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Mirror | give me your goods (okay just one kind of good)



Okay, now that he's got that sneeze over with — excuse the scruffy mongrel on your mirror this fine afternoon. Sun's going down, leaving everything shadowed and orange.  He's found himself a decent opening, where he's still hidden under the cover of trees, but he's got a good glow of sunlight through the clearing. Max is — actually using the mirror, despite the nagging in his head telling him it's not a great idea. But he's just. Getting some stuff handled, okay. This is the best way to ask around without having to actually be in people's presences.

Nill don't watch this, thanks.]

... Need paper, and something to write with.

I can trade food, or radio parts. Could make a good blade for anyone if they need it.


That's all.

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How much paper?
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[y halo thar crazy frand]

Have a couple of journals, from the ship.


Don't really need two.

[Hell, she'd argue about needing one, but people insisted that she keep a record of her firsthand 001 experiences, so.]
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[Excuse her while she ponders over this for a few seconds. Typically Rey is efficient at hunting and gathering her own resources, but--]

Got anything to sharpen a knife with? Blade's getting a little dull.

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I've got a pen. [ Diana holds it up, as if she's trying to prove it. ] I'll need it back at some point, but you can use it for now.
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Ink isn't a problem. [ Diana just smiles at him. ] Seriously. Where can I find you?
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Are you sure? It's really not a problem.

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I have ink to spare, should you find a pen. No paper, though. I've been using what I can find.
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[He can't say anything about unusual inks, given most of his is expelled from his mouth when he uses certain abilities. He still hasn't remembered why that is, but it has the consistency of ink and works in his inkpen, so he's not about to complain.]

I could use a small blade, if you can procure one. Something less for fighting and more for upkeep.
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[That is a thought that does not cross Carlisle's mind for even a second.]

Splendid! Just splendid.

[Oh, now he remembers you. You're that quiet fellow he shared a drink with. Good to see you're... as quiet as ever.]

I don't mind dropping the ink off, if you're near the camp.

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I don't have any of my own to offer, sorry. But do you need the paper to last a while? If not, the wizards might be able to help out. They can turn stuff into other stuff, sometimes, but it doesn't always stay in its new shape very long.
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What're you doing with paper that's worth trading good shit for it?
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Could've just said that. There's plenty of people here who'd want to go in for that.
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Looks like your chatterbox days are over, huh?

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