14 October 2012 @ 04:49 pm
[ When it begins, the camera is pointed in the direction of water. Beneath it, you see the newest member of the oxygen gardens swimming around slowly — Cibo's coelacanth. It's old from the looks of it; With scales hanging from it and its color is faded. And it barely fits into the frame at the distance that Cibo seems to be holding the comm device. Basically, it's a huge fish.

Soon enough, the camera turns to show Cibo, who seems pleasantly exhausted. She's normally slept at least once since the jump by this point. But she hasn't and it shows through to her tired voice. ]

If anyone knows how to care for any sort of fish, please respond. I would like to know if there are any special requirements for a creature this size. I am in the oxygen gardens, if you wish to come.

[ She looks off-screen to the water. ]

Also, if you know the name of its species? I've named it Dhomochevsky for now. He was another... friend I had...

[ The sight of the coelacanth seems to have drawn her attention away from the feed. After realizing it's been on for a long minute, she quietly shuts it off. ]
[ There are a few things everyone might notice about this video post. One is that there's no way Jaye could have gotten from the medbay to the kitchen on the 001 passenger floor this quickly. Two is that her hair looks both dirtier and longer than usual, and instead of either happily mussed or neatly groomed, it's just a complete mess. Three is that, judging by the way Jaye sort of seems to be wobbling back and forth on the floor and has burst capillaries in her face, she was just rather sick and might be so again. Likewise, anyone who looked around before or after the jump may have noticed that Jaye wasn't there -- didn't go down, didn't go into the gravity couches, and that Faith Lehane was looking after her animals. ]

So. [ Her voice is hoarse, quiet, and the rasp is completely new and sounds painful –- in fact, she has to pause, clearing her throat for a moment. It doesn't go away completely, but she's a bit louder, at least. ] I-- [ and she winces ] sat out during the jump as an insect. Don’t do that. It was a month. Everything was red, copper and salt, until it ended.

[ It hurts to talk, and Jaye takes a moment to rub at her throat. ] Want a shower, food.

[ She pauses, glancing away from the camera for a moment. Her eyes aren’t exactly wet, and maybe it's from her earlier vomiting, but either way... ] Missed you guys. [ And she cuts the feed. ]

((ooc: MCU!Tony will be getting her from the kitchen and carrying her down to medical. Her replies will probably come from after she's there and probably be in text form. If your character wants to go visit her there (or fuss at her or whatever), I'd be up for it, but be warned that she's having a bit of a hard time talking at the moment and will set Faith on you if she feels shitty.

Also someone might want to clean up the 001 kitchen. ))
05 October 2012 @ 01:37 am
let's not talk about..................... all of that
i'm just going to be straight and ask........ ok i want to do something for someone
like a gift
something nice but all i ever do is bake
i'm not even sure what the date is anymore, so might as well make up my own "anniversary" around here

[ He stops typing for a moment. Dramatic effect. ]


anyways, the baking idea
i would be rolling my eyes if a baker did that, yeah you do that all the time ned soooooooooooooooooooooo
wow too many 'o's

what's available around here that she
that person might like?? a walk through the oxygen gardens screams disaster
i feel like i shouldn't touch the flowers either
we have pools but something not so nice happened in one
walk around the ship, but there's that occasion a whole lot of us got lost through mazey fun
advice before our next round of goo please

thanks, hope you are all fine and well
yeah bye
[ The video clicks on and there's Chase--smiling, if gently. She looks like nothing at all has happened to her, asides from maybe going on a pleasant stroll through the oxygen gardens. ]

Those that have come out of the fog, congratulations. I trust you're all back safe, if emotionally harmed. Please seek assistance from the designated persons aboard this ship if this is your case.

Furthermore--be it the mist or rust, please be aware that it's the least of our problems. The endgame, as it were, is still to try to figure out why we're here. God may have willed it, but there's always need for a further explanation. Please keep this in mind while investigating the ship, if you so wish to do so.

And, lastly, if anyone has some chalk, I'd like it. [ A beat. ] I want to learn how to play hopscotch.
19 September 2012 @ 02:48 pm
Hello Tranquility. I am Nill.
I am trying to practice typing. I cannot talk with a voice so I will talk like this.
I would like to learn about you. What are your worlds like? Are there trees? Does it rain?
I will tell you about me if you want to know.
Thank you.

