16 June 2013 @ 08:40 pm
[The communicator comes on with a clatter and settles on its side, the screen coming clear with the sound of a distant curse. Eric is floating, for lack of a better word, far above the ground in one of the more expansive areas of the ship. The metal duct he's holding and carefully positioning into place is massive, and easily weighs a ton.

The old pieces of duct, damaged by bullet holes, lay on the floor near Godric, who is looking up at Eric as he works.]

And why exactly is this such a pressing concern? [Eric is clearly displeased with the fact that he's being put to work, even if he is going along with it]

Because we live on this ship too, Eric, and it requires repair. Repair that would take humans far more time and energy than us. Your complaints are more a burden than your labor. [So he says, but Godric is smiling and shaking his head as if he expected nothing less.]

[Eric shoots the other vampire a dubious look over the massive piece of equipment he has lofted in the air that might be accompanied with just a hint of an attitude.] I hardly see how any of this is benefiting me.

They're air ducts, and humans require air. You require human donors. [He says it dryly, because debating the logic of this is silly.] If that isn't enough for you, then do it because it pleases me.

[Eric looks like he wants to complain further, but the last comment does stop him. He turns to the task at hand, clearly still unhappy but at least doing as he's told as he fits the massive piece of duct work into place. Godric watches as the pieces click together, the puzzle-like nature of the design eliminating the need for bolts.]

It is still a mystery to me how someone managed to put bullets into twenty feet of this without once hitting the gas pipes. [He lifts another section of new material and tosses it up to Eric as if he were throwing something no weightier than a book. Eric catches it with the same casual grace as Godric's toss, though he's still not happy having to put any effort into the task at hand whatsoever.] It would have served them right. Then at least I wouldn't have to be cleaning up after their mess.

[Eric shoots another glance down at Godric, obviously displeased with the fact that the other vampire is just standing there smiling at him and brushing off his voicing his displeasure about the situation like it means nothing to him. He may be Godric's Child, but he's not a child in general, and it infuriates him sometimes when Godric pulls the Maker card like this.] Am I to be your workhorse here then?

[Godric smirks at Eric, which widens into a full-blown grin as he replies teasingly] Oh, is that the problem? The Viking King finds his task too difficult to accomplish without the help of his maker? [What comes next is hardly more than a blur by human eyes. Godric reaches over to pick up the last piece of metal, and then he's floating by Eric, the ducting dangling in one hand.] You only had to ask.

[Anyone else and Eric would be more than just frustrated like he is.] The maker is lucky that the 'Viking King' respects him and hasn't told him to piss off and do his own repairs. [Eric knows he's toeing the line of respect with that comment, so after a moment, he takes in a breath to calm himself, before turning back to the task at hand.] You owe me.

[Godric laughs wholeheartedly and swings the section up to slot it in place.] Do I? Later, then.

[ooc: godric and eric are doing repairs after the damage made by the pirate invasion. purple is godric, and green is eric!]
15 June 2013 @ 09:47 am
All right. It's all very intriguing, and I'd quite enjoy a chance to get involved with Communications, or have a look at those engines, and the science department is quite enticing, not to mention all the people here — yes, you lot, definitely a perk, lovely chatting with you all — but I've had enough.

[ enough of boring domesticity. enough of being trapped. no matter how many small projects he takes on it never gets any less dull, and the bigger one never resolves itself. one thread leads to another leads to another, and he knew from the moment tom mcnair told him about the pirates that there was more going on here than meets the eye, reaffirmed by neal caffrey's cryptic intelligences, but in the process of finding it he's getting itchy for real information. ]

[ so there's a strictness in his tone and a glint in his eye that is perhaps not strictly the best way to make his debut on the network (this debut, anyway) but he has a question he needs answered. ]

Now. Somebody tell me how I can go about speaking to the captain of this ship.

