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[He's been keeping to himself this entire time, working his way around the ship and learning where the lifts go and what times of day make it easiest to travel without running into anyone. Ailanne's intention had been to avoid everyone, find a way out of this place, and continue on his merry way.

Obviously, that hasn't happened yet.

Then comes the multitude of problems: he's stuck there. With no way home. No idea what's going on. And not a damned clue how to work any of the technology he's continuously faced with. (He'd stared down a microwave the other night and come no closer to discovering its purpose. He'd assumed it was an extra storage place and left the remains of his cold dinner there.)

So he tries to work his communicator again -- he'd gotten it to work once! Surely he can do it again. He's not a complete fool. He's actually very intelligent, thank you. Just... in other areas.


[It's not on yet. He's staring at a blank screen. More button mashing is required. There is no method to that madness -- he just hits everything that pops up on the screen. First, he manages some text:]

8y3typ7PQ7TR FY

[Okay. Cool. Cool. He's got this. That was text. He's not sure what he just did, but he's managed to post one of his button mashing attempts.

Now how does he project his image? The button mashing saga continues. Anyone watching this train wreck will see flashes of his face, eyes narrowed in intense concentration. But the video continues to cut in and out.

Why won't-- --Fate's damned-- --work!

[And that's all you see and hear before the feed finally cuts on long enough to show the communicator's trip sailing through the air. The feed dies again as it smashes into a hallway wall.

Moral of the story: Ailanne still has no idea how to work the comm. But he's almost got it. So he might be able to reply.
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[It's a young man's voice, and it's low, articulate, and calm.]

It's working fine.

If you're having trouble with your network device, there's a department full of people here who can teach you to use it.
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I LOST THE NOTIF. So sorry! <3

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How would you describe your current situation, if it's not "having trouble"?
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Oh, I don't know. It's very convenient.

[His tone is a combination of airy and deadpan.]

If we didn't have it, we might have to talk to each other in person, and it would probably be harder to learn what's going on.

"Fates damned" -- where are you from?
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No. None of those words is familiar to me. I'm English.

[-Ish. His tone drops, becomes dry:]

There are probably better uses of everyone's time than to run around quoting each other. When you get used to the device, keep in mind that it isn't tremendously secure.

Still, I'm interested to hear about Sena.
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It's a place and a language. Sena is interesting to me because I've never heard of it.

[But go ahead and call him a fool; he doesn't care at the moment.]

Face to face conversations are better in terms of security, but the communicator is more convenient in terms of speed. It isn't a good idea to eschew either of them. Also, if there's anything important you need to know, it will probably be coming to you through a public broadcast.

You sound very fond of your homeland, by the way.

[That's dry, ironic, but not quite sarcastic.]
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If you develop an interest, there's a man here on the ship who will probably be more than happy to tell you anything about England that you could possibly want to know.

[His continuing wryness suggests that he doesn't really expect that any such interest will ever exist.]

Why do they feed the mages to giant lizards? Wait -- don't tell me. [A note of sing-song resignation creeps in.] Giant lizards have to eat, too. But why mages?
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You should have asked someone for help. There are a lot of people on the ship, yes?
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Only if you don't have dots and big and little letters in your language. If you have them, you are lying, and you shouldn't do that.

I'm Muscovy. Who are you?
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What you want to do seems to be lying, and that is bad, yes?

No. Are there many here who know you?
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Lying is bad, because most lies will be exposed and then even worse things will happen. Also most afterlives punish you for having lied.

Space is like the sky at night, just that you cannot breathe and it is very cold. You can see it from the shuttle bay.

You can go out and test if it is real, but you will die.
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You cannot breathe without air, or water if you are a fish, and there is neither air nor water in space. Whatever there is is cold and dark and you cannot breathe it. [The concept of "there is nothing" isn't really something that he can believe.]

I don't know. But there is shelter and it is warm and there is food and water. Maybe there is no point.
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I asked people who would not lie to me, so saying that they might have is very silly.

The boss of the people that we imprisoned a while ago. Or the being in the white room.
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The white room is at the heart of the ship and most people that enter it die and get eaten.

I don't know about the boss of the people that were imprisoned, but I think he or she is very strong.
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But not all gods want sacrifices.

I said that I don't know anything about that boss, yes?
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If you tried to kill me, my aunt would kill you, so that is very good for both of us.
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The lady Galadriel.

She is very scary when she wants to be. I don't think that many people on the ship can be scarier.
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Most people have a functioning head and don't get on her bad side.

[What is daring people to do the thing by telling them that they shouldn't, surely people wouldn't do something they're told not to do.]
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Is your comm malfunctioning?
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It's how people talk to each other here
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Some shanks are ugly, but it's just a big ship. This is easier than walking everywhere to try to find someone.
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There's things to do with your time. There's enough jobs here for everyone.