[and there's just a split second of video, of nill looking extremely pleased with herself. you have no idea how long this took her to type (spoiler: about half an hour).]
16 September 2012 @ 03:21 am


[ ooc: she's in talk-to-text mode. or... text to talk.. whatever. she's yelling at her communicator and it's translating it to text, right. ]
[ it's been a rough couple months for everyone, and the mystic fall contingent no less so. still, when jenna opens the feed she looks more alert and cheerful-- not to mention: less inebriated-- than she has in a while. the locker full of things both useful and frivolously, uselessly cheerful made a few conversations come back in stark relief, and with new light.

she waves a little, shoving her hair out of her face impatiently after. ]

Hey. Okay, so. If you're new, hi, I'm Jenna. Everyone else-- yes, this is what I look like without a bottle in my hand.

[ she rolls her eyes a little, ducking her chin. ]

Bad joke, but that's part of my point. I've been here since jump one, and it really doesn't take a genius-- [ sup, tony. ] to see that the stress has been getting to me. And while my method of coping ended up being attached to a few too many embarrassing in retrospect public posts, I know I'm not the only one. Whether we've been here almost ten months or a little over a week, this is a stressful situation and I hate to be that person, but it's not getting less stressful.

The point is, nobody wants to be Steve Buscemi in the asteroid movie. Not the Morgan Freeman one, the less intellectual... disaster movie. Anyway. [ she exhales, waves a hand. ] Sorry. The actual point is high pressure situations lead to people breaking down, and we've already started down that way. We need to pull back on that, keep ourselves as healthy and happy as we can be.

[ or we'll end up like gallagher, is what she doesn't say, but for the well-informed the subtext is clear. ]

I have a list. Of suggestions, pretty much. I'm not nominating myself leader for change, I'm really not, but if they help... [ she trails off, then taps a few keys. ] It's not very long, just a few basics.


And I had one more idea, but this one is a little more personal. Godric and now that guy with all the meat got me thinking-- yes, okay, we're all in space and no one can remember signing the kidnapping permission slip. But we're from a million different worlds and times, and-- maybe some kind of organized story swap? Like a culture exchange. [ she's more animated now, moving her hands as she talks. ] Like, okay, for example. I'm someone's bannerwoman, but until Alayne explained the reference to me I didn't get why the word 'banner' came into it at all. And forget knowing what Jersey Shore is, there are plenty of us who have never even seen a tv.

Even just vocabulary is so different in places, seeing us all mix together would be a cultural anthropologist's dream. [ oh right, not just babbling. clearing her throat, jenna shrugs. ] Anyway. I don't have a framework, but before I try that is anyone interested? I thought a place where talking about home is the whole point might be helpful for some people, too.

...I never know how to end these things. Over and out? I guess.
12 September 2012 @ 08:38 pm
— it should be on now. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve tried talking to the network like this since I got here but anyway, not the point. I guess we should start with introductions, huh?

Hello Tranquility! My name is Chuck
[ She waves at first, still smiling before she turns the screen so a certain someone can be seen beside her ] and this is Ned.

[ “And this is Ned—” Well, he’s slightly distracted with that dream-like smile towards Chuck, shattered once he glances towards the screen. Lost. ]

Oh, right. Some of us have spoken before annnnddd... [ Looking back to Chuck. And? ]

This is probably a good a time as any to bring this up since the jump is over and we have some new people here, so I was thinking maybe if there are people interested we could try starting up a club of sorts?

[ Ned abruptly leans forward, standing on his toes. His turn, his turn! ]

Right, “a club of sorts” for... pets. Companions. Whatever is considered “socially acceptable.” [ A bark can be heard from Digby. ] Friends.

Yes, exactly— after all, there seem to be quite a few of us already so it could be something fun to do. There could even be activities or other things like that.

So, there you go. Tranquility for the Tranquility. Just something to pass the time. Maybe a normal thing every month? After jumps.[ Pause. ] You know jumps, fun stuff.

[ She looks over at Ned affectionately before she nods ] That’s about it, I think. Let us know your thoughts on it?

