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[Mirror] Potluck Sunday

[If anyone saw Harry's mirror message not so long ago, they might be confused when a smirking copycat appears in the sliver of mirror. Despite looking alarmingly like Harry's younger brother, this is a very different person.

Well. Sort of. But James doesn't have all of that information just yet.

He offers a cheeky wave to those paying attention.

Hullo, you lot. Seems like we've got loads of nasty business going on lately. Dunno what's up with it all, but I've got a proposal.

[He pauses dramatically. Leans close to the mirror like he has a secret.]


[He leans back again, beaming.]

I'm thinking tomorrow night. See what you can make in the way of edibles and let's all compare and share. Assuming nothing mad happens between now and then. Who's in?
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[she has precious few pieces of paper, but she needs to know. so she writes, letters neat and practiced, small and delicate. nill angles the mirror to show the words:]

What is a potluck?
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[she considers for a few moments. america was a place she'd heard about back home, and even on the ship. but she'd never really heard anything about it.

a potluck, though. that sounded like an idea she could get behind. her writing is just as precise as before.]

What kind of thing do you make?
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[the handwriting this time is a little slanted and rushed. she's excited by this idea.]

Yes I would like to be there.
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[nill turns the mirror on herself, holding it with one hand so she can thumbs up in return with the other, adding in a nod for good measure.]
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I'll make my not so famous "hey this isn't toxic".

[Worst signature dish ever]
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And roast gecko.

It will probably still somehow involve seeds. I wish we could find some non-toxic berries, then I could come up with dessert.
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[She laughs]

Now you sound like my grandkids. They always just happened to appear when cookies were coming out of the oven.
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We'll see.

[She gets that a lot too when the cookies come out of the oven]

Technically the grandkids were adopted. Long story.
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So are you sharing recipes or food?
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What if people bring things that nobody else wants to eat because they have better foods themselves? Will they get to try other things, too?
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[It's partly that he's working off his own experimentation which... is just not backed up by much knowledge about cooking, or at least not enough to work with completely foreign ingredients. And partly that he is a lot less picky of an eater than many others in the camp, considering that he's rather well acquainted with the principle of 'eat what you get or you'll starve. You might starve anyway.' Sure, he gets the impression that people are getting less picky as they continue to be on this planet, for approximate the same reasons, but he's still never sure what people's hang-ups will be.]

I can make a soup! ...But if there are a lot of people there won't be enough for everyone to try it. The pot isn't large enough.
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How many have said that they'll come yet?
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They will also get But if they have to bring food themselves they cannot just come because they are hungry. And if they find food first to bring, they could just eat that.

[#logic, in Muscovy's opinion.]
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And will you be gracing us with your culinary talents, Mr Prongs?

Important question.
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And I thought for sure that you'd be able to pick up on the notes of sarcasm in my tone, Mr Prongs. Losing your touch?

I've not been in space so long I've lost my memory, y'know. There are certain horrors that stand out vividly.
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Now, by 'soul' d'you mean that he's dead? A ghost? A bloke who ate your soup and then died? 'Cos that's not a very good example at all, mate.
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Want to try and make that soup again?
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[ There's a slight snort. ]

Just point me in the right direction.
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We haven't had one of those in a long time.

[ and derek had been bullied into going to those, but that's besides the point. ]