30 March 2015 @ 04:50 am

- deck of cards because someone fifty two pickup'd a couple of mine straight into the freakin air vent

- movie reccs, book reccs, show reccs, hit me

- if anyone has oldies of the motown variety you should hook me up. or just sing them to me, i'm not picky

- do we have meat?? of any kind?? i feel like i've been eating soy for actual years
instead of just one actual year


uhhhhh i inherited flavored lube if that's a thing you'd want

also men's jeans and a leather jacket and really douchey shades

i can basically make you look and taste like That Guy Who Is Full Of Himself But Everyone Wants To Bang Him Anyway if that's a thing you'd want

alternatively i'm kind of adorable and you'll have my undying gratitude and all that

TOTALLY UNRELATED those of you trying to call me to find someone, i am no longer responsible for keeping track of that someone. i'm just saying. cut that shit out
03 February 2015 @ 08:22 am
I know there's been a lot of weird shit going down lately, but all my brain keeps coming up with is how I'd kill for a cigarette.

Okay, "kill" might be an exaggeration. Kinda feel like I'm dying though. I don't know if I've gotten a reputation as a guy who'll take off his shirt and fight for shit or not, but that's something I'd do for a cigarette. Just light it up and put it between my lips if i get ko'd.

Basically, the point of this is if anyone finds a carton in their locker and wants to work out a deal or play for them or something, come see me. I used to be able to make a pack do me a month if I really stretched it. Now I bet I could make one last me the rest of my time on this thing. Everyone's got something like that, right?

Also, ramen. Shrimp or chicken. If you're gonna dream, dream big.

[Hey, for him, smokes and instant noodles are dreaming big.]
30 December 2014 @ 10:47 am
Is this quiet permanent? It's a little unnerving.

[ He means the literal quiet from the engines powering down, not the metaphorical quiet from the absence of overt disaster. The metaphorical quiet can stay. ]
29 December 2014 @ 08:21 pm
My best mate disappeared. One Jump he was here, the next he was gone. They do memorial services over less. They play sad CDs and run video, put out photos, and everyone gets together for a meal and a cry and a few drinks. I haven't been to a funeral in years and years. I know it's not changed. Humanity doesn't change.

I don't know why I waited a month to say anything about him. I suppose it doesn't matter. Those memorials, and the wakes, and funerals, those are all for the people left behind. I know that and I'm still writing this. You want it to matter. You want them to matter.

I don't know if he's dead or not. And if he is, I don't know what happens to him next. There's no ghosts here, except the ones that have come in with the rest of us. I've been on this ship nearly two fucking years and I don't know any of it. And that's the worst of it. People talk about this ship like it's sentient. Like it's got some bloody personality, someone behind the wheel. We're always trying to figure out bits of it, like it's all somehow going to come clear. Like there's logic to it. There's no logic. It's like a wheel. It turns, and shit happens, and then it turns again, on and on and on. You can trust me on that. I've lived a long fucking time.

What I know is I'm tired of this. Being the last one left.

His name was George Sands. I wanted to put it down somewhere. It's stupid, but now it's done.
10 December 2014 @ 07:48 pm
[ For perhaps the first time over the network, Elizabeth doesn't exactly look chipper. She's fidgeting, pulling at bits of her hair and moving as she talks. ]

Hello. I... I was hoping that I could ask you all your opinions, based on your own experiences. I realize that what I'm asking is situational and... well, really, private, but I really do need advice.

... When you have to kill, or... had to, before, what was it that allowed you to reason through it? Even if the act is for the greater good, it's still the taking of a life. Someone told me once that it was a necessity, though a terrible one, and I know now that he was right. Still, though, if it wasn't for survival-- for your own survival-- [ She pauses, reconsiders. ] If someone else was in danger--an innocent--is it any easier?

[ Clearly, she's never killed anyone before. Elizabeth chews on her lip, very much agitated. ]

Oh! This isn't about anyone on the ship, not at all. I'm only wondering for when I return to Columbia.
21 November 2014 @ 10:07 pm
attention people of the tranquility

since that whole violent whacktrip is totally over just in time, this is a reminder that

SPACE CHRISTMAS is absolutely still tomorrow!

summary: if you like someone, give them a gift. also decorate if you can! shiny stuff, esp. in green and red and silver and gold.

if you don't have any gift ideas, i refer you to the following: "give something you have, trade for something, make something, draw something, write something, do a chore for them, cook them a meal, punch someone they don't like, do a stupidly embarrassing dance for their personal entertainment without complaining"

also! 5th floor kitchen is gonna have a tiny christmas... thing idk. not enough food for a feast but i know there's rum and grog bc of a certain old-fashioned party person (you know who you are) and also whatever we can find in basically all of the fridges. which means you might want to come bc some of it's probably your food anyway :')

if you still don't know what christmas is, this is where i direct you to my lovely assistant RICH, official job description: "our space-christmas wtf-is-that guy"

also don't give edgeworth gifts or he's gonna bitch at me again :(
10 November 2014 @ 01:02 pm
Hey everyone.

