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[Wanda feels like everyone she's met here in her short tenure on this planet so far -- about four months -- has gone missing (maybe sent back home? who knows?) within days or weeks. It's getting kind of hard to not take it personally. Coupled with her recent experience in which she came back here after experiencing a very personal loss back home, it's putting her that much more on edge.]

Has anyone seen Steve Rogers recently? He wears a lot of red, white, and blue.

[There are also two or three other people she's noticed haven't been around the past couple of days, but she only asks about Steve. That's all she has the energy for. Plus, Steve would probably ask about her if she went missing like this; she should do it for him, too.

That's it, that's the text.]

002 ● ( un:mechanic )

So this is probably a really stupid question
What do dogs eat?
I mean
I know what they eat normally
it's just
our predicament
& limited resources.

Mammalia aren't exactly my area of expertise.

PS- I got a light to turn on.
[ aka phase one of the grid: complete. ]
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[Wanda has been wondering the answer to this question for a couple of weeks, so she's finally going to present it to the network via text: ]

For those of you who have had people from your own home worlds show up here as well, can I ask this sort of simple question: Do you often find that one of you remembers more about events from home than the other does?

I just ... am wondering if that is something normal here.
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So, really weird Survivor-style place. When do we start voting people off the island?

Okay, okay. Seriously speaking, though. Any of you need some help with getting fires lit to cook and stuff, I'm your guy. [ He grins, evidently mischievous. Clearly, the whole new world thing hasn't dampened his spirits too much. ]

Ladies, any of you wanna have a warm body right there beside you during those really chilly nights? I'm definitely your guy. [ He snaps his fingers, a flicker of flame glowing bright at the tip before it dies out. ] Gotta tell you, I'm a great cuddler.

001 ● ( username:themechanic )

Who the hell wants electricity?
All in favor say Please. And preferably bring me something to eat.
And a saw. And copper. And some of that acid water. And some goddamn
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oo1. video. (un: CHAMPOIN.)

I've made some sticks.

[ The video begins as if in mid conversation, because hey, we're all friends, here. Hawke's voice is audible as the speaker, but the feed is pointed downwards, where a cluster of -- indeed -- sticks are gathered on the ground. Or rather, roughly crafted staves. A sense of scale gives the impression that they're at least five to six foot in length, trimmed and mostly polished smooth, ends blunted. The video doesn't move from this view throughout. ]

They're for hitting one another with, although allegedly, some skill goes into it. Not fancy, when compared to your amazing thunder blast wands [ he knows they're called 'guns', probably ] but at least they don't run out of anything. If you'd like to learn how to hit things with sticks really well, I'll be practicing west of camp. We can have a go at each other. It'll be fun.

[ Definitely for Hawke, anyway. ]
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» text | username: wmaximoff

Hi. My name is Wanda Maximoff, and I have been here ... almost a month, I think. Several people who have been here longer than I have, have been kind enough to share with me what they know of this place, and believe me – I am grateful. So, thank you, again, to everyone.

Anyway, as it is, I hate feeling powerless – my abilities are not what they were back home – and being stuck on what is an alien planet, so in an attempt to feel like I am better prepared for certain things, would anyone please be willing to train me in more hand to hand combat and be a sparring partner? I know I am out of practice with using what I do know without the addition of my stronger abilities back on my home planet. In exchange for your time and efforts, I can help you out with any of your own tasks that you might need or want help with.
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text (un: simmons)

Hello everyone. This is Jemma Simmons. I don't come with any news or even warnings really, just more of a general reminder.

A reminder that whatever you do, please be careful doing it. Things are happening every day, and we still obviously have a lot to learn. This is an alien planet, and we have to assume that everything here will continue to try to kill us.

We've done incredibly well. But I know we don't want to lose anyone.

Anyway, that's it. As always, if I can be of any assistance, or if you're injured, please see me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Oh, and Clarke. I'm ready to get started at your convenience.