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 I've been practicing pretty hard!!

[HEY GUYS WHAT IS UP. Takeshi is looking far more cheery than his last entry had been around here, his hands into excitable little fists.]

We're gonna be the best team ever! This is so great; we're gonna be heroes like this, and we'll work together, and... I made stuff from my old house with my head — really!! Really, I did! I made a chair, and I made a... a lamp! And I made the TV — it... it didn't turn on or nothin', and it goed — it went away like all the other stuff from my head... but it was a TV! 

[He is super stoked about this power business. He's likely been terrorizing the people who stay in the gardens with it. Tragically.]

We should get connected more! If I don't know you! So we can share pictures in our heads. And words! 

Watch — look at this, look, I can show people pictures!

[He closes his eyes, putting his hands on his head in deep concentration. Anyone who is around Takeshi enough to have one of those connections — someone he's bumped into, someone he finds his friend, someone deserving of teamwork — will get the very brief flash of memory through Takeshi's eyes. It's only just him back in his world, crouched down in someone's dirt patch that is supposed to be a garden; he's playing with two mangled-up action figures, the paint scraped off in random places. 'Pow, pow, pow! Don't run from Muscle Rider — you can't get away!! Villain!'

Then the memory flickers out. Takeshi breathes out deeply, rosy-cheeked but proud.]

That's... that's all I'm good at so far... so — we should practice...!

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You'd want to share thoughts with strangers?
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Some thoughts are probably not... appropriate for everyone.


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[Arthur's been too preoccupied, tuning everything but his camellia out to really notice... and yet... and yet...

The joy of a young child at accomplishing something, the optimistic excitement... Oh it's really endearing and it actually makes Arthur smile. He doesn't know what a TV is, but he's assuming it's some clunky communications device.

He's seen Takeshi around, Arthur spends so much time in the gardens, and they both know Heather... Clearly this was meant to happen.]

That's wonderful! Yes, they do say practice makes perfect. I don't know if I'd want to bore you with all my boring old memories but we can practice making things together. You're getting very good at it.

[Arthur is reminded of America and he pales a bit, but he keeps smiling. There's little that's so uplifting as a child proud of their accomplishment no matter how great or small.]
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[It's a good thing to parrot! THERE COULD BE WORSE THINGS...]

Yes, that's it! And yes to that as well. I do. I've made a cane, a tea set... [slight pause] ... a rather delicious sandwich. [Arthur grins.]


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You're practicing, too? [ She smiles brightly, excited that she hasn't been the only one, that these abilities have seemed to do more good than harm. ] You really seem to be doing well! I'm not sure that I can share memories, yet, like you do.

[ Nor does she want to, given what her memories might reveal. ]
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[ And she means it! ]

People you're close with! I think that makes sense... you'd feel more comfortable with them, of course, so your mind might be a little more open.

[ Ah. There's a thought! ]

The same thing happens to me. I tried to make some bread once, but it didn't stay for very long. I've gotten a bit better, though. ... At least, I think so.


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[Bail smiles at the boy. He always enjoys his enthusiasm]

That's very good.

You haven't had any bad memories wander into your head?
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I haven't heard about yours in specific. But a lot of memories are wandering. I think we all have some we'd rather no one see.

[He hopes Takeshi's aren't all that bad. But none of the children here have had easy lives.]


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...I could show you my sisters!

[If he. Had trained at all. BUT HE CAN START NOW.

Friends know each other's families, right?]
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...Maybe I can manifest them, too.

[He hadn't even thought of that, yet, but now that Takeshi mentioned those weird new powers and he mentioned them...]

Because I can't show people pictures like that.

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You're practicing with these powers?

[Eleanor has been mostly trying to ignore hers. It hasn't really worked.]

Somebody's watching you while you do it, right?
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[She can't help but smile.]

Yes it is. [Hmm.] So what else have you...made?

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Pretty fancy, buddy.

[Wait, wait. Practice, right? So the next bit isn't over the network, but an attempt to send it just to him. With her brain. Why isn't there someone around who knows her history to tell her this is a terrible idea???]

You're getting really good at this.
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[Oh, it worked then. Cool. She beams, back at the camera now.]

Yup. Stuff like this is gonna be great if something happens and we're not near to each other. Or if we need to hide. Have you tried making things yet? Not pictures or memories, but - you know, stuff.

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