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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2011-12-21 03:23 pm

001✖; (video)

"Need to work something out.

"If anyone with any skills in hand-to-hand combat is interested, would like to try sparring sometime."


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[ a challenge? any challenge? she's up for it. ]


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Oh. Hey, sure.

We should probably all start figuring out some exercise regiments or we'll all gonna go batty.


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Well, don't worry about it! I'd totally be happy to spar with you, or whatever else. I think the calisthenics are more fun when you've got a group, maybe some music. Maybe Mouse would let me borrow his iPod or something...


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[Jennie is always thinking about fun, brosis.]

Yeah, sure. I'm Jennie, by the way.


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[She wiggles her fingers in an eager greeting.]

Hi, Rey. Have you found a rec room, or something? This place is really ridiculously huge......


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Do you wanna go room shopping together? I could bring some lunch with, if you want?

[Jennie is a nurturer to the bone, she is always trying to feed people.]