[ he adjusts his bow-tie, and waits. would he be the doctor if he didn't think he could work it all out where everyone else has failed? it would be delusional arrogance if he hadn't managed it quite so many times in the past. ]
12 June 2013 @ 09:45 pm
[ Peter's not exactly thrilled to be appearing on film, like handing over his location to the FBI with bells on, and he's not out to try too hard to pretend that he is. But he's taken part in his fair share of interrogations (on both sides) and he can seat himself in front of a camera and look serious.... and entirely well-intentioned, hopefully. ]

I don't do bored. I've never actually done bored very well, but before all of you jump on me and say I should give it a week and there'll be something for me to do- [ he holds up a hand; talk to it. ] I'll save you the time. I believe you.

Absolute chaos and destruction - combined with space's every attempt at a science experiment - should definitely give people something to do. [ Peter talks almost entirely with his hands, gesturing unconsciously all about. ] Not sure i'd expect anything less, but hey, not judging anyone if they choose to keep out of the fray, either. But the rest of the time, in-between one horror movie plot and the next, i'm not capable of sitting around and acting like this is the next best thing to a vacation without the benefits of getting to relax. Even though I can find my fair share of things to do, they won't be accomplishing anything. And at the end of the day there's only so many card tricks I can practice.

[ yes, okay, he's getting on with it. ]

I know there's departments, and I know what most of them are for. [ ... he pauses for a second and then shakes his head. ] Okay, I probably don't know everything they do, and I want to change that. I want to know more. Not sure I know much about farming, i'll just fess up to that now, but what I really want to know, is which departments need the most help. What you're looking for, what I can do to make things easier. Holding down a job isn't exactly a specialty of mine either, but I still want to get involved as much as I just... [ tensing for a moment, he finally sighs. ] -I like a good challenge.

You want to know what I can do? Sure, fine. But i'm only showing you mine if you show me yours.
12 June 2013 @ 02:10 am
looking for anybody here with the material/equipment/knowledge to make women's clothes

i need something made and i can't do it myself

don't know what you want in trade so name your terms

and yeah i know there's bigger shit going on. but humor me here

stark (the asshole one from the 21st century) keep your comments to yourself
09 June 2013 @ 10:19 pm
[The feed clicks on and there's a beat or two of Heather just sitting cross-legged on her bed before she starts to speak. The pause isn't nearly as dramatic as some others this jump, though; more like she's decided she needs to say something without quite deciding what it is she wants to say. Sure, by now there must be more people on board who never knew Hotspur than people who did, but he should be more than a cautionary tale about what happens if you don't get into a grav couch in time. He died trying to help everyone out of this mess, and that should be remembered.

When she does speak it's calm enough, although in a way that people who know her well will probably realize takes a little effort.]

Are we going to talk about what we heard before the jump? I know there's a lot to take in right now, but... something takes that much effort to say and it gets said anyway? We ought to be listening.
[ it's perhaps a side effect of how he hadn't been sleeping as well as he should have been before the jump, and how there's been a mess of nervous energy with him that he practically jolts out of the medbay after seeing that pepper and natasha and— everyone else, except jaye, jaye wasn't there. he should check that. but first he needs to check the numbers, check the data of everyone who's here, see the numbers left. that'll kill two birds with one stone, won't it. because he'll see her number, and it'll be fine.

it doesn't take long for him to get to his room and look at the program connor and him had set up once upon a time to track numbers of people, to make sure as soon as they were gone, you'd know for sure. it's faulty, he knows that, you don't have names to go with numbers, but he knows the important numbers for him. there's jaye, just fine and then he looks down, toward the later numbers, making sure none of the people he saw were just doubles with the wrong number and then he notices.

018 has people he already knew were there. 019 seems like it only has one person. and then 020 looks like a normal jump where people come. they shouldn't be on twenty. they had just done the nineteenth jump, he hadn't been asleep again, had he? had they had a coma and no— someone would have stopped him when they were stumbling about and he was rushing. it's another moment before tony scrambles to look at the network, hand shaking a little before he sees hotspur and jaye and other people, and he should say something to jaye, but that doesn't point to them not skipping a jump. why wasn't there talk about the nineteenth jump. why hadn't— he just needed to ask everyone the simple question. in text, because okay no, he is definitely not feeling like talking. ]

Anyone remember the nineteenth jump? Going through it, anything that happened? Don't tell me it's the one we just went through, because you might want to check all the new batches numbers, seriously. Actually you know what, 019 » 034, you have a name, don't you? You want to shed some light on being a 019er?

