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Text, UN: borgana. Recruitment for non-existent departments

While we lack a formal department structure, there are still a number of large projects that need considerable community involvement. I'm sure some of you are looking for places you can help out, so I've compiled some suggestions.

- If you're technically inclined, we're always looking for more people to help with the network. Things are much less restricted than they were in the days of the Communication Department. Contact ryuuzaki to get involved with that.

- Bill Adama coordinates the formal watch and is working on constructing a stockade. Contact husker.

- Chell has very few people remaining from the old Agriculture department and is looking for more hands in the garden. Contact chell

- Wash is organizing an expedition to salvage water purification equipment to de-acidify the water. Contact pteradon

- Rey has constructed a series of traps along the perimeter. Be sure to watch out for those. If you want to discuss laying traps for defense and catching food, contact hotdamn

- Charles Xavier continues to collect those with a scientific background. Contact xavier

If you have skills that you're not sure how to apply, I can try to direct you to the most pertinent person. Or if you have a large project you'd like included in this list.
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if the department structure is so needed, why not implement it again? havent been here for too long myself but it looks like the organization could use some improvement

what is the current network system lacking?
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what infrastructure is missing to make it work?

coding is my forte and maybe theres a way to improve what youre using to route everything. what was used on the ship?
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would there be a way to use the ship as a router? im still not sure what the state of whats salvaged is, but if the ship managed to keep up a network working then there is a chance the systems are still there. even if they arent in the best of states it should be possible to fix them.
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fortunate indeed. well make do with what we have then. who knows, it might be possible to upgrade the network with what we have.
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then ill have contact ryuuzaki, correct?
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I'm looking to help, especially with the watch and the stockade. I have military training and a lot of experience. There isn't much I haven't seen.
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I'd like to contact more than one person, if that's okay. I prefer to stay busy. And thanks for putting this out there.
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Warning about the traps is a good idea, I already fell in one of the holes myself.

I am not skilled with building things, however if the plants grow, I am good at harvesting them.

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I was not hurt. We do seem to have children running around though so the warning is a good idea.

Then I will assist with that when it does grow.

It is good to see people pitching together to help out.

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The place I was in previous to this, also had quite a few children. Whatever draws us to such places does not seem to care about age.

Yes, finding a task is rather difficult. Especially when you've specialized for years.
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It would be nice if we were aware of which it was.

Quite. I have only previously done three other jobs. Farm hand, Hogfather replacement and a history teacher. All for rather short periods of time compared to my normal profession.

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Dressing up in a costume, delivering presents to children and using the phrase HO.HO.HO rather then cower brief mortal.

Albert was quite specific about that last bit.

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I rather find it's the adults who mind more. However it was not in the spirit of the season.

It's a shame we don't seem to celebrate holidays here.
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It tends to build a sense of community. Or at least it did in Mayfield. Even if the town did something terrible during the actual holiday, we would celebrate afterwards.

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It's quite remarkable. I've always found humans, life of all sorts really, quite impressive for that trait.

The one thing I do enjoy about these kidnapping is I get to interact with people more. Most people who can see me on the Disc are either children, people with magic, cats and of course the final meeting.

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Good. Too many take it for granted.

Most people do not wish to see what is really there. Cats are much more like children or magic users. They pay attention to reality and what is. The children grow out of it. The cats and magic users do not.

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Children are like that I've found. They tend to be more straightforward and unwilling to go along with the arbitrary rules adults assign to their lives.