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002; username: scavenger [so i heard you wanted to build a city]

[the video starts out zoomed in on a figure below, attached to a rope hanging from somewhere above. the figure moves around an area that is, in a word, trashed. there are slabs of stone, some broken but more whole, pieces of lumber that are either shattered or just broken in half, metal beams, and various other odds and ends strewn about. as the as-of-yet anonymous figure moves about, the video slowly zooms out to show the entire area they’ve found.

the area is huge. there are building materials everywhere.

inside what is clearly a part of the ship are sacks of what could be cement, rolls of something that almost looks like insulation, and solar panels. there are various other materials, but these stick out as being the most noteworthy. Rey, the videographer, silent until this moment, speaks up as she pans across the gaping, ruined hull.]


[AJ is currently hopping from one pile of stones to a larger crate, her supplies and bow slung across her back as Rey captures the entire scene. She startles a small den of flying geckos who, braying alarm, burst up and out of the hold of the ship. Once she regains her balance, AJ puts her hands to her mouth to shout.]

There's another fifty stacks piled up under here! You want to build a city or what?

[the video cuts out, and a few hours later, a text post is added:]

it’s all there
everything you need to build a settlement
i was told this was a colonization ship, and i guess it wasn’t a lie

we grabbed some samples of things that weren’t obvious
some of it just looks like sand, or powder
some just plastic
i don’t know much about building so someone else should take a look at it
some of it can probably be used on the ship, too

[as much as it makes rey uncomfortable to add this next part, this is the second biggest scavenging find she’s ever made, and she needs manpower.]

we definitely need a team to pull it all out
sign ups start now

[ooc; hello, friends! this is the result of rey & aj’s climb-all-over-the-ship scavenging extravaganza. any questions about building materials to be found can be directed to the salvage request thread linked above. this location is open to free access for characters, as per the mods, and material extraction can begin immediately.]
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[Huh. Well look at that...]

that's a good find.

would like to help with extracting the supplies. have the muscle for it.
[She's wanted to get started on this yesterday. As in right the fuck now.]
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[Hey she didn't doubt it. She just didn't want you to go it alone. And you didn't. Good job, Junior Scavenger.]

would be more than happy to help.
have enough leg power to spare for this sort of thing.
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of course.

how far into the ship did you go?
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username: Eleanor, voice

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That is...impressive.

I can help.
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Better than most people.

[She cheats.]
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I'll wait. I'm working on the water system still.

Any idea how to bring more of it back to the camp? Carrying it could take a while.
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I meant once we get it out of the ship.

It's more than a mile to camp.
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[Eleanor makes a thoughtful sound in the back of her throat after she reads that.]

I will see if I can think of something. I've been forced to do more than that with less before, how hard can this be.
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[Huh, he hadn't hear about this little expedition... and while he's not sure how he feels about AJ hanging out around that wreck--he has some bad memories okay-- it's not in his nature to put up a fuss or try to dictate the affairs of others. If this is what's happening now, he'll go with it.]

While I don't plan on resigning myself to a life on this wretched little rock, I'm not against digging more supplies out of that wreck to make things more tolerable around here. I'll help you. I've got more strength than most.
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You would be surprised to know how many people around here do. But. Now we are on the same page, yes?

Heavy for you, maybe. Fret not-- I will take care of them.
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Get your shiny icy ass up here, Algidus, unless you think you can get beat by a bunch of girls!

[Someone's been sitting on a sack of cement and watching all of Rey's hard work going into full effect. She can't help but butt in on this particular respondent.]
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Audio; AJ did you just call his ass handsome? I'M ON TO YOU

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[Have a surprised chirp from the alien's end of the feed! He keeps forgetting that even responses are open to the public, and that lots of people around here actively dig into other people's conversations. It's a little unsettling, honestly. Time to cover up for that minor startle.]

--Beaten by humans? Pfah! Of course not. I will come show you how it is done!
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The best thing I found so far: there's a whole industrial roll of insulation. We line a place with that and your cold skin will get reflected right back to you. Next best thing to an ice bath.

We're pretty far up on the side of the ship, though. It took the both of us a half a day to get up here. Think you can handle it?
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Mmh, that does sound enjoyable. I cannot argue with a decent way to best the heat of this planet--and something tells me this will be just another perk of sharing space with me, no?

Of course I can! I do not have to deal with tools or ropes. My body can adapt to any given situation. Unless you think people will complain about punctures in the hull of an already wrecked ship... [Of course, his tone suggests that he doesn't give a single shit if anyone did.]
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YOU'RE a freudian slip!!

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Better put you to work than let you sit around on your ass making faces at people. We don't need a pigeon-pisser-offer, and you're gonna get lazy.

[Rank smack talk, this!]

You'd better not go poking holes in any of this shit; it's the good stuff! Go postal on the parts we can tear up and melt down for slag!
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I will not! I am careful. You know I can be careful--and materials that have holes in them do not make for effective insulation. This is something I will not risk.
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[Have AJ laughing for half a minute straight.]

Alright, twinkle-toes, come find me when you get here.

[If she doesn't hang up now she probably never will, so he gets cut off without so much as a 'goodbye'.]
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UN: borgana

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I'll give you a hand with extraction. We could certainly do with supplies like those.
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Any luck getting volunteers with abilities for truly heavy lifting?</span.
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So do I. But it's useful to have people who can stand in for heavy equipment.