[ like how it seems like you're the only one maybe? ]
20 May 2013 @ 05:22 pm
[the feed opens on a shot of wesley sat with his feet up on the table in his room. he's wearing his newly delivered outfit, sans mask. that particular item is sat on the table behind the comm device and out of shot.instead, he's holding a nearly identical version; one he happened to have been given a few months ago, back when every resident was given something similar. right now, he's busy cleaning the goggles, using a scrap of cloth that one person on the ship may be familiar with (hi raven).

he also happens to be whistling a tune, nice and slowly. hooow much is that doooggy in the windooow... (a gift for you, derek. there's even a ping here because he can)]

Lessons are off. [unless you're a mutant, a martin, or a stilinski.] You still want someone around while you practice, talk to Kirk. It's kind of his job.

And I guess I should ask here too. Anybody seen my cat? White fucker called Annabelle. And no, don't blame me for the shitty name. [also, please ignore the fact he actually does...kind of like the thing. none of you need to know that.

and with those announcements done, on to the actual point of this post. and don't mind him as the purposely swaps out the mask for one of his guns.]

So. Remus Lupin. It's time you and me have a little talk. [you can trust the grin on his face, right?] You don't get to back out of this one.

[not when it involves family. that's his (not)sister you're fucking, so clearly it's his job to send out the threats. leaving it to her actual brother isn't an option.]
[ neal takes a long time to prepare for this broadcast, even more than his usual. he's in the devore ( largely relegated to 'look, don't wear' by now ) for extra confidence. the usual fedora is off, though, the better to expose his new scar. there's an almost mocking edge to his charm, an aggressive tilt to his smile because the best way to handle your issues is pretend they're nonexistent.

he takes a moment to fuss with the cuffs before speaking, just to torment certain people ( cambridge ) more. ]

I know the representative from the great state of Montana already made his monthly PSA, but I thought I'd follow his good example for once and add my two cents.

[ his smile drops, eyes finally matching his mouth in full. ]

I wouldn't edge out of civilized territory if you like the idea of leaving the ship ever again, because the best option out in the wilds is agreeing to extend your stay as long as you're wanted. That's the shining light in the distance, and it comes at cost.

[ giving that a bit of a weighted pause, neal raises a hand as if to brush away the truly pretentious bullshit he just laid down and in an instant his smile is back, bright as if it never left. ]

Now that I've done my civic duty, I also wanted to mention I have a still and a reputation for being a deeply superficial person when it comes to my taste in aesthetics.

[ to wit: 'i make good shit'. the warhol shout out's for you, josh. ]

I'm in the market for... just about anything, really. Stories seem to be the currency of the day-- [ sup, madge-- ] So try one of those, if you want. The worst thing I can say is 'try the bar, their alcohol is free'.

[ his smile falters a little at the mention of the bar, but it's quick enough to go unnoticed. ]

I'd slip in a warning about the Kardashian menace, but reliable authorities tell me it's not as funny as I think it is. [ his expression clearly says: and look, i still think it's hilarious. ] But one PSA really is all I have in me, so...

[ with a little half bow he stole off robb stark, he's out. ]

( ooc | for the scar think roughly like peter's in five years gone, albeit more obviously new and raw. )
[Takeshi has had a lot on his mind, lately. Some days, he wants to run to his most precious people and hug them and tell them how much he loves them--some days, he wants to call them names only good little boys call the people who raise them do. But then there are some days where he gets scared: his dad at home loves him, takes care of him, supports him. He says Takeshi is his kid. Takeshi believes him. But now he's in space with these new... he wants to call them parents. They feel like parents--the good kind, he thinks, anyway. He's mostly just used to the kind that let him down. 

