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[video] (UN: mnemonist)

[ The video feed opens on a woman who, to put it charitably, looks rough. Sitting cross-legged beneath a chaotic weave of ficus roots, she is ensconced in a filthy, shapeless back robe, and her face - deathly pale where it is not freckled or peeling - is wreathed in an ill-kempt tangle of red hair. In her lap sits a bleached skull of some native fauna, clearly if not catastrophically altered by the mutations that have been plaguing the wildlife. ]

Salutations and due deference to the residents of the camp and its surroundings. It is my honor and obligation to be Iezabel Sadonna, and in full faith I address you with a matter of some interest and urgency.

These past days have illuminated in bright dyes and gleaming gilt the danger we face as a community in dispersion. Walls protect those who dwell in the as-it-were capital of our modest settlement, but many of us live outside the crowded ramshackle of camp.

For those who do not have the benefit of those defenses, and who wish to preserve their sovereign right to privacy, I can offer a measure of security.

[ She raises the skull, letting it rest on the plane of her palms, its hollow eyes gazing into the camera.]

As a trained nekrodidact and mnemonist, I can fashion a useful praxis. With such a praxis in place, you may rest easy knowing the comings and goings within your vicinity. Impressions will be recorded, with or without your presence, discouraging ambush or subterfuge.

[ She sets the skull back down rather suddenly, catching a short burst of coughs in one hand before speaking again, this time with a slight croak in her voice. ]

To all interested parties, I propose a barter. I am in need of live specimens, and clean textiles.

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