02 January 2014 @ 01:25 pm
[ caroline is in full wedding planning mode. okay, so maybe ric, the groom, is in stasis but so is caroline's boyfriend, so now's the time for distraction. and what's a better distraction then planning a big event? a wedding shaped event.]

At the risk of this sounding like a setup of a cheesy joke... I need a priest or a captain or someone who has the power to do a marriage ceremony. Step right up if you qualify. I need your services.

[private to jenna sommers]

We need to discuss colors so I can start on the invitations. Oh, and food. Also ceremony stuff, like the wedding party.

06 December 2013 @ 11:02 pm
[ this video begins with the unmistakable sound of glass breaking. Which might be odd since there's no glass in sight. Instead there is only Morgana who hadn't showed her face on the network since her arrival for this specific reason. She takes in a deep, long breath, turns around, mutters something in a language that sounds ancient and two glasses rise into the air, zoom around the room quite quickly, nearly do a perfect circle around each other ---

before smashing into each other mid air. ]

-- blast it.

[ when she turns back her eyes would glint with gold for one second - but the next, they will be their natural green. ]

There are others with magic on the ship, I have heard. I wonder what are the odds of finding someone with magic who is also gallant enough to come and mend these.

[ and yes, that is a challenge. if you're a wizard and and a decent person, clap your hands. ]

-- there is something else I have meant to ask. I know there are physicians aboard this ship. I wish to speak to one, privately.
21 September 2013 @ 12:24 pm
[First it’s just darkness, thick darkness, like inside a pocket or closed in a hand. Well, darkness and laughter, there’s a lot of laughter, and then the device swings around, and there’s--

Well, it’s James Potter, probably. James Potter, his head bowed a little under the set of stag antlers that have sprouted from his hair. It’s very natural-looking if you don’t know that he is usually a young antlerless wizard, and he doesn’t look very bothered. He actually seems to be the one doing a good amount of the laughing, his hands holding the base of each antler before he lifts his head back up, the tips just nearly scraping at the ceiling of the room.]

If I could get the hang of this it wouldn- [He tries to let go of the antlers, to balance under them, which only lasts for all of two seconds before his laughter throws him off-balance and he has to grab at them again to keep his head up-right.

If anyone’s paying close enough attention, they might notice a few things buzzing around in the background. They look almost like fireworks, but a closer inspection would show that they are actually miniature chinese dragons - about five of them - chasing their way around the room, setting off sparks as they go.]

Ooh, mate-- that’s a good look for you, that is, very-- dashing, noble-- you were born to be a stag--

[And Sirius turns his device around on himself, with a grin. His body modification is simple: violently pink hair, and he’s quite pleased with it, given the way he keeps reaching up to touch it, almost as if to make sure it’s really there.]

If anyone else is very bored with themselves--and you should be, you are all boring--we are happy to help with your appearance at least. Personalities, you’ll have to fix those for yourselves, good luck there, but we can at least improve your looks with-- pig’s snouts, or blue hair, if you don’t fancy pink--meant to be red, but--

[There’s a crash somewhere in the background and James’ laughter can be heard again - much louder than before, before a few whistles go off. Just your average background noise, of course.]

I mean, there’s no law that says don’t do magic under the influence of-- sleep, sleep deprivation, haha-- see, we were setting traps, Remus traps, so actually maybe don’t come up this way. Highly dangerous. [Not that he’s said just where up this way is, it could be anywhere.] Actually, I think we might have set off all of the traps ourselves--

Watch it!

[Sirius’ reflexes just happen to be perfectly timed, because right as he ducks a very large and possibly-on-fire object goes flying by his head and crashes into the wall behind him with a very loud smack. It sounds almost like what a pie would sound like, smashing up against the wall at very high speeds.]

Merlin’s-- [But the exclamation is cut off by a burst of renewed laughter from both of them, helpless and hysterical, as the device falls on the floor. This is definitely the point of the metaphorical sleepover where everyone is so tired everything becomes hilarious, and it’s amid all this chaos that the sound of a door sliding open breaks in… and Remus sighs. You don’t get the privilege of seeing him, you just get to hear his voice.]

Oh, hell.

[And the video cuts off.]

[this magic under the influence is brought to you by James & Sirius, with a very small guest appearance by Remus. expect replies and enchantments from any of the above!]
18 August 2013 @ 09:03 pm
[ The feed opens to a woman and a dragon. Morgana is dressed in white silks, that combined with her black hair and red lips give away the impression of a Snow White beauty; fittingly so for the dragon at her side is snow white as well, its head rests in her lap as she passes her fingers along its scales. Some of you might remember her, even if she were a tiny bit different. ]

I do not suppose they could think of a cruder more degrading manner to bring us all here?