Do they like him back? Like a son? Do they even want a son? Is he being bad, having so many people he wants like this? What if--they go away, when he tells them all this? He's scared of being alone again. He doesn't want them to go away. So... he asks Reaper for a favor, and once the message is encrypted good and proper, he asks the community a few things.

Grown ups tend to know things like this, right...?]


I... There's one, two [he counts them off just in case y'all need that visual] people I like a lot on the ship that... I mean, I like everybody, but these two are special! Heder and Mr. Ned--he works in the garden--they take good care of me and give me food and give me baths and they're nice to me, 'cept when I'm doing things that aren't good to do. But that's 'cuz they protect me! They're not my real mom and dad--but should I... if--should I call them that? Will they still like me if I do? I don't want them to think I'm being bad. I want them to keep being like my parents... I wanna call them that...

What if they don't like me no more?

'Cuz before, I didn't have good parents. And then I found my new dad at home--he's the best and strongest!

Will he be mad if I had more than, than--just him as a papa? Will he be mad if I had more? Can I have two dads and a mom, even if I had real parents before?

[This is all just so confusing. He's not sure what to do. He re-counts off on his fingers, adding the other 'parents' in his life, frowning. There's his dead dad and his mom-who-didn't-like-him and her mean boyfriend--but he doesn't count, right? And then there's Kaze and now...]

I think I have too many moms and dads... I think that's okay... I don't know. What do you think? What should I do...?


I just don't want them to leave if I say.
11 May 2013 @ 06:01 pm
Communications will be a building zone over the next few few weeks while we integrate the systems from the Scylla into a workable network. We'll be occupying a number of empty rooms on 001 in the meantime, at least until things get back to normal, although if things work out we may link the rooms into Comms anyway. Things got uncomfortable last month sleeping on the floor; I think we're all agreed on that one, at least.

[ Nathan rubs his chin, considering for once just leaving it there. But then it would get very Invasion of the Body Snatchers around here. ]

For those of you that have forgotten, we have a service every seventh day - that's tomorrow - in the chapel in the Oxygen Gardens. Anyone is welcome to speak, sing, pray or otherwise sit in silence. Practically any faith is welcome. No blood sacrifices though, huh? The gardens is also where we keep our memorial wall. If you have people you miss, and you want them to be remembered, come down and make sure they're there. There's also a book where you can leave messages to loved ones past and future. Give me a call if someone's missing.

Also I need to talk to someone with a mind for the ethics of artificial intelligence, regarding the line where something's sentient. They need to be patient and keep their temper, no matter how ignorant on the subject I am. I also need to know if anyone around here does ironwork. I'm in the market for a deadbolt, so that in an emergency I don't have to barricade the door to lock it from the inside.

If anyone has questions about the Tranquility, about how things work around here, or regarding what happened last month, I'm here to answer them for you. Orientation for those who want to join Comms is tomorrow, and yes, any help with setting up the new control room would be more than welcome. That's your lot. Petrelli out.
[ the feed opens up on, well, nothing actually, the unfortunate consequence of being on audio. you don't get to see tony's face, but what you do get to hear is something akin to a robot moving around and the sound of machinery being fiddled with. there's a moment where there's also an exhale like tony's getting ready to say something before there's a clang. and a few muttered curses, before tony actually says something. it regrettably not the original thing he planned on starting this with. ]

I wanted you to come along and be helpful, Dum-E, not drop things on my foot. I will take you apart don't think I won't. [ ah, and yes, the feed was on, forgot about that. ]

