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( 009 ) video ✶ i can’t help my feelings i’ll go out of my mind

[ jenna could have sworn she was done with being the nearly thirty year old who still gets high in public. but rey had a really big bag. a really. big. bag.

smoking with a vampire is worse for weed hogging than bong hits with michael phelps, news at eleven. at least she's a bit more coherent than her comrades.

the posts starts without ceremony, various limbs belonging to ariadne and rey in the background. ]

All right, we-- [ she flings out an arm, gathering two separate 'oofs' ] have all been here since day one. Day one. And a guy gave Rey a huge bag of weed, and we're not leaving this room until it's all smoked, because this place is the worst second chance invented without the cast of Jersey Shore involved. Seriously--

Wait, what's Jersey Shore? [ that from ariadne. jenna stops, frowning. ]

It's-- Rey, help me out here.

[ rey shakes her head slowly, eyes lidded. ] Can't, I have the same question.

[ jenna wrinkles her nose. ] Okay, it's-- orange people, from New Jersey, who are apparently Italian but really not, and one of them likes pickles and another one peed in a corner of a bar. [ kanye shrug. ] It's classy, appointment TV.

[ after a moment and three equally 'but why' faces, jenna moves on as their self-appointed spokesman. ] Anyway, what happened to boring space? It was like 'oh, I can't find enough hair ties' not 'holy crap, monsters and doom and people leaving'. I liked space better five months ago.

Rey. Rey, Ari. Quick poll-- play along, viewers at home-- did you like space better five months ago.

[ give her a second, what was her point again? ] Right, and people should come help us. And bring food.

Mostly the food, but helping's cool too. Rey's sharing, but only if you come join us in the People's Republic of Berkeley.

[ which would be the common deck on floor one, for the record. ]

Disallowed are: yelling, fighting, non-consensual pantsing, DARE propaganda, and Fig Newtons. Anything else, come on in.

( ooc | SO REY HAS DECREED ALL WEED IS TO BE SMOKED IN THE PARTY ROOM feel free to say your character dropped by, action it out, whatever. all threads viewable to the stoners three by proximity, label it locked otherwise and maybe one of them rolled over or something.

also blue is ari, and green is rey. )
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[Jesse's the one who can walk more than two feet without puking, so Jesse's the one making the pickup. He has the meth he's ready to trade all tucked away in the pocket of his jacket. He probably looks like just another partygoer as he walks into the room and glances around for his hookup, but he sure does look uneasy about being here. Yeah, the kid could use a smoke.]
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[Rey catches a glimpse of a familiar face and gets up -- keeping the bag with her, of course. As she approaches him, it helps that she's a lot more casual than her usual, stiff self. He doesn't look all right, but that's not really her business, now is it?]


[That's a good way to start, right?]
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Oh, hey!

[Now that he sees her, he puts on his dealer smile. Girls like the smile. It usually puts them at ease.]

So, uh, you got that measured out or you need me to do it?
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[Sadly, Rey is not like most girls. Actually, she's pretty sure that she isn't human, but that's neither here nor there. Even while she's got the marginal buzz going on here, her lips just twitch and nothing more pleasant comes out in return.]


I got it.

[Doing basic math equations in her head? No big deal. She's already got it in a cup for him. Here you go, sir.]
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[Hey, as long as she isn't shaking and crying, it's all good with him. Of course, he raises an eyebrow at being handed marijuana in a cup, but he can handle this. He has extra bags on him, and he pulls one out now to transfer the weed into something he can hide a lot better.

Once that's done, he gives the cup back and takes out the meth. Crystal is an accurate term for his product; the rocks are blue and clear as a swimming pool in Los Angeles. They're like shining gems made from poison. The trade is unfair, really. What he's giving her is at least five times more valuable than the weed. But he hands it right over.]

You know how to use that?
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[The only bag she's got is the big freaking one with the stash, and since Simon supplied them with additional sustenance and whatnot, it's all she could grab at the time. It's... kind of discreet, if Rey ever cared about a thing called discretion.

[She accepts the trade, though, and gives him a look.]


If you need to know anything about my experience with substances, I was involuntarily injected once. And this. [She lifts the joint in her hand, then pauses.] Oh. I was also given liquid emotion, but that was voluntary, and constitutes as a drug, I suppose.
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[By now, the idea of someone taking liquid emotion as a drug doesn't even faze him. Sure, why not, robot-girl.]

Okay, well, the easiest way's just snorting it.

[...which maybe he should explain in great detail, in case she's never heard of that, either.]

Um, what you do is take one of those rocks and grind it up into powder. Then you separate the powder into lines. This shit's quality, so about one inch is a good bump. I guess two inches if you're feeling adventurous. Then you just, um... suck the powder up your nose.

You get it?
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[It sounds very uncouth, and not very graceful. But that's okay, Rey isn't one to be concerned with lack of grace, anyway. Her main deal is that she isn't sure if she'll even have any of it. Maybe just sit on it for awhile. If she can handle drugs that would normally render people into brain-damaged, slobbering messes, then what's one more going to do?]

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[Jesse looks at her for a second longer. Hard to tell if she really understands or if she just wants him out of here. Maybe she's just scared. A lot of people get scared graduating from smoking weed to something harder.]

Don't worry about it, okay? One line ain't gonna kill you. It's good, I promise. I made it myself. Ain't cut with anything. It's pure.
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[If he's trying to be reassuring or anything (for whatever reason), it simply goes over her head.]

I am not concerned about any of that.
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[He gives a slow nod. Awkwardly.]

Okay, cool. I'll just, uh... I should get back.

[And retreating.]

Thanks for the weed, though. Seriously.
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You're welcome.

[That seems to be the general, normal response, in any case. She watches him, and backs off herself with a slight nod.]