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voice. un: mggd.

( to cut a long story short, there were two new arrivals, this month. mila had been elusive by design, seeking out the half-finished molded tree that she'd been working on before her absence - the overlay of a few months memories is nothing compared to the hell of a dozen lifetimes blurring together when they first arrived - and clinging to it as the last familiar thing. protecting it from the fire. praising it for how it had grown the way she wanted it to.

she does, eventually, have to acknowledge something beyond her tree. so.

very blandly, and in a voice that will be familiar to some who were present for the announcements she periodically made on behalf of medical or xenogen-- )

I leave you people alone for ten minutes and you set the fucking jungle on fire.

( what's that about. )
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text; un: mystique

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You call that ten minutes?
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We did.


how much time did you gain?
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Still remember a small, neurotic cup of english breakfast you used to work with?
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severus is no longer with us
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Was he that short? i dont remember.
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Lucky, considering that's one we share.
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voice. (un: xavier.)

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Why? Jealous you missed out?

[ HE IS IMMENSELY RELIEVED to hear her voice, but being fake British, it manifests as a touch of warmth in his tone, under the guise of amusement. ]
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That's what you get for putting it out so far away.

[ You weird witch. ]

It wasn't us, anyway. Or no one's copped to it.
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[ There's a pause, then, a little flatter; ]


[ Although it hasn't nearly been the monthly shit show it used to be on the ship. Really, the only news drifting to his mental foreground is 'I have eight fingers and I'm sad'. ]

If you're still staying out there-- well, I'd be careful. The jungle fauna continued to suffer the same afflictions we saw during the nanite corruption sickness, and they've only gotten bigger and nastier. They've been markedly reduced thanks to the fire, but we're running out of animals, apparently.

It seems to be coming from the south, whatever's infecting them. I know there's talk about taking a look.
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Perhaps there's a means of warding it from fire. The animals aren't attack trees, as far as I know about.

[ But Gallos will do as they do. ]

I feel obliged. We found nanite canisters out there, and I'd like to ensure they're destroyed if there're more.
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It's starting out just thrilling.

[ Sigh. ]

But-- good. There's-- bollocks, how do I--

[ He's fallen out of some habits. Extensive network use being one of them. ]

I could also use your help with something.
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Yes, well.

[ He'll live. This isn't exactly a secret, so much as something that would be inappropriate to have listened in to. ]

I suffered an accident a little while ago. My, ah. My hand was damaged. I've been attempting to formulate some sort of prosthetic -- by my design, and then have someone craftier than me put it together, but I know this is a speciality of yours.
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[ It was mORE than fIVE minUTEs.

He laughs, a little. ]

You might need to sort through the medical salvage yourself, but from what I know, most higher level machinery is out, but we've people who can manipulate materials into the necessary pieces, and we've plenty in the way of scrap. I'm not-- you know, hoping for miracles, but a little functionality. I have--

It's two fingers, sheared off at the knuckle. [ He can say that without waver in his voice, now, so makes himself do so. It's not the end of the world. It's small, really. It's practically nothing. He keeps it covered at all times. ]
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Thank you.

[ His stomach flops over ever so at the idea of regrowing fingers, but he keeps it out of his tone when he speaks. ]

Courtesy of big toothed things in the jungle. You've, by now, noticed the wall. There are some points of progress to note, in addition.
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In the form of a healthy cultivation of marijuana, yes.
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And someone's working on sustainable energy, electrified fences, etcetera.

[ You know, paltry details. ]
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To be fair, we didn't set the fire.
It just kind of started.
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I don't know because I didn't go with them.

[if it was the rhyme, definitely yes.]
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[sadly, billy joel doesn't exist in nill's universe ):]

It could have just been a natural phenomena.
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[nill still questions that. she did spend a lot of time living in a church, after all.]

I guess us being here is proof that anything is possible.