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Anybody here ever go to college?

[That's a random question, yo. Marty is actually busy with his engineering gig right now, checking on the systems and making sure everything isn't five seconds away from going topsy-turvy on his ass — one of the great perks about being in this department, but hey, it's a small crew and shit's gotta be done. He's pretty hopeful to go work on his potato farm through, after leaving it hanging for so long.]

I don't know, man, I kinda' really miss it. College was the best years of my life, probably? If there was anything to leave a high note on, it was my last few years back in school; sure, before that I was a mostly-freak and stuff, and maybe the class clown in high school, but once you go to college, you sort of realize everyone is crazy. Or tolerates crazy. To a suspicious level. Maybe college does something to the brain. Melts it out of your ears. Or maybe the liquor is doing all the brain melting.

Anyway... nostalgic, I guess. All work and no talking makes Mr. Mikalski a dull bro. 

You guys the party type back then? Or were you the ones who actually studied in your rooms and ignored the wild rumpus beginning outside?


On second thought, I think there's a ton of high school kids here.

Sorry about spending your school life stuck on a big spooky ship, by the way. I'll give you snacks as apology.
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There's high school kids here? [ One more thing to worry be annoyed about. ]

Anyway, if college was the best years of your life you need to see more of the world. Everyone is crazy, if that's what you're looking for out of life. You can go anywhere and find that.
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[ Kids are the last thing Crane wants to hear about. Enough that he's going to see what the crazy guy has to say about his, uh. Condition. ]

...Died, huh. You're talking pretty well for a corpse.
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[ Crane's trying to figure out if dead means something different at the moment. Like... near-death experiences or fatal diseases or something. Whatever. He's not going to think about it. ]

There's therapy groups for other stuff around here? Apparently between being dead and the rest, there's a lot of trauma going around.
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I was in grade two.
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I did. ...I haven't been in a while though.

[For other reasons then just the ship.]

I got a citizenship award!
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[She nods.]

We didn't have many people because Hadley's Hope was only a small colony but I knew a lot about it. I was the first person born there too.
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[She nods.]

They all came from Earth to mine and study stuff.
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[She nods.]

I met a boy here whose from really long time ago France. He said they only had balloons to get into the air.
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Can I have a snack?

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I don't want to rob anyone.

[All wide-eyed and innocent; how could he even think such a thing of her. No promises on the rest of it.]

Chips of what, exactly.
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video; -> action????

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Great. I can't wait.

[No promises, again. And when Johanna does wander down to the kitchen, she's carrying her axe--but she's carrying it casually, like it's nothing. Just another part of her outfit.]

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[--She answers, cheerfully, without so much as batting an eye at the nickname. In fact, she's almost pleased by it, which she will display by not killing anyone in the kitchen just yet.

Instead, she saunters on up to stand before the bowl of potato chips, her axe still casually in hand.]

No forks? They look crispy.
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You're full of shit.

{That's what she's super sure of. But Johanna eyes the bowl, thoughtfully, and then swings her axe up to set it down on the countertop. It makes a loud thud. She doesn't bat an eye, but grabs the bowl and drags it closer, so she can fish a chip out. And then, after she eats it--another.


But these are pretty good.
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You better be careful. Someone might take that as an invitation to find out what you're full of.

[Squishy human and all. But she says it kind of like she's giving him advice, not at all like a threat. She isn't interested in the invitation.

Instead, she crunches on another chip.]

You don't remember me from before what?
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[Oh. She crunches, loudly, on another chip.]

You've got a weird idea of fun.

[But she says it lightly, because she knows it was sarcasm. And also she doesn't seem particularly motivated to kill anyone. Not right now, at least. Instead, she reaches for another chip.]

Did you get to remember it, at least? And all the fun you had here before? Or did they wring out your brain before they tossed you back.
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[Johanna--with zero idea on what a dinosaur is--eats another few chips.]

I like fighting way better than saving crops and hanging around in space waiting for something to happen. We should've traded.

[Or something. This is kind of an exaggeration. It's nice not to have some old familiar threats, but it sucks not to be doing anything. Except eating more of the chips which, the more that she eats, the more that she likes.]

So you're saying you're glad to be back.
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[Her glance actually lingers at that, mouth twisted up into sort of a half-smirk.]


[Not necessarily impressed, she grabs for another chip, without looking down.]

You're one of those.
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[Normally Eiri's not so crazy about the idea of volunteering personal information, but he's had quite a few beers and he's lonely. Forgive him. Right now he's smoking a cigarette and making an unimpressed face at the camera]


Honestly it seemed like a waste of time and money when I already knew what I was doing with my life. Plus life has a tendency to melt your brain out of your ears with or without college.

[He takes a long drag of his cigarette and blows smoke at the camera]

If you miss it so much, get drunk and punch somebody in the face for no reason. That'll simulate the experience.
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[Eiri doesn't look amused. But then again when does he]

Then go chug an entire keg of beer and have a questionable gay experience you'll regret. I'm not gonna tell you how to relive your glory days.

[This is said in an almost painfully bored and dry tone, and he just stares Marty down for a moment before he answers his question, momentarily weighing back and forth whether it's even worth his time.]


[It's the simplest and most unaccommodating answer possible because Eiri just has to take every opportunity to be difficult.]

Does it matter?
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Is it? Or is it just a job?

[He raises an eyebrow and takes another deep drag of his cigarette. At the question, he ponders it momentarily.]

Whenever possible. Considering I've been kidnapped and dragged off to wherever the hell it is we are, I haven't exactly felt the surging need to play nice.