the wand without making it too easy?
The items seem to be of different geometric shapes. Is this significant?
Does the parchment bear any marks, or is it blank?
Is there anything else in the chamber?
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private; video

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The first is Utumno!

[That was an easy one. Hmmmmmm. Skipping the second. The third... His face scrunches up as he thinks.]

If they finish second then I am first, but if they're second before finishing then I'm second when I finish, yes? The question isn't very clear, you should fix that. People might get confused.
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My lord father's stories said that it is full of burning stone and burning people and other burning things and animals that can burn things. And that all the people who want to live there are very mean and should have bad things happen to them but they are too strong for that. Maybe because they are around so much fire.

Then I finish second, yes?
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Because a very silly man who makes a lot of very bad things happen reigns over it, and most other people who live there are very silly too and do a lot of bad things, and my lord father used to fight against them where he was from. Because they stole from his father, and because they are very bad.

[He's not a storyteller, but he feels like he covered the key points there.]

Red! Because the question should have been equally hard for all three of them, yes? Or it would be unfair.
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Why are you interested?

[He's suddenly a lot less sure about this conversation having been a good idea. What if this is someone who doesn't like Maglor and his family? He thought that Galadriel and Luthien had been the only ones from Arda, and he the only one from the Drabwurld, but...]

...Because then nobody would be able to be sure that his cap was red?
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He is an elf, and he is very strong.

[If this man really knows nothing, then Maglor's name is irrelevant.]

Maybe you just haven't heard about his world.
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The Lady Galadriel is my aunt. I knew her before coming here. What is your place like if there are no elves?

[Could be a lot of places. Could be a version of the world that he is from. Could even be his own world, though that is hard to tell with people not directly involved with the highest ranks of the government.

And not answering that last question.]
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text. (username: msdarcy)

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[ Someone doesn't know what her boyfriend is up to. ]

Are you seriously fisting me with this shit? Haven't we had enough of cryptic text-based assholes on our network? I thought we moved beyond this shit. This is not entertainment. These games are stupid.

[ Not just because she doesn't know any of the answers. Honest. ]

Get bent.