Anything. Anything at all. [ He’s looking back. ] Yeah.

[ Okay, enough with the odd couple staring. The feed ends. ]

[ooc; Chuck and Ned, both will be responding ]
09 September 2012 @ 09:15 pm
[experimental sniff]

Metallic. Too small and flat to be a container for food. Just what is it? It can't … words?… is this a letter? Can something like this really hold heart? … Just how …


[ thoughtful silence before he decides to try it out. ]

Dear Whomever This May Concern.

Can you hear my heart? Can you answer the questions that it has?

Doctor Thunderland Jr.

… did it really send without a Letter Bee? Or am I just fooling myself?
15 August 2012 @ 05:35 pm

[ Chase's voice is heard before the pulls the video into view--she's in a hallway on the 001 level, right in front of Sherlock's door. Her eyes are barely seen due to a familiar deerstalker hat that's far too big for her. Her voice is clipped, controlled, though her breathing and actions speak otherwise. ]

I don't want to hear it. Talking like you knew him, like you were good friends. Half of you hated him, the other half barely tolerated him.

Shut. Up.

Leave the grieving to people who actually liked him. Who actually knew him.

[ A flicker of violet in her eyes before she cuts off the feed. She's not budging from the door, either. If you want in you're going to have a difficult time unless you're a Sherlock, a Watson or Neal. ]
09 August 2012 @ 08:27 pm
Heyyyyyy, this is Ned.

[ Heyyyyyy, that's not Ned. That's a golden retriever panting into the screen. The Pie Maker eventually leans into view while the dog moves aside. Definitely a dog with manners. ]

How many of us on board have... pets? [ Can't quite pinpoint the right word. He really means Digby as a friend rather than a pet. "Pet" doesn't sit well on his tongue, a taste he would easily spit and replace with... "a best friend." The lightened mood in his expression is evident, reunited and doomed together in space, but it's just a little odd how carefully distanced he is from the dog, clasping his hands together. An allergy seems to be the logical excuse. ]

I'm sure Digby would enjoy the company. He does at home, but you know, that's not really the case anymore. [ A pause. Something he had forgotten: ] Yeah, to the newcomers... Ned. Digby. [ A bark. ] Hi.

11 July 2012 @ 03:45 pm
are we all done washing pod goo out of our asses now
cause if we are ive got some shit id like to unload no pun intended
and i know someone out there is probably interested

[ Dave switches from text to video, but he's not in front of the camera. Instead, he's pointing it at… well, it's not immediately obvious what he's pointing it at, but he zooms in, and that helps.

Three piles of menswear:
  • One pile of white fedoras.
  • One pile of black silk ties.
  • One pile of men's business shoes.

Then back to text.

any dudes feel like accessorizing their jumpsuit
cause ive got a shit ton of smooth criminal cosplay items and nothing to do with em
except maybe get my jackson on but im not size 10
[ It's a risk. It's a trouble. And yet, Alias feels desperate to try. If it's been captured, perhaps James has been too. If it's in space, perhaps more like it will be here. Counsel is needed. ]

[ The network will receive an odd message indeed. It sounds like... singing? No words, just tones, humming slowly, repeating. One voice, soprano, then a second voice, bass, joins. A mournful note. It takes the nanites and communicator a second to translate it. ]

Are you there? Are you there?

I apologize...

I request consultation.

Are you there? Are you there?

[ Even still, the translation sound melodic, overlaying the quiet song. ]

(( OOC: This is the day of the jump. ))
01 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm
thanks to a few pushes, no namedropping, i might as well get on board with keeping myself busy.
there's been a misconception that i was some sort of mobster who is sly enough to call myself "the pie maker", but i actually make pies. it's my living.

yeah, i know <blink>priorities
oh that doesn't work

anyways, i'll be taking some pie orders to mellow things out.
emotionally or something along those lines.
please say if you are allergic to anything, thanks.

-Ned. ☺

no wait scratch that ignore the smile.


01 June 2012 @ 03:28 pm
if somebody disappears what happens to them? do they get lost on that maze thing?

and how long it takes for them to come back?? everything is happening so fast and everybody is speaking in riddles about dying i dont know if i should be worried

thank you