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video | an announcement

( people acquainted with milagros would be forgiven for being concerned that her being seen making a video for the network is a harbinger of terrible things, because she doesn't exactly strike anybody as 'a social type'. in fairness, this is not a social message, but although she is the bearer of some bad news, it's largely housekeeping and her brisk attitude reflects that. the backdrop to her message is a desk in an office that will look familiar but not quite right to her patients-- all the right small touches, subtly wrong locations.

her serene air remains as it ever does, suggesting vaguely that she's waiting for something to impress her, and finds the universe slightly wanting. )

A few brief announcements on behalf of Medical and Xenogen.

To the first - I have recently left my position in the Medical department and taken one in Xenobiology and Genetics. This will affect none of my current patients, who I will continue to work with from my new space, but means that I will no longer be taking on medical cases without a referral through our CMO, William Tsang, who is welcome to bring patients to my attention at his discretion. Any of my current patients who wish to have a referral back to someone remaining in the med bay full time are free to speak with me about this at their leisure.

Further, to Xenogen, Professor Snape is no longer with us as of this past jump. If the professor was working with you, please speak with us at Xenogen to see that your case is referred to the next most appropriate member of our current team. If you have concerns about your referral, Professor Xavier is available to discuss them with you.

During the previous jump cycle, Professor Snape relinquished his authority as CXO back to Professor Xavier, who retains that role going forward and with whom you should also speak if you are interested in joining the department. Like all departments, we are experiencing a dearth of intelligent, inquisitive minds; we are currently looking for those of a scientific background to round out our team, but will consider other relevant expertise.

( and she's not allowed to veto people, apparently. god, charles, you'll let just anyone in. (yeah, he let her haughty ass in.) )
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You forgot the bit about space liquor in the samples freezer.

[ There is seriously no rhyme or reason behind his choices between text, voice, and video, but he sounds distracted, echoey, preoccupied.

Frivolous commentary weighted, a little, by the fact he's in a shit mood.

But oh well. ]

Casual Fridays, and so on.
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voice → private.

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I'll have you know it's been our longstanding tradition, just like wearing appropriate footwear in a laboratory setting.

[ He switches to private, after that, not for any particular reason beyond, you know, not wishing to have any feelings where other people can see and also to keep chatter about work matters more appropriately between colleagues. ]

I'm going to ask one of the people from Severus' world to help make some sense of what he's all left behind. I tried contacting Lily, but I think she's departed too.
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What is a CMO?
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Where can I find him?

[This is an easy answer to the things that he wanted to ask. Well, maybe. It's worth a try.]

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[ Medical... something about biology.... Those words she's familiar with, the rest is beyond her. Still, she might be able to ask this person this, even if the woman might not know herself. The elf looks awkward as she replies. ]

...Sorry to bother, but I thought you might know. Do you know anyone that would be able to give a check-up to an... animal?
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[ Oh. Somewhat unexpected. The girl fidgets. ]

I, uh. Nothing really. But she's just a baby, and I wanted-- I mean, if someone knows better than me about... health... things... then I would want to make sure that she's okay.

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[there's a very distinct possibility he'd been on his way to her former office when he sees this. either way, he's surprised by her choice to move to another department, and he's not thinking of privacy (least of all not yet) with the simple question that comes to mind after listening to her announcement in full.]

You mean that? You're okay with continuing to work with us.

['course he has to ask because trust and honesty are big things with him.]
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[well, that doesn't quite answer him in the way he was hoping, so sighing to himself, he takes it for what it's worth.]

Um... Okay. Guess I'll tell my dad you moved. [if, you know, rick isn't already aware. hard to know for sure since carl only has voluntarily gone to half the appointments. he pauses in thought very briefly, before asking;]

Where's your new office anyways?

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action ;

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I'm regretful that I never had a chance to get to know Professor Snape, much less work with him. But I do look forward to doing so with you and Professor Xavier.
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[ If this voice sounds like it belongs to someone who is white-knuckle gripping the edges of normalcy, hopefully the crew number attached is enough of an explanation as to why. ]

What sort of things does, ah—Xenogen work on?

[ Xenobiology and genetics things, obviously, but specifics would be nice. ]
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[ Eyedrops, please. And a definition for singular, but he'll circle back to that later, maybe. ]

Had much success?


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Shit. You're sure he's gone?

[ oh no his pal :c ]
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Well, good for him.

[ seriously trying not be bitter about it, because that's a good thing, right? ]

We'll have to soldier on without him.

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