[ an arch of an eyebrow before she abandons the sarcasm.]

Fellow passengers of the Tranquility, I hope this finds you well and by now - thoroughly washed.

[ what. The space goo was the most disgusting thing she had ever experienced and she had seen Arthur eat since she was eleven. ]

I would ask you one question, if you would indulge me. What is the meaning of the numbers our…gracious hosts have carved onto our arms? I know what the symbol does but I am more curious as to why these specific numbers were chosen.

As for our wonderful hosts, whoever they might be - if they are listening I shall say only this, I have grown among very stubborn men; one is a king, the other a crown prince and I can say for certain they would be unhappy indeed if and when they would learn of this. But you will find that perhaps it is I who would pose more of a trouble than them both combined.

[ she inclines her head, ever the lady before meeting the dragon's gaze ]

Between us both - one of them I wouldn't mind seeing here.
[ she did not often use this device. it is distasteful still, no matter how long she's been here now. no matter how long she will be here.

but she is aware that certain things needed to be said. there's a tremor to her hands that no one will be able to see, but she feels and it's enough to unnerve and unsettle.

aithusa was here. she was here. her ally, her friend. and it brought excitement. and pain.

the feed pans to the gardens, before stopping on morgana. her hair is in disarray as usual, black dress and pale skin. but normally tired eyes have a sharpness to them again, and fix the device with a hard stare.
] This place does little to cease its torments, it has no right -

[ there's a rumble, throaty and slight, beside her, off screen. she glances briefly down. she was glad to see the creature, but she was just as equally angry. this ship had no right. if she was subjected to its whims, it did not mean this poor, deformed dragon had to be, as well. she straightens though, composure unwavering whilst on display. ]

I will say this once. In the Gardens, there is a dragon. She is my ally - [ there's an emphasis to the word. ] - And is not to be touched. Not to be harmed.

You will not want to know what will follow if my words are not listened to. [ it's a threat, and she doesn't care how subtle - or otherwise - it sounds. in her world, where she should still be, morgana would have thought hard before announcing such. but here…well, the gardens were only so big. sooner or later aithusa would be noticed.

best all who listen be aware of it now.
] I trust I am understood.

[ authority, unquestionable and final, and the feed ends. ]

[ action; if anyone would like, she is in the gardens, found with this dragon. ]
11 February 2013 @ 12:02 pm
[The feed flickers on and there is a rather nasty sound from the other end, as the cell phone is dropped. Mordred picks it up, turns it about and examines it closely, uncertain of the way it looks and the strange things it does.]

I’ve been told I may use this as a form of communication, but I fear I may have been tricked. I just talk into it?

[It wouldn’t be anything new after all, Mordred was teased by the Knights back in Camelot frequently! Unfortunately, he doesn’t pick up this technology like he should, and instead continues to look at it strangely, even as he speaks into the little object. He looks around, letting out a sigh as he stops moving.]

I'm told we're rather stuck in this place, I've accepted that, but I keep finding myself unable to get back to where I started. I turn one corner and it leads somewhere I've never been before. How does one manage a place like this?

[ This means that Mordred is lost. He doesn't like to admit it, but he's been wandering for a while now and all of it starts to look the same to someone used to Camelot. ]

I suppose I must be missing something. Perhaps someone else has insights?
13 January 2013 @ 11:14 pm
[ somber is not a look that suits her. but with all that's been going on, it's hard to be anything but. she's in the oxygen gardens — alone for the time being even if she knows that might not be the best of choices. at least it's peaceful here.

she's rifling through a bag at the moment, seemingly distracted despite having turned on the feed with a purpose. it only lasts about as long as it takes her to pull out an unopened pack of cigarettes. ]

I don't smoke. But I got these in my locker so, I figure I should do something with them, right?

— that doesn't mean giving it a try space adults, don't worry. [ too many hugs not drugs campaigns yo. and also if there's any vices to be picked up, she'll take time going through all the choices lbr. ]

I'm willing to trade if anyone's got something. [ shrugs. her other option is to just leave them as an anonymous gift to the first person she finds, but this is better. ] I don't really know what to ask for in return yet, but hey, if you make me an offer I'll think about it.

[ she moves to turn off the feed, but at the last minute — ]

Does anyone want to hang out? If you ignore the dinosaur, it's almost like back home.