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Good morning, Tranquility.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Doctor John Watson. I, along with a handful of others, represent your medical staff.

Everyone's aware that there's been a recent incident due to the, ehm, machinations of a passenger trying to seize control of the ship.

[ There's a brief tightening of his lips, but he continues on. ]

There were quite a few serious injuries, but I'm happy to assure you that no casualties have occurred.

However, I do feel the need to tell you that we have a problem here in the medbay.

The passenger in question was a non-human individual, and as such had some special needs to be fulfilled. However, we did not have these things on file because the patient didn't feel they ought to inform the medbay of their conditions and did not come in for screening, despite repeated requests over the network and within the new arrival letter. We very nearly lost them.

[ Straightening, tilting his chin up somewhat, jaw flexing before he addresses the feed with some levity. ]

Medbay is here to provide for all passengers in need, not just those that are human. We do not discriminate between any race, creed, or species. All that matters is that you are being provided the best possible care and, to do that, we need to be informed of any and all differences in your biology. We can get this by a simple, painless screening at your leisure or by a simple questionaire, for those of you who are already familiar with the difference between yourself and a human.

Health records are completely private and may only be accessed by the medical staff. It's really important that we be informed of any known health conditions in humans as well. I know some of you out there have been avoiding disclosing any facts about yourself either due to... shame or paranoia or just bad experiences with doctors, and that is natural. However, I'm asking you to consider the alternative: that in a state of emergency, we cannot assist you to the best of our abilities, and that your chances of surviving anything major are slim to none. We have powerful technology and we're all very capable, but we're not infallible.

This was a scare for all of us. While we can make steps toward making sure this never happens again, we also need to plan for the possibility of another crisis scenario.

I'm attaching a form to this message. Anyone who wishes to avoid speaking to doctors need only fill it out and send it to me, 001 - 197. I will put it into the medical archives and erase my device of it after.

[ medical.txt ]

For those of you who are new this month, we'll be having what's called 'jump' soon. If you remember, you woke up out of one of the stasis tanks in the medbay... Sorry to say, you'll be headed back that way tomorrow. The ship makes a quick acceleration, essentially, and throws a lot of things around. The tanks save us from that sort of pain, so it's necessary you go to them.

You'll be facing memory loss once you come out of the tanks again for about a day or so, so I suggest you keep notes to yourself if you need to be reminded of something directly after. I, for example, will be putting down a reminder that medbay is going to need some volunteers to help out a bit, especially in the cases where there is a high fluctuation of patients. I've talked with our other medical doctors, Ratchet and Magnus, about this before and I think it's about time we start putting it in motion.

So I think we'll be taking interviews a few days after the jump. If anyone's interested in being trained in nursing or emergency medicine, keep it in mind.

I think that's...

[ A brief glance down, off-screen. ]

Oh, yes. One more thing.

For those of you that might like to talk to someone professional, we do have a psychology branch for counseling. If that applies to you in any way, contact Doctor Jonathan Crane. I'm sure he'll be happy to direct you.

[ A small smile. ]

Any medical questions can go to me or, if you prefer, Doctor Ratchet and Doctor Magnus.

[ A sigh, and an even wider smile. He looks a little sheepish now. ]

Alright, that's done. Thanks to everyone that stayed with me.
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I need to talk to someone in private. Do I need to set up some kind of... appointment for that?
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So you say... But I don't place much trust in these things to begin with, so you'll have to understand that I'm going to be a bit vague here.

[She sighs.]

Anyway, I want to know what can be done in the event of someone who doesn't have any knowledge of their own medical background. I understand why the form is necessary for the med unit, but it's been... difficult.
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)

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I don't have any problem with pain, but noted.

[She pauses at the question, staring blankly at her communicator.]

...I don't know.