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Text. The truth is you have no control who lives who dies who tells your story

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I want to tell you all about my friends. I'm typing this so it'll stay around. Especially for the people who were on the ship. My friends stayed behind to make sure we actually got away. They died so the rest of us would have a chance.

Jean Prouvaire
Ambrose Bahorel
Guillaume Feuilly

Jehan was a poet. And a student. Most of the people at the barricades were students, but they didn't want to learn nearly as much about as many topics as him. He hated the way things were for women and children in Paris. He loved the very idea of love. He had dreams.

Ambrose studied law, but endeavoured to never become a lawyer. He won't have to worry about that now. He loved bold fashion. He loved to be bold about everything. He was never one to hesitate.

Guillaume wasn't a student at all, he worked making fans. He was a man of the people and wanted them all to see that there could be a better world. He carved Vivent les peuples into the wall of the cafe where we used to meet.

Maybe you didn't know them. But I did. And they died for all of us.
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how did they die? what did they do, exactly?

[Seeing that she had been shoved into a gravity couch after being shot to shit, she never did hear the details of how the jump was forced. And it was, in a way, her fault that the ship jumped backwards into enemy territory in the first place. If she hadn't given it the pilot, perhaps none of that would've happened.

[Too late to make herself crazy over that sort of thing now.]
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the space between worlds?
you mean the wormhole the ship goes through during a jump, or something else?

how does he know this?

[...Ugh. Manners.]

sorry. it's probably shitty to ask these things.
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[Except no, not really. But she's not about to go egging someone who's just lost loved ones for information.]

thank you for sharing this. and sorry again.
for your friends.
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that should be enough. but if anything comes up, will speak with him.

is there anything you'd like for us to do?
to commemorate them, perhaps?
it's the least we can do, considering what they've done for us.
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can help with the stones. got rather good at building things lately.

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I'm sorry
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maybe we could make a memorial for them. put some stones together or something.
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well then we'll do it here. we'll find a spot and do something nice.
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Maybe near the center of camp?

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They sound like they were wonderful people.
I am sorry they are gone.
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I wish I had been able to know them.
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Did you know them before you came here?

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