22 September 2013 @ 06:29 pm
[ THIS IS FORWARD DATED spike would usually do this up on video but given the chaos and just how shitty he looks-- oh, yeah, if you haven't seen spike in a bit there's a reason for it. he looks like death. literally. skinny, sallow, low-energy. he's not even quipping like he should be. he's scarcely been here ninety days, but without blood, he's not healing like he should. these demons are giving him the go around and he doesn't like it. so have a raspy english voice, sounding much tireder than usual, which really everyone should expect given the theme around here. ]

I'll tell you all, I've seen an apocalypse or two in my day. And this? This is a bloody disaster.

Floor 22, Room 17. I've got some weapons and hiding spots, but that's not what I'm on about. I'll see you all in the trenches anyway. [ he takes a breath, he might be smoking. ]

...This blood situation, yeah? For us vamps. [ pauuuuuse ] It's wrong, and I'll tell you why it's wrong. This might be a bloody big ship, but it's going to start seeming a whole hell of a lot smaller if we keep handing over human to them--us. To us.

I don't drink human blood, it's a life choice. Let's use an analogy. Now, I talked to an expert on the subject so let's call 'blood' ... 'heroin.' And let's call bagged blood something they call 'methadone.' That's a drug used to bring someone down off scag, if you didn't know. But it doesn't work, and neither does this. Drinking it from a bag? Well. Just makes someone want the real thing.

Over on the Cyllene, guy name of Jayne told me to look for Dr. Tam up in the med bay? But I'm sorry, doc, and anyone else who might have a hand in that concoction -- I don't trust it. Don't ruddy well trust anyone with a beaker and I've got good reason.

There's got to be another way.

[ he hangs up rather abruptly, it takes a lot to get a rise out of him like this. it took the perfect cocktail of starvation, sleeplessness, nightmares and demons from his homeworld but now he's here and he's mad. and yeah, no that's basically it. ]
21 September 2013 @ 08:48 pm
[ josh is looking a bit too disconcertingly mountain man-ish to pull off video, and he's too interested in not announcing his supernatural status to go for voice. that means anonymous text, though he's slightly reluctant to send it; he's aware this is a very weird and very specific question. ]

Who has experience with witches and shapeshifters? Either or, but if you know anything about an overlap, i.e. magic being used to prevent or prolong a shift, please share with the class.

And just to clarify: magic as in black magic, the kind with corpses and soul trading and other non-refundable mistakes. Mary Poppins need not apply.

[ and by mary poppins he means you jokers with the pink hair and the antlers. but that only covers one possibility, so a few extremely reluctant seconds later: ]

Or if you've ever just heard of shapeshifters getting stuck. Like, stuck in one form. Please share that too.
21 September 2013 @ 12:24 pm
[First it’s just darkness, thick darkness, like inside a pocket or closed in a hand. Well, darkness and laughter, there’s a lot of laughter, and then the device swings around, and there’s--

Well, it’s James Potter, probably. James Potter, his head bowed a little under the set of stag antlers that have sprouted from his hair. It’s very natural-looking if you don’t know that he is usually a young antlerless wizard, and he doesn’t look very bothered. He actually seems to be the one doing a good amount of the laughing, his hands holding the base of each antler before he lifts his head back up, the tips just nearly scraping at the ceiling of the room.]

If I could get the hang of this it wouldn- [He tries to let go of the antlers, to balance under them, which only lasts for all of two seconds before his laughter throws him off-balance and he has to grab at them again to keep his head up-right.

If anyone’s paying close enough attention, they might notice a few things buzzing around in the background. They look almost like fireworks, but a closer inspection would show that they are actually miniature chinese dragons - about five of them - chasing their way around the room, setting off sparks as they go.]

Ooh, mate-- that’s a good look for you, that is, very-- dashing, noble-- you were born to be a stag--

[And Sirius turns his device around on himself, with a grin. His body modification is simple: violently pink hair, and he’s quite pleased with it, given the way he keeps reaching up to touch it, almost as if to make sure it’s really there.]

If anyone else is very bored with themselves--and you should be, you are all boring--we are happy to help with your appearance at least. Personalities, you’ll have to fix those for yourselves, good luck there, but we can at least improve your looks with-- pig’s snouts, or blue hair, if you don’t fancy pink--meant to be red, but--

[There’s a crash somewhere in the background and James’ laughter can be heard again - much louder than before, before a few whistles go off. Just your average background noise, of course.]

I mean, there’s no law that says don’t do magic under the influence of-- sleep, sleep deprivation, haha-- see, we were setting traps, Remus traps, so actually maybe don’t come up this way. Highly dangerous. [Not that he’s said just where up this way is, it could be anywhere.] Actually, I think we might have set off all of the traps ourselves--

Watch it!

[Sirius’ reflexes just happen to be perfectly timed, because right as he ducks a very large and possibly-on-fire object goes flying by his head and crashes into the wall behind him with a very loud smack. It sounds almost like what a pie would sound like, smashing up against the wall at very high speeds.]

Merlin’s-- [But the exclamation is cut off by a burst of renewed laughter from both of them, helpless and hysterical, as the device falls on the floor. This is definitely the point of the metaphorical sleepover where everyone is so tired everything becomes hilarious, and it’s amid all this chaos that the sound of a door sliding open breaks in… and Remus sighs. You don’t get the privilege of seeing him, you just get to hear his voice.]

Oh, hell.

[And the video cuts off.]

[this magic under the influence is brought to you by James & Sirius, with a very small guest appearance by Remus. expect replies and enchantments from any of the above!]
so hey, honesty & philosophy hour

if it's true what they say, and none of us remember our time here after we've left

are we even really here?

what i mean is, does it matter what we do here if we don't remember it?
17 June 2013 @ 09:20 pm
[ The feed flickers, the sounds of rustling loud over the microphone and the face of a mousy, wide eyed boy appears on the screen. He doesn't seem to understand the technology completely at first. He's seen it before, no doubt, in some strange muggle books his father found for him once, but he taps at it, huffing as he tries to make sense of how to hold it so that the feed shows his face and not his feet. He wrinkles his nose and groans, clearly frustrated with the little device. ]

O-oi! Prongs? Padfoot? S'this some kind of joke? C'mon, I really -- I mean, I need to get some homework done and I'm not really sure where this is or... or what this is. I mean, there were those things when I arrived and, it's just -- do you -- can you help?

[Peter Pettigrew sighs a little bit. Of course they wouldn't answer. This is probably some really bad prank, and he's always the butt of their jokes, really. The feed jerks around as he very nearly drops it, and Peter makes a rather disapproving face. ]

Is anyone there? Honestly, this place -- I'm lost.

[ Well, this has not been a good way to start the day. He's only a tiny bit grumpy, really. ]