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[Accidental Video] y'all suck

[Max knew this whole stupid mind powers thing was a generally awful idea. Elizabeth and even a little bit of Rey's work on the comms (even if he still would rather glare at her, in private) had done a relatively bang-up job making Max think maybe there was a shadow of possibility this powers business would actually do any good for them. Besides — if he could calm his mind down enough to actually control it, he would stop giving away memories and hallucinations and feelings all willy nilly. So yes, he tried focusing, tried materializing things, tried to keep it all in check. Nothing too personal — just channeled it. Other than a few rather personal thoughts hovering through the cracks from other people he'd never know the names of, he has had pretty good luck.

'Til of course, a particularly rough series of nightmares had caused him to muck things up. He'd woken up in the corner of his room with something heavy and rough against his jaw and cheekbones and lips. Somewhere in his fervent dreaming, he'd gone
and materialized that fucking muzzle; the same one he had supposedly locked up in his locker, kept away so that it couldn't actually get used against him again. And now it's on his fucking face. 

So he does the totally wise thing, which is struggling pathetically to remove it with his hands before he rushes into the nearest kitchen and starts pulling out drawers and ripping open cabinets. The motions are rough and not too careful, and his network device crashes onto the ground and displays him pretty much wrecking one of your kitchen areas. This drawer? He's pouring it out on the counter and digging around. It's all spoons, who needs spoons. There's a knife and he tries to shove it under the padlock behind his head and scrape it open, but it's just grinding down the grooves on the blade.

As he pushes over appliances and spills someone's coffee, this is an approximate translation one can hear while he spits the dummy:]

Fucking [INCOHERENT CURSING] shi—fuchgk [INCOHERENT GROWLING] my face, for fuck's sake, bloodghy— [???????] FUCK!



He tugs pretty pathetically on the long chain hanging there, slips his fingers under the thick metal bands before he tries to shove a butterknife into the keyslot.



This the sound of his forehead softly thunking against the cabinet door in frustration.

... Well, maybe there's a decent nail file somewhere in engineering or something...

Fuck your powers y'all can eat your powers and get indigestion and cark it, for all he cares.]

((OOC: Action permissible for Nami and Elizabeth, have fun girls.))
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...I don't know when this chronology is with respect to our plans ... winging it

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[Harry's tiny face flutters around the fallen comm device.] You-- umm. Angry-- [he lapses into a pause.] I got-- I mean, I recognize your muzzle. Because. [He's seen it flashing through his mind's eye and erratic his nightmares recently.] And you punched me in the face the other month. But no hard feelings, that's not what I mean. Mate, you've got to calm down. This mind magic stuff always goes woolly when your temper's up.

[Harry is an expert at being terrible at it, actually.]
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[Maybe. A little. He's never been hugely tall anyways.]

Harry, [says Harry.] Harry Potter. I'm a wizard, like Sirius and Remus, if you've met them. Back in my world there's all this magic about memories and controlling them and hiding them, so I'm going off of that mainly.

[A beat.] I never caught your name.

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wings into this too

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[ jesus christ he can feel that??? ]

Give it a fucking rest before you stab yourself! Christ, we got better tools.
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I'm not gonna shut up and wait for you to stab up both in the skull, asshole.


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video; 1/2

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[ Well that's... disturbing.

Blake notices the feed on his phone springing to life and he's able to observe this spectacle as he fiddles with a switch he's been slowly repairing. The low angle makes him feel small and the mask—

He shifts uncomfortably and tries to put the whole scene out of his mind, effectively ending the connection. Honestly, no one likes to be spied on, whether it was an accident or otherwise, so John really doesn't feel the need to comment. But then, as a little more time passes, he finds he can't help that niggling urge he has to sew together the various misshapen pieces into a bigger, more complete pattern.

So he calls back.

Hey, someone in engineerin' oughta be able to help with that. Don't go stabbin' yourself with kitchen knives 'til you've exhausted other means, that's what I always say.

[ Seriously, dude. Get some help. ]
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video; 2/2

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Oh, and... call me back after you get that stuff sorted, yeah? Gotta question I wanna ask.

[ And that's where he'll leave it since he knows Max is a man of very few words. ]
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[ Oh, text. Good. Blake's much more capable via text message. ]

Have you ever considered shaving your head?


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circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)


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Looks like you need help.

[Before you cut your face up, Max. You don't want your face to end up looking like Rey's, do you?]
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[THANKS REYBAMA whoa there bro, you can't blame this one on her.]

Sure you don't. From the looks of things, it's so clear that you've got everything under control.

[insert dripping sarcasm here]


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Yeah, Nami is having second thoughts about using this kitchen. If any of the inarticulate swearing and yelling and thumping that echoes down the hall outside is anything to go by. And chain rattling...? She hovers outside the door, trying to work out what the hell that is without, y'know, making eye contact or anything.

Does this place have a prison
Is there an escaped prisoner in here
Is there an escaped lunatic in here

all of the above

...if there is, is that a bad thing? This whole ship is kind of creepy-ass, just--

--huh. Now it's gone silent, and it takes her a moment to hear the more gentle thuds that sound kind of pathetic, which gives her enough courage to actually kind of. Creep in.

Oh, it's just you.]


[What the hell.]
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Re: [Action]

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[ Elizabeth has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, considering her desire to learn how to cook. She's considering how best to use the products she'd obtained from the gardens when she hears the commotion and freezes, wary. Booker would advise her to get out of there; it like isn't safe, after all, and she's had her fill of danger.

... And yet. There isn't any harm in seeing what's happening, is there? If someone asks what she heard, she wouldn't have much to tell them aside from some enthusiastic banging and rifling around in the drawers. So, taking a big breath, the brunette peeks around the corner. ]

Oh! [ She remembers him from the hallways, when she'd made bread appear from thin air. The strangely quiet man from the corridor was now tearing apart the kitchen, to... remove the mask, she assumed. Elizabeth smiles slowly, watching his progress, making note of his... muzzle.

Well, she can always run if she has to. ]

Do you... need any help?

[ It's then that she notes Nami nearby and offers a smile to the stranger. ]

Hello. Did this just happen? This... whatever this is, exactly.
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I get it.

[She spent some time with Tadashi down at the bar when he was imagining up baseball caps. It's not too far a stretch that someone might subconsciously create something while having a dream. Or a nightmare, in this case, she assumes.

She doesn't get why a muzzle, but that's something she's not going to ask. Not after their last tetchy conversation at the bar. Instead, Nami runs a hand over her mouth, giving Elizabeth a glance and a quick smile. The question got answered, so...]

Barring a high-tech solution, we can pick the lock. Assuming it has a padlock. [She can't see from the front, but it makes sense.]


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[nill is horrified. not by what the man is doing, per se. she's horrified by the anger and fear she sees in his eyes--the same anger and fear she saw in heine's eyes too many times. if she didn't know better, she'd think that the dog lived inside this man.

her hands shake as she types. she uses the text-to-voice function on her comm so that a computerized, feminine voice speaks her words:]

Please stop. Someone will help you.
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[that's it. that's the look she's seen on heine, exactly. and, what's more--she'd seen it on her own face all those years ago before she was rescued. the feeling of helplessness, of hopelessness. it makes her stomach sink and her heart thump too hard.

she breathes raggedly before typing.]

There are tools on the ship. To cut things like that.

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