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ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ ❝ ʜᴇʀᴅs ᴄᴀᴛs ❞ ʜɪʟʟ ([personal profile] brainsqueeze) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion 2015-06-23 08:51 am (UTC)

1) Maria Hill
2) Gunnery
6) what sort of jobs would you like to see added to the tranquility
6a) wht sort of uniform would you like to see added to the jobs on the tranquility currently
7) The poll? Yes
8) A skeleton or Death?
9) Yes
9a) It could be too simple
10) I'd like to know if it helped stop it
12) Control?
14b) Go karting
15+a) Want to find out?
18) Ask a dog (owner)
20) Fernet Branca
21) Gunnery
23) No
24) You should trial it
25) More than the clothes I have.
26) We need to know why. And to stop it.
27) How many polls are you going to put out?

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