circumitus: (hook me up with the drugs dog)
Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion 2015-06-23 04:47 am (UTC)

1) rey
2) security officer
3) none.
4) once? don't know. details are a little hazy.
4a) no.
5) no.
6) don't care.
6a) don't care.
7) yes.
7a) ok.
8) no.
8a) see above answer.
9) not really, they sort of sucked anyway.
9a) yes.
9b) n/a
10) don't care.
11a) see above answer.
11b) ok.
12) get out of what?
13) worm?
13a) is this anything like the kissing plants?
13b) it better not be anything like the kissing plants.
13c) if it's anything like one of those plants that wants kisses then yes, perhaps.
14) was born in a lab. does that count?
14a) does the setting make it taste different?
14b) karts?
14c) carts.
15) yes but would probably break said arm.
15a) yes and why? you want to arm wrestle?
16) often contemplate this over nachos and beer. have yet to find an answer.
17) no.
18) never been a dog so don't know.
19) neither.
20) try beating your head against the wall.
21) not really.
21a) see above.
22) wouldn't know. what do people normally do on dates?
23) there's a complaint box?
24) no?
25) not many after stealing clothes from those stops we've made.
26) having a hard time following your train of thought here.
26a) carts?
27) well this survey was an incredibly unfulfilling waste of minutes that will never be returned.

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