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009. text. username: MAGNETO

is there anyone still in need of materials or labour to build a shelter up off the ground
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Yes. i think I've had enough practice on the mud
It'd be good to get off the ground.
wherever you have an open slot.
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ok. Any factors i should consider
I guess besides no rot
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thanks erik. I'll keep all of that stuff in mind

see you in a few hours.
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I am yes.
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I will collect, thank you.

I am making pile near tree. I should send you location?

( upon consideration, 'sending him location' means taking a picture of her tree and pile and then a different angle where he can see the nearest landmark to the camp. )
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action ?

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Now is a good time.

( it's only as awkward as you make it, sharkteeth. which is to say, it isn't going to be a very long walk - but she'd been inclined to carve out her own space, as it were. in approximately none of the various lives she's led has she been what you might call 'a team player' or 'really into all these people up in her grill'. )
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finger guns

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( so roughly that awkward, then.

benevenuta - who introduced herself briefly as svenja, accent and terseness germanic, temperament apparently serene - accompanies him with shorter strides at a quicker clip to keep apace.

there's a moment where she considers asking, but -

he carries on, so she does, as well. this is probably not a serial killer set up.

the tree she's selected is a decent choice, strong trunk and branches, elevated, unsuitable for someone less athletic in a way that's probably deliberate. she stops at the bottom of it, shrugging her own backpack down off one shoulder as she scrutinises it and the pile she'd amassed in the meantime. )
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( in comparison to trouble, she looks more like a serial killer.

mild-mannered and pleasant, quiet where he doesn't seem interested in conversation, soft hands, no visible scars (except what looks like it might be a brand, only partially visible on the back of her hip where the waistband of her leggings - purple, activewear, probably used to look great in the gym before survivalist jungle times - sits). she'd not quite jogged alongside him, but didn't tire; doesn't have any breath lost to catch when they stop.

her answering look is bland. maybe a little wry, caught in the right light. )

As entertaining as it would be, I think I leave that to you.

What can I do to help?

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Wow. What a good helpful citizen.
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It's very inspiring. And it's erected a lot of [wait for it] structures.
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You can't.

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So how busy with your helpful routine are you?
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Good. Then you can come and move my wall for me.
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[yeah real cute]

You'll just have to come and find out.

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cute cat face tho

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