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Text, UN: pteradon, filtered from Newt

I'm just about set for going in after the water purification equipment. Only one thing left to settle really.

Can someone keep an eye on Newt for me? She's pretty independent... actually, it'll probably be easier if you don't let her know that you're doing it. But if I'm going to be in the ship for a couple days, I'd like to know someone's watching her in case we get more creatures swarming or the camp catches fire or something like that. She's a clever kid, but she's still a kid.
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I can ask Rey and Firo if she can live with us for a few days. She can help me with expanding the fairies' house!

[Or they can train more with daggers. It's been a long time since they did that, after all, and daggers have come in handy on the planet already for him. Plus he's a lot better now himself, with additional teaching from Firo.

Some adults can be weird about children and weapons though, and he isn't quite sure where Wash stands, so better safe than sorry. He'd rather not have to go against a prohibition.]
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I will ask them!

[Annnd the feed cuts because he has to call them. He'll get back to Wash once the conversation is had.]
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They said yes!

When will she come?
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...Should I ask if she can stay with us if you don't come back?

[He's seen what Algidus looked like after going into the ship and getting unlucky. And the alien seems a lot more sturdy than most humans are.]
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Is Zoe going with you?

[He figures that this Zoe does, after all why would Newt need a place to stay with if she didn't?]
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[text] un: algidus

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[Okay so... Algidus doesn't really know how to go about sending this message because he cares about Newt but he does not like letting other people see that he cares. He doesn't want to be seen as soft, doesn't want people to think they can use that against him. He debates for awhile on whether or not to send this, but in the end the old protective instincts that he tries to keep more or less buried wins out.]


I can help with this. We have spent some time together, and I can watch from afar if need be.
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Whatever works. I will keep an eye out for her. While she is under my watch you need not worry about her. I am more than a match for any of the creatures that have reared their heads thus far.
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text: fleetside

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Newt some kind of dog or something
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[...aaand she finishes reading the entire notification.]

Your asking for someone to babysit and your not even offering snack change

Wait your the one going after the water filter

Dint your wife tell you thatch basically suicide
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I font know where the gunnery is but if its deep in the ship

You might want to take out life insurance

I know someone a lot tougher than most people went deep in there and he almost died

The whole thing is going to fall off the cliff or fall in on itself so

I guess

Be really careful okay

[As for what to do about a potential orphan, AJ has absolutely no idea whatever. This is the best she's got for offering condolences and good hunting.]