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video ★ 007

[ Video feed clicks on and shows America, looking rather heathy and munching on some sort of space chips or something. Who knows.
Tony is around too, popping in an out in the background of the video, occasionally making little cooing sounds and swearing. With a salute and wink, he begins to speak: ]

Since like EVERYBODY for the most part is all honky-dory here, this has crossed my mind SEVERAL times. Like even if my priority task list is TOTALLY IMPORTANT, you know the back up plan that I made a few weeks ago, I was thinking more about like a judicial system here. It came up in a conversation I had with the Frenchie, but I don't think he really gives a shit cause he's French and they're known to do that... you know, give a shit about nothing and just go on strikes.
Thoughts, people? Should another fiasco arise, what are we going to do about it, huh? How should we find people guilty as charged and punish them?  Has anybody talked about this and I've missed out? Cause that ain't cool, cats and dogs.
I mean, it's really important people going nutsy here are punished! So there needs to be like.. a band of KICKASS AWESOME POLICE FORCE PEOPLE.


[ He clears his throat then runs a hand through his hair. Taking in a breath, he speaks with a little more seriousness. He doesn't bother to filter, just talk. ]

Also... if you're a nation, do you mind telling me if you're still here or not? That'd be, uh, nice.
Communist dickwad! Creepy Frenchman! Sexy Belarussian! Bat-shit Hungarian! Dickbuddy Austrian! Dutch Stoner! Anybody else!
Oh, and uh.. Canadia too I guess.

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Do you always have to yell into your communicator whenever you have to make an announcement?
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)


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Funny. Or you're trying to be.
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...I don't understand.

[A sense of humor -- it comes and goes with this one.

[A brow raises.]

Everyone seem to have different ideas on what defines punishment, so I can't say. Personally, I just don't like being told what to do by certain people.
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I suppose if that's what makes people feel better... Doesn't matter much to me, either way.