You probably remember that back when we were figuring out that the nanites were making us sick we discovered a room with management consoles for the nanites and grav couches and stuff. We haven't had much luck getting real access to the systems to see how the changes were made, so we're having to get pretty old-school to try to find anything out. One of the things we did was dust for fingerprints (yes, really). We found some, obviously, and what we're hoping to do now is narrow them down and see if there are any that don't belong to passengers. If there are that could help confirm that there are other humans still physically present on the ship, which would be good to know.

To do that, obviously we need to rule out passengers and for that we need your fingerprints for comparison. (Added: For those of you unfamiliar with the practice: each person has a different pattern of ridges on their fingertips and when you touch things you often leave impressions of them behind. If we record what your fingers' pattern looks like we can compare it to the marks we found on the machine and rule out that it was you that touched it.)

This isn't compulsory, I'm not going to come knock on your door and force you to get printed or anything like that, and we're not going to use your prints for anything but this without your permission. But it would really be nice to figure this out, so please consider doing it.

We'll be set up in the lounge on 005 most of the time, or you can schedule with me separately if that's easier. Thanks.

(ooc: if you don't want to comment icly but your character definitely would/wouldn't show up to get printed, feel free to drop a [not here] to let me know!)
06 November 2014 @ 02:14 am
ATTENTION ENTIRE TRANQUILITY except the creepy-crawlies in the hallways, you stay out

due to the fact that i'm really super sick of hearing about some vague impending space christmas without any kind of actual space christmas, i've decided next month is gonna have space christmas.

so mark your calendars because exactly two weeks after the jump is gonna be space yuleapalooza and none of you actually have any say in it. so don't be an asshole about it. be festive instead.

if you don't know what christmas is: the short story is basically that everyone gives each other gifts of some kind and it's this huge spirit of giving thing and people optionally decorate with shiny shit like tinsel but idk if we have any tinsel? and i guess just ~bonding and closeness~ and all that. togetherness? and like, if you really want to go for accuracy you can turn the heat way down and shiver under a blanket with someone but that's mostly because winter's cold as balls, it's not actually a christmas thing.

in summary i repeat: two weeks from jump, space christmas.

that's pretty much it. later

(fine print: blame sirius)
27 October 2014 @ 02:59 pm
Looks like someone forgot to pay their electric bill.

[Nick looks only mildly amused. He's actually had that happen, and it's not so fun, but someone's already said that they're working on it, so....]

There's way too much crappy art on board this thing, and not enough crappy artists showing themselves. I'm getting a little bored of chasing ghosts.

['Unnerved' would probably be a better word, not that he'll admit it.]

So if anyone's got a deck of cards or some dice, let's get something going. We don't even have to gamble, not unless you're willing to take a silver filling for payment.
22 October 2014 @ 05:03 pm
[Fortescue is used to losing a little time here and there. That's the life of someone who drinks heavily. But coming back to herself in a part of the ship she's never been in? While sober? That's different. She's about to chalk it off to the ache in her healing right knee that's been bothering her — maybe she's back to the woozy part of her injury — but then she spots something that doesn't really fit the decor of the ship. Something painted, angry and red, and she decides to get back to a part of the ship she recognizes.

A bar, more specifically. Because suddenly she really, really needs a drink. And to sit down, because her knee is back to shooting pains up her leg. She downs half of the drink quickly — barely paying attention to what it is — before she pulls her comm out. Jazz is spends the time prowling the bar, the slim black cat stopping occasionally to sniff interesting objects.]

So who's the madcap artist having a bit of fun?

[It had been interesting. She'll give it that.]

While this place could use some livening up, I'm not sure that disturbing painting really sends off the right vibes. Much like those smiley faces.
10 October 2014 @ 08:17 pm
so people come and go all the time. i mean that's the message that everyone keeps giving out - you just arrive with no warning and then you can just disappear.

( Or some of the latest messages make that seem likely )

has anyone ever appeared that you'd never expect to see here? someone that shouldn't be able to be here.

( 'Someone that's dead' is what Elena really means. Dead dead. 'On the other side which is now destroyed' dead. Impossible. There might be a couple of people she'd really like to see if that was an possible option )