Not actually how I wanted to start this. Disregard any of that, by the way, I'm fighting with something from home. Anyway. You know for all we have a bunch of hero types, leaders, take charge alpha males and females, you think we could have prevented that. I know, we're all displaced people and what, the pirates thought we were insane because we all shouted and threatened to kill them or hurt them and I don't like people taking my shit as much as the next guy, but did you notice that we're forty years behind, according to them. I don't think any of them were forty, I haven't looked at all the dead bodies of course, I'm not that morbid, but this is something they knew about. We're a ghost story to them. We're a ghost story that shouldn't exist. [ a pause and more noises on his end are heard. ] I don't know about you, but I feel pretty solid. No one was supposed to get down to the brig, and yet, how in the fuck do you think we got to hear dead bodies falling down. I'm not advocating law, because guess what, martial law, also known as what you heard but shouldn't have heard, is the only thing you could pull off. And can you guess who's in charge of what your punishment is, who would be your military tribunal. I'll give you a hint, it's not Kirk, it's not me, not Nathan, not Tyke, it's not any of the captains who came or insert military rank here, etc.

Yeah, for those of you listening at home, that leaves Ward. And Resnik. What I'm saying, if I'm saying anything, and I am and I am hoping you are actually listening, is that we're stuck fending for ourselves here. And unless we get our fucking shit together, we're gonna be like sitting ducks. And I'm not a big fan of being a duck. So, you know, maybe you might want to pull your heads out of your asses and stop acting like this is a vacation and, oh I don't know, maybe make sure the next time someone decides to board us or we stop at a hell port, we're not looking like insane idiots and maybe we might learn something. But, hey, what I know, maybe I'm just making this situation worse. Yeah, something tells me I'm okay.

[ there's a beat and another muffled curse before he continues. ]

Oh yeah, in case any of you are not nursing wounds, funny thing about pirates ripping things off the ship, you kind of need to fix them and/or find the parts they took. Those of you who have any sort of actual ability when it comes repairing mechanical things, could use your assistance or maybe the ship will break during a jump and that means we're dead. So, yeah, get in touch now, I don't care about your grieving at the moment, you can grieve later, trust me.

And no, I'm not bothering with a lock, our pirates, our now dead pirates, got into every lock including mine and every other tech person's. And may have pointed out that Ward and Resnik could see it all. So, I'm not bothering with a lock against those two that won't work, because there's always a backdoor they can see through. 

[ stark encryption 100% to pepper potts ]
You're not gonna kill me in my sleep if I spend way too much time trying to fix all of this right? And not exactly sorry about the PR mess this is going to be right now.

[ axvengers encryption 100% ]
I would go on an adventure to their ship, but I'm stuck doing this. Do a bit of recon and steal some loot. Not that you really need the order, but I might as well say it anyway. Stash it 100, and we'll talk when I get a chance. In person. About all of this.
19 April 2013 @ 02:43 pm
[The feed crackles on to show a man leaning in close to the camera over some kind of console. Everything about him seems dry and harsh, from the lines of his features to the colour of his eyes, like too much sun and dust has sapped all the softness out of him. And his voice — when he finally speaks after a long moment of simply looking silently at the camera — is a light, husky tone, rough-edged.]

Tranquility. [A pause.] I am Felix Laurens, I am captain of the Scylla. My crew and I are boarding this vessel. We will take what we want from it, and then we will leave.

[A very long pause, where he seems to be considering something, looking at the camera silently.]

Keep out of our way and you won't be harmed.

[And with that, he's done with the message. He turns and walks away from the camera, revealing a view of the room behind him — though much smaller and less well-kept, it's a clear match to the shuttle bay. Part of a blonde head ducks into view after Laurens finishes speaking, clearly trying to find the 'off' switch for the console.]

Did he just—every time. Every fucking time.

[That remark garners him a bony elbow to the ribs, sneaking in from just out of sight to jab hard at his exposed side, voice quiet but still impatient.] Shut up. [Extending her arm out a little more to jab at the console, Hayes severs the transmission.]
10 April 2013 @ 05:17 pm
[ when the feed comes on, the first thing you'll notice is a head of curly blonde hair, extremely messy, and a hand running through it. Annabeth's currently looking down at something, unable to look at the feed just yet. Probably in fear of not being able to keep her voice stable when she finally starts speaking. ]

If anyone has seen Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan or Wichita since the jump...can you just. Get them to contact me? Or come find me? Or tell me where you saw them? I'll have my device on me at all times, but for some reason I can't connect to Percy’s and Luke’s and I think it’s connecting to Wichita’s but she’s not answering and I don't know if it's just the ship or...

