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[John turns on voice because he looks too much like a wreck to turn it on video. He's fine. His voice doesn't even sound too bad.]

I'm alive. Dealing with shit. Not the point of this.

I'm struggling with nightmares and insomnia. If someone would be willing to help me with that, I can pay you back somehow.

I also need some clothes patched up, if anyone's good at sewing.

[He's about to leave it like that, just quick and business-like, but he sighs, continuing.] You know, my mom was a good person. So was my dad. He was a cop, and he always fought for justice and the right thing, and he's the reason I'm a cop myself. Sometimes whoever or whatever's in charge gives us horrible things in our lockers. But sometimes... sometimes, it leaves nice things.

[He flips on video for a second, and all that's visible are his fingers holding up a photo. The photo has a woman and a man with a small boy, all smiling. Yes, that's John's family. And yes, John looked like a dork as a child. His hands move a little, but just to turn it back to voice.] Tell me about your families, if you'd like.
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My family's been gone a long time, but I did get a pretty recent reminder of my dad, if that's what you're wonderin' 'bout.

[ He doesn't really go into any detail because it's mostly ancillary to what he's calling about. ]

Anyway, pretty serviceable at sewin', but you'd prob'ly find someone better suited 'round here. Do have some fabric you can use to patch or reinforce if you want it.
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They look nice. Were they gone before you came here? [ Past tense, there. But maybe he's given up on going home. ]
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Do you know what started the nightmares?

( Pointedly talking about anything other than family )
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Most of them are really pretty and kind of scary. [Sorry, Aragorn, he loves you but you are neither.] But only my aunt is on this ship. [It is just really nice to have family and even though it isn't entirely safe to talk about it he can't quite keep himself from it. Having such a large family just is wonderful.]
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[Did somebody say family?]

I never woulda' thought it was possible, but my family's all pretty good people too. Sounds like they're really different from yours, though.

[On account of most being convicted felons, murderers, and habitual lawbreakers.]

Back when Prohibition was still goin' on, we ran a speakeasy back home.
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You'd better be alive, mister.

[ Fortescue manages to sound both stern and warm at the same time. Like a gentle whack with a newspaper. ]

Afraid I don't have any remedy handy for insomnia or nightmares, myself. An acquaintance taught me yoga and meditation, once, but it doesn't do anything for me.

[ She's too impatient. ]
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I wish I had a photo to show you from when I was a little girl. I think you'd get a kick out of it. I had this bushy head of blonde hair - I used to crimp it, because that's what girls did back then - and I had braces. Yellow bands. Wore overalls a lot, too.

We would have been a match set, I think.
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Only had seven-some years with my parents. They were... good people.

[ They raised her well, at least. ]

Hardworking types. We lived in a human colony.
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I could assist with sewing. I've been repairing my own clothes after that whole mess with the monsters in the corridors. I'd help with the insomnia but I'm afraid the best I can do is prescribe alcohol, and that may not be the best remedy.

[He pauses, awkwardly. He's not used to people sharing information so freely with one another, but... when in Rome...]

... That's a lovely photograph, by the way. Never had parents really. I've got three older brothers, but I ended up in charge of everything, so to speak. I'm sure they must hate me, they have always really and I'm not a very... kind head of household but, I do want to keep us united and strong.
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