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004. video

This is Shepard. Further investigation into the empathetic connections, etc. seems to suggest consistent results throughout, with strength increasing in--

[ Crash. Shepard looks up, alarmed, then swears under her breath. ]

Hold on. [ She sets the comm device down, then calls out: ] Hey! That isn't for you to eat! ... Ah, shit. [ More grumbling, then a strange, definitively alien, bark-like cry. ] Going to have to get that replaced. [ Beat; cue thumping that increases in volume. ] Wait a second--

[ The device tumbles from its surface, seemingly held in the mouth of something that breathes loudly as it runs laps around the small room. With a few more curses, the redhead commander can be seen in flashes trying to get it back, then manages to tackle the offender with a series of struggling grunts.

Finally, Shepard again. She looks wearied and apologetic. ]

Sorry. I was going to say, with strength increasing in the manifestations, especially. Though, I'd guess it's equal across the board with these new abilities. Can't say for sure. If you've got more experience with the others, the... memories and telepathy, I'd like to hear about it.

[ She gives a few of the creature behind her, who is tearing her pillow to shreds. ]

It's a Varren. Should be harmless, but I'll keep him in here in case he gets hungry, and... uh, violent.

[ The Varren in question yips happily, clearly pleased with itself. ]

Shepard out.
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...You brought another monster onto a ship full a' monsters?

[No, he doesn't really have anything more constructive to add, but Firo likes to offer his two cents and lack of sense anyway.]
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Hey, I didn't say I was worried.

[Just kind of implied it. There's a difference, right?]

...Just curious about your judgement. What's it do, anyway?
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You really made that, huh? It seems so... I dunno, alive.
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...Huh. Cute.

[But despite the sarcasm, he can't hold back a smile as he waves at the creature.]

Hey, buddy. You got a name, or are you just a Varren?
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Good point. I guess if you fall asleep or somethin', he's done for?

...Seems a little cruel.
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I'm sorry, but are you saying that you... [He makes a vague gesture as he tries to think of a more appropriate word than his immediate inclination -- and he shakes his head, clearly failing.] Conjured that creature? Through these connections that we're supposed to be practicing? The memories and whatnot?
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At least that means everyone won't be summoning monsters on a whim.


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[Shepard what the fff-

[Oh right, more immediate concerns here.]
Have only been able to maintain a connection with a certain number of people thus far. Those that, um. Made contact with.
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Can probably help with that, if you're interested.
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Am available now, if you aren't busy.
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[Babysit--? Oh.]

All right. Do you want to meet where you are? Because of that-- [She points at the screen, but is indicating the varren that Shepard had manifested.] --thing?
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[Eleanor can't seem to decide if she is impressed or freaked out by the strange dog thing, so her expression falls somewhere in the middle.]

...Was he in your locker? Or did you...

[She waves vaguely in the air as if to describe 'poof, dog appears.' in gestures. It mostly works.]
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Well. [Eleanor seemed thoughtful.] I imagine he's exactly as well trained as you imagined him to be. [A small smile.]

I mean, assuming this works the way everyone believes it does, then...he'd be exactly the dog you picture, right?
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...Commander. You have a Varren with you?
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Jesus Christ. That's a hell of a pet you've got for yourself, Shep.
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Yeah. I haven't drummed up any dogs, but I managed a bike. Doesn't run though.
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Maybe. Or else I forgot to dream up some important interior shit.