[ she trails off momentarily, needing that half a second to take a breath and drop her hand, lift her head to the feed. She looks exhausted, like she hasn't sleep in days (not since the jump) and a little on edge. Her eyes, normally a much lighter grey, have taken to something like a dark cloud. Like the chaos that comes with a thunder storm. Her jaw is set, determined, but there's something a little off about her. A little dark. ]

I also need to know if there is any way to know, for sure, when someone goes home, and isn't just lost on the ship. Not theories, but facts, if there is a way to check that kind of thing.

[ She swallows, hard, but continues – eyes never leaving the camera. ]

Also, I wanted to know what happens when you die. Here. On board. I'm not interested in ideas on the afterlife and all that [ she made the mistake already of asking people about their beliefs once before, not again ] but more so if you die, does your body remain here? And if you have more to do, back home, does that mean you never go back? Does your story just end, and your time both there and here is over?

I just…yeah.

[ there's a pause and then she nods, having said all she planned on saying, and she ends the feed. ]
10 March 2013 @ 11:01 pm
[hey everyone it's your favourite cocksure captain seated in his green Starfleet shirt to address you all]

To everyone still confused, welcome aboard the Tranquility, a colonization vessel located in an alternate universe to your own. My name is Jim Kirk and I'm sure I'm not the only person up here to wish we were meeting under better circumstances. As it stands, you'll be up here with us for a while, and because of that I highly recommend you stay informed. We've got plenty of reading material, but if you want a cliffnotes version, I'm happy to answer your questions.

[moving on, though, for the time being.]

Before the jump we discovered the genetics department. Passengers are not to go down there without clearance. The place is crawling with, for lack of a better word, monsters. These things are lethal. If you want some details as to what they'll do to you, I'm sure medical would be glad to give you the run down. For the time being, that area is considered off limits. Plans for clearing and extracting information from the department are already under way.

[even if Kirk isn't the captain, he says it as though there is no room for argument on this topic. Security plans on clearing out the monsters, if possible, and Cambridge has already made a call for those interested in information retrieval.]

Passengers should exercise caution when moving around the ship. Just last month we had an elevator malfunction that had people lost in the ship for at least a week. I can't stress enough that you need to keep in touch with one another, even if all you're doing is going to your department.

On that note, if you've just arrived and are looking to get involved, every department is looking for help. I head the Gunnery myself, and we're looking for individuals with previous weapons handling experience. If you're interested, give me a shout.

From what I gather, Isaac Clarke has gone missing as of the jump. [which he brings up because, up till now, Clarke was unofficially heading the department] Just checking to see how things are going down there.

Brink, I need to speak with you regarding a patient that needs some tests run. Contact me when you've got a chance.

[the following links will blink to life on everyone's communicators and are accessible as text or audio.

[ooc: and last but not least the new GUNNERY FAQ!!]
05 March 2013 @ 08:26 pm
[ this five month sojourn hasn't been kind to keller. he's dangerously underweight, gaunt as a motherfucker. somehow trimming his beard hasn't done much to improve his appearance. keller looks more or less unbothered by all of this, fingers tapping on the comm for a long moment before a smile flicks onto his face. ]

Leaves a lot to be desired, you know, this part. [ he gestures up and around at the medical bay. ] I forgot how much noise you people make.

[ keller's voice is rusty, low and grating. it's off just enough to be jarring, as if he's lost track of how to pitch his tone. his fingers tap against the comm again, beating out the tune of a song. ]

While I'm here, who's left? I heard half of you whining a couple weeks ago. That much hasn't changed, huh?

[ there's a breath of silence, keller's gaze skittering up and away, expression flickering into something unreadable. ]

Caffrey, you still kicking around? Give a guy a holler, yeah?

