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tonyficus starkus ([personal profile] letmetakeaselfie) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2016-01-30 03:13 pm

002 ● ( un:mechanic )

So this is probably a really stupid question
What do dogs eat?
I mean
I know what they eat normally
it's just
our predicament
& limited resources.

Mammalia aren't exactly my area of expertise.

PS- I got a light to turn on.
[ aka phase one of the grid: complete. ]
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[personal profile] divaricate 2016-02-04 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Who names a dog Digby?
And yes. You are. I'm getting you one of those #1 Dad tshirts. Or I would, if stores existed here.

[Tony do u regret this friendship yet?]

Two months? I think he said he'd been here somewhere around a month when I showed up, and I didn't see him after my first month here.
And no????? But that sounds like a hilarious attempt at identity theft.