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TEXT - UN: Etrepa - **Security Alert**

Attention, citizens.

I have located a perpetrator of criminal larceny.

Her appearance: seemingly human, not quite two meters in height, lean, ill-shaven; a fringe dweller, outside the settlement density perimeter, likely an arrival from a more recent jump. [ More recent than herself, she means. ]

When confronted she pretended compliance before affecting a transformation into a mammalian monster. Teeth, claws, pelt, accelerated healing. Increased sized and strength. She fled after I fired my sidearm, wounding her leg.

I have pursued her to a ridge some distance from the river. [ coordinates are provided ] I am having trouble keeping pace. If anyone with combat experience is nearby, backup would be beneficial.

We should take her alive, if possible. Justice must be served.

(( OOC Note: This post refers to an encounter with Flint Deckard, not the ongoing modplot about thefts in the camp. So much crime, so little time! ))
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[ It does take a moment, between the technological barrier of not yet being in the habit of checking his cellphone, and all the lady pronouns being flung around, but Hawke can put some things together. He's talked to Etrepa before.

And he's seen this perpetrator of criminal larceny before. ]

She's a werewolf.

[ What? He can roll with it. He sounds like he's running in response. More to directions about ridges and rivers than coordinates, but he has Dog with him, who also doesn't know coordinates, but has a good nose for an old friend. ]

And, I'm certain, woefully misunderstood.
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Foremost expert. And, I mean.

[ Indecisive pause. Good question. ]

How long did it take you? That, but slightly faster.
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Keep a look out above you. She climbs. And didn't seem all that interested in having a go, when we met.

[ Hff hff. More running. He'll start cheating with magic, soon enough. ]

Probably values justice serving too.

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text - un: fedoratheexplorer

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[Firo's not sure if this'll even be dignified with a response--probably not in the middle of her chase, at least--but he's certainly not above wasting his own time and that of others just to be a brat.

...And, well, the thought of people taking it upon themselves to police crimes just makes him nervous on principle.

Who died and made you sheriff?
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No one. That includes you. If this girl stole from you, fine. But don't act like it's some big mission for justice and keep your nose in your own business if she didn't steal from you or your friends.

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text (un: srogers)

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Did you actually see her take anything?
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So you didn't see her take anything, and then you shot and injured her.

I think you should cease your pursuit. Let someone else approach her.

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Text - UN: fleetside

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You mean there's more than one of these fucks running around

One of them tried to fcuk me up

Probably bit by something with rabies like one of them jungle alien animals

Ugly mother fuker big knife looks like he'd shit bricks if he had enough in him to do it

Wouldn't be surprised if he could go full monster ashole too
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Not much to testify

Drag out a big magic dick to wave around and things settle down

[Now that there's been a few days between her and her near miss with 'Steve', AJ is feeling a little more cocksure than she might have otherwise. ...It's probably not a good thing.]

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text; un: ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

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how do these criminals all find tyou
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very poetic

bit dramatic though innit

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text; un: mystique

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If I could get there quick I'd try

[There's somewhat less shame in admitting this than usual. Pressing concerns-- 'help.']

is anyone coming, or people just giving you shit with their thumbs?
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hey you should know that if he's anything like the stories, he might be contagious.
Has anyone mentioned that?

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