[ ooc | keller's been hanging out in the ship for five months, so he's a malnourished, dehydrated wreck and won't be leaving medical. dibs go to neal for first visit then it's open season for other shenanigans. ]
01 March 2013 @ 10:54 pm
[Josias returned from the impromptu trip through the corridors a few days ago, but had unfortunately been stuck in the medbay, recovering from the symptoms of one of those rat bites. Or at least, he'd thought he'd recovered, and that's why when the video clicks on, it shows the inside of his room, the edge of his recently-slept-in bed.

But his expression, when he manages to turn the camera to face himself, is pained. Fevered, almost, disorientated and confused. He can manage enough focus past the pain in his head to remember that he activated his device, that he was attempting to contact someone - anyone.

But when he opens his mouth to speak, all that comes out is a garbled, guttural series of noises. He stops, seems to try and steady himself, then tries again. It comes out just as incomprehensible as before.

Clearly growing more distressed by this, he tries to speak faster, louder, but nothing that comes out of his mouth is in any way legible as any known language. The communication devices definitely can't translate it. He drops the comms to one side, frustrated, the pain in his head spiking.

The feed continues uncut, but all it shows is an off-angle view of his arm and shoulder as he curls into himself on the floor, a completely confused and desperate attempt to abate any of the pain he's currently experiencing.]
[ Jaye doesn't usually use text, and she almost never capitalizes anything, much less nothing but capslock. Still, she's not using audio or video right now because the current situation is, to be quite honest, more than upsetting and she doesn't want whoever Did It to know just how much she's bothered. ]




and none of you are getting milk and eggs until i find out!!!!!!!!!!

and before anyone asks she was in a coop with the others and now she isn't and there is blood on the ground and feathers and i can't catch a decent scent


[ locked to ALARIC & TONY ]
also jenna went exploring with desmond. i was supposed to tell you. yell at them not me because i am not in the mood

((ooc: JIM MORIARTY IS A BAD MAN and had the chicken killed via Moran everyone throw rocks at them))
09 February 2013 @ 09:03 pm

[The feed opens on what's probably a familiar view to some of them: the corridor right outside the bridge, the doors locked closed. In the unfamiliar, though, there's a Doberman sitting very patiently right beside it. And then the camera flips to show Taylor instead, like she'd been messing with the encryption and forgotten to have the video pointing in the right direction. Either way, she looks annoyed.]

Don't think this is gonna be a surprise to anyone, but Ward is AWOL. [A beat.] Or MIA. Who knows, this fucking ship.

[But she thinks it's more likely the latter.]

Betting Resnik's the same, if anyone wants to check.

[Because she doesn't need to comment on this in relation to those other two turning up, does she.]
08 February 2013 @ 10:26 pm
How can people be so idle when there is so much at stake at your inaction?

[It's quiet. The past jump has not been kind to Marius. In fact, he sounds positively unsettled, almost as if he needs to just go to sleep and not talk to the public at large, but he needs to do something and this is the only way he can make his heart less heavy.]

We are slaves here to the whim of individuals we cannot even see, to those we cannot even meet, and -- I cannot keep quiet about it any longer.

[He draws in a breath.]

I know there will be much discussion about why we are here and whether or not we can escape -- and I am interested in hearing all of that, but what I am more interested in is opinion. I want to hear what people feel about being here, be it anger or apathy, rather than the facts of our situation, for nothing has ever been changed with cruel numbers and statistics so much as heart.

[And he stills for a long moment before Marius shuts off the feed -- and, maybe twenty minutes later, he sends out a text.]

[Filtered Away from Enjolras]

What can be done about nightmares?


You're probably confused. Take some time to read this over. We do our best to keep it up to date and it should answer most of your questions.



Please address any additional questions to the network. Don't trust Ward and Resnik.

- Indictus & Aethalides


[LOCKED to Cambitas Members]
Thoughts on our new/old friends and their quest for the nameless captain?