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[Wash looks a bit worse for wear, as if he hasn't been getting enough sleep. Which tends to rather show on his pale complexion. And the almost unavoidable dehdration from the heat isn't helping the situation.]

Okay, so it stops coming up, no, you're not going fong luh, it's definitely hotter. Likely something in life support or climate control. Trouble is just about everyone who might be able to suss out what the trouble is is busy keeping the ship running smooth. If you've got those sorta skills and have been holding out on us, go talk to Carolyn. She'll be mighty glad to hear from any volunteers.
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Life support?!

[For the record, Murphy isn't sounding or looking much better. Sweat, damp hair sticking to his face... it's really annoying stuff. Which is why he settles on evading the video, because he's camera shy. Shh, at least you don't have to see the fact that he's looking COMPLETELY like shit.]
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If that's the case, then maybe it's the climate control?

Shit, if that's broken where would we even begin to fix it? [With cars all it takes is some coolant and you're good to go. Spaceships are a little out of his league, though.]
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Don't suppose that openin' an airlock would help cool things down, would it?

[No he's not being serious.

[...Or is he?]
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So that's a "no" then?


[...Yeah even Murphy isn't one to actually even want to go down that route, given his... experience with airlocks and knowing a certain someone who killed herself that way.]
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Alright, alright... It's not somethin' I would do, anyway.
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It's weird not seeing her stalking around in the shuttle bay. [Joker's gotten so used to her hovering around as he tinkers with shit in just the last month that her being absent has almost put him on edge.]
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So when's this gonna be fixed? [wow joker sound more ungrateful]
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All right, all right, don't have to get mad.


Soooo...any idea when that might be?

[just hang up on him wash, seriously]