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MIRROR | discoveries abound! | October 11th, during the day.

[The reflection held by the mirror shard warps to reveal vast darkness with a series of strange geometric patterns, glowing, running through it.

The next moment, a yellow glare emerges in the bottom-right corner of the shard-- a lit flare. It takes a moment for the details to resolve after that. It turns out, that those unfamiliar, luminous patterns are running along the walls of a stone chamber, as well as over the contours of the altar standing in the center. Other brief, vague details stand out as the shard turns. Shelves, cut into the walls; something bundled in the shelves. A wooden box, with a glint of gold within.

And then, abruptly, William Tsang pops into view. He’s slightly translucent, and the orange flare light seems to have trouble illuminating his. He looks flustered. And unusually tall, or maybe the holder of the mirror is just unusually low.]
Takeshi, [he says.

Then the mirror flips. And you’re looking right into Takeshi’s little orange face. He mostly just seems content with himself, maybe even a touch good-spirited despite the murky and kind of macabre setting around them.]

It’s okay, Mr. William! I’m real short so the arrows went swoof! Over my head!


But they prob’ly coulda’ bounced off me anyways. I think... [He turns his attention to the people looking back at him through the mirror, awed and proud and all sorts of excited.] Look! Look, we found stuff! On accident.

[William is no longer in view, but he doesn’t sound like he’s smiling at all.] We’re about eight miles East of the bloody ship, a few miles away from the left edge of the edge of the Tranquility’s drag line. I’ll start a fire to mark the spot-- soon. [Presumably, this information is for prospective reinforcements, but William switches back to talking at the boy in a moment.] And I’m coming to get you, so don’t-- touch anything, especially not the corpses. Takeshi are you paying att-- Takeshi, oi! Don’t touch shit, right? All right?

[Parenting 101 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Now if only he’d remember Takeshi’s adoptive mother was a protagonist in a horror game.)

But Takeshi just nods at the information — and nods more firmly at the warning.]

I’ll be good! No touching!

[But in case William tries to poof off to play catch-up in a physical body... Takeshi's face softens a bit in the light of the flare.]

M’gonna pray for them, though! Pray with me, Mr. William!

[Takeshi slaps his hands together, the mirror between them, and mumbles sincerely under his breath. Something along the lines of, ’sorry we broke in, rest in peace! and don’t haunt me and my friends! sorry!’]

I really feel like this is not the best bloody ti-- [but William is already piping down, either because he is trying to be appropriate during prayer or because he’s trying to allow Takeshi his distraction while he surreptitiously tries to do exactly the catch-up that the little boy is stalling him from doing. The mirror goes dark again, at least for a few moments.

Once you’ve seen the post, feel free to drop in over at the log. You can also see a super detailed description of the dark spooky room by the mods over here!]
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[ Kate looks like she's sitting somewhere in camp, bits of indistinguishable metal and wood behind her. She's visible from the shoulders up and her eyes are wide, brows arched. ]

Whooaaa. What is that?? Are they human corpses?
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I [ uhhhhhhh.... ] Probably? Yes, sure.

[ Kate has no idea, because she hasn't gotten a good look and is also basing this opinion largely on a brief Egyptology phase in middle school. But no need to risk worrying the kid, she figures. ]

How did you two find this place, Takeshi? It is just the two of you? You and William?
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Takeshi went off in the wrong direction for camp and I came after him.

[William's voice blares in the background. He's not in view. Kate is still looking at just Takeshi, lit by orange flare light.]

It doesn't look like much from the outside. Steps going down, but it's hard to tell with all the green growing over it. They're definitely human corpses. Thirty of them.

Is that Kate?
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[ Yes, all right, creepy room with corpses is very cool, but you know what else is cool? Small children not dying. ]

What tried to shoot you with arrows?
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[ Booby traps are better than living things firing arrows... probably... ]

You need to be careful. If they've got things coming out of the walls, they might have things coming out of the floor or the ceiling.

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You found corpses? [okay what even. hearing that that isn't actually all that surprising given her own experiences back home but it does raise her concern]
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That doesn't sound too good— it makes me wonder how long they were they for. [or at least how long they have been dead for and what else is even out there that they still have yet to discover that's from prior to their crashlanding on this planet]

Was there anything else you found there?
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Ah— was that what you were referring to with the arrows?
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[well she can definitely see that he's alright but still] That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful though.

So it was a place that was originally sealed off?


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If you bring back any arrows, make sure not to touch the heads. Could be poisonous.

[ #helping ]
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[ There's a little laugh, and Carolyn smiles. She hadn't wanted to assume, but- ]

It's nice to see you too, Takeshi. Yes, I'm back; came in during what was apparently the first jump on this planet.

[ And got hit in the face with a radio receiver during this last one. ]

The mirrors are helping a lot with finding people I knew.
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I know.

[ :c poor thing ]

But I'm back; maybe they'll come back someday too. Right?

[ Maybe she shouldn't let him believe that, but... stranger things have happened. ]
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And until then, at least we're not alone.

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