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[voice] [locked to all player characters]

[You may know the drill: the low, calm, somewhat English-accented voice of a young man.]

This is Ryuuzaki, speaking for Communications.

From the viewpoint of network traffic, there are still no signs of any new arrivals this jump. The department will let you know if anyone turns up.

Those of you who have been monitoring the length of jumps: do you know how long this one lasted? Is it possible to tell whether or not we've moved at all?

Did anyone find new items in their lockers?

We can't check on the drive itself, but we can determine whether or not there's anything further to discuss.

[Talk of past jump drive malfunctions leads to concern about potential current ones... other than the usual. Or does the lack of new arrivals mean it's now functioning as it's supposed to?]
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Have there been any instances in the past where the ship didn't move?
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I'm interested in anything regarding how this ship operates and what's happened before.

If something unusual is happening -- if something has gone wrong, I want to find out as soon as I can and help in whatever way possible. You mentioned the jump drive. Do you know if it's connected directly to any other necessary systems? If something is going wrong with the drive, I'm worried about what other systems might be affected.
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What systems of measurement are in place on the ship now for the jumps? Are they any?

Hearing that there's not much chance for crossover if there are any failures is a little comforting, but if the jump drive -- or the anomalies the jump drive forms -- are affecting the ship in various ways, it sounds like cross-system failures might be the least of our concerns.

I'm sorry for all of the questions and the worrying. I'm just trying to understand what we're up against.
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Centuries... wow. That's a lot to take in.

I'm curious. The passage of time isn't consistent? Has there been any pattern to how much time passes outside the ship? Is that something I should be addressing to a different department?
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Actually, I wasn't aware of that. Black holes? They have to be something else, because you're right -- that's a physical impossibility. This ship wouldn't exist anymore if there was an actual black hole aboard.

What sort of properties do they have?
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[The minutes tick by after Tadashi's last text. Before, he was operating under the heading of theories and speculation. The video makes it much more real and reveals yet another terrifying facet of life aboard the Tranquility. He sits in his room for what must be nearly ten minutes before he drags a hand down his face and selects their conversation.]

From what I remember from my courses at SFIT, the smallest a black hole should be while still sustaining itself would still be the size of a mountain. Even those are theoretical. Anything smaller than that should quickly expend its energy -- they shouldn't be able to stick around.

That's just my understanding. Astronomy isn't exactly my field of expertise.

Are the black holes contained to certain segments of the ship? That video... how did that passenger stumble into that situation?

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Wait, if those creatures are potentially creations of someone's mind, could we.. I don't know what the proper term will be so I'm going to go nerd fantasy on this -- banish them? Un-summon them?

Is it possible to impose any control over the creation of someone else's mind?
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Mmm. Don't suppose anyone's tried to leave a clock outside of the pods during a jump?

Granted, this place seems to hinder progress just out of spite, but it pays to know what has and hasn't been attempted... especially if things are changing... As for motion, you got me. That'd be better off if we knew where in — space we are, right?

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We're in a big super advanced ship in space and nobody actually has a way to measure time in here from jump to jump?

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... Yes. Yes, of course. I'm aware.

[is he really though

is he really

they don't even have cordless phones L he lives in a savage society]

And we don't have anything capable of going outside of the ship yet... but it sounds like time is pretty much unhelpful as it is, if it fluctuates every jump...
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Aaah. That's... not good at all, huh?

I'm guessing this is a hot zone full of potential risks and enemies?
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Has this ever happened before?
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no worries boo!!

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Something's different about the jump. Lydia and I were tracking it, but it went backward last month. The star charts we made matched up.

slides in here hi

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it went backwards?
can you tell how far back we went?
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We're missing pieces, so it's hard to tell for sure. But the map matched up with one from two jumps ago.
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mindmeld activate.

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Maybe. We're missing records, but we're going back through what we have.
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I don't think it could be a straight line, with the way it moves. But nothing's matched up like this before that we know of. I can tell if you if that changes.
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Haven't seen any sign of new arrivals this jump, either. [There's a strained pause.] Was worried that something like this was going to happen, to be honest...
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Nothing solid. It's conjecture, mostly, based on recent things said by Ward and Smiley. About the "clock" perhaps having something to do with the jumps...

[Her tone trails, her answer fading more into silent thought than anything actually helpful to anyone.]
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[While he talks, Rey has been thinking as well. Trying to put together the pieces she's collected so far based on what she knows now.]

Suppose it depends on how you interpret the information given to us by both parties.

When Smiley had said "the clock is stopped", he also seemed to imply to some that we will never see home again. Given what we know about the way the jumps influence dimensional shifts through wormholes, was wondering if perhaps whatever that thing in the White Room learned had something to do with whatever's changed this jump.

Ward had also elaborated that "the clock has stopped" did not mean a literal clock, but that the "path" planned for us is now gone. Though he didn't specify what path it meant exactly, figured that it may have something to do with finding a way around our ability to control it, as well as the jumps.


Again, this is mostly just conjecture.
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I watched the beds and the lockers. There were no new arrivals.
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I only wanted to know who arrived this time, so I only watched their lockers.

Why would find people that have been here longer something in their lockers that would surprise them? [...oh.] Is this like the eye that Firo found?
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...How do I request something like that?

[It sounds like the boons back in the Drabwurld, but there one would just know because a fairy or an imp would show up and present one with a request form. He hasn't had anyone approach him with request forms yet, so there has to be another mechanic.

And he has a few things